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  2. I am taking a few of these in an 18 cent placement... closing any day SGO / Sonoro Gold: 0.195 + 0.015 ==
  3. ==cl. 0.38 / db= 134.00 · 145.00 Supreme Cannabis shareholders will receive 0.01165872 of a Canopy common share and 0.01 cent in cash 34.73 (- 1.56) x 0.01166 = 0.405 2021-04-08 08:12 C:FIRE 0.265 News Release Canopy Growth to acquire Supreme Cannabis for $435M CANOPY GROWTH TO ACQUIRE THE SUPREME CANNABIS COMPANY Canopy Growth Corp. and The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. have entered into a definitive arrangement agreement under which Canopy will acquire all of Supreme Cannabis's issued and outstanding common shares in a transaction valued at approximately $435-million on a fully diluted basis. Under the terms of the arrangement agreement, Supreme Cannabis shareholders will receive 0.01165872 of a Canopy common share and 0.01 cent in cash in exchange for each Supreme Cannabis share held. The transaction provides Supreme Cannabis shareholders with a premium per Supreme Cannabis share of approximately 66 per cent based on the closing prices of the Supreme Cannabis shares and Canopy common shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange as of April 7, 2021. The transaction is expected to provide several benefits to both Canopy and Supreme Cannabis shareholders. Notably, following completion of the acquisition, Canopy will possess a strengthened brand portfolio including one of Canada's leading premium brands, 7Acres... Key transaction highlights: Solidifies Canopy's leadership position in the Canadian recreational market, well positioned for growth: The transaction combines Canopy's pre-eminent position with Supreme Cannabis's top 10 position in Canada to create a pro forma Canadian recreational market share of 13.6 per cent, including 7Acres holding Canada's No. 1 premium flower brand position, No. 1 in PAX vapes and top five in prerolled joints: Combined pro forma market share estimated to be 23.3 per cent of the premium flower segment in Ontario and 21.4 per cent in British Columbia. Adds premium brands to Canopy's portfolio: The addition of Supreme Cannabis's premium brands... => more: / 2 / 2021-04-09 09:21 C:WEED 35.75 In the News Globe says Canopy buying Supreme for its primo weed 2021-04-09 08:37 C:WEED 35.75 In the News FP says Canopy Growth, rivals are doing deals ===
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  5. Travis Walton Tells His Story of Alien Abduction This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1597 with Travis Walton. https://open.spotify.com/episode/0mCf...
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  7. This / These charts ... of positions ZC holds are somehow intriguing SNAPSHOT stocks ... source FG / Falcon Gold, chart: Last : $0.09 + 0.01 (yrL: 0.035 - H: 0.25 ) 332.5k shs: x $0.080= $26,600 Falcon Gold drills 0.5m of 5.77g/t Au at Central Canada / Shs. 90.0M x $0.09= C$8.1 M 2021-03-19 / Mr. Karim Rayani reports Falcon Gold Corp. has received the preliminary gold analyses for drill holes CC 20-15, -16 and -17, summarized in the attached table. The drilling of these holes took place Dec. 12 to 21, 2020, and was the completion of the first year of Falcon's drilling on its flagship Central Canada property. BEA: Belmont Res., chart: Last : $0.07 - 0.005 (yrL: 0.035 - H: 0.11 ) 140k shs: x $0.075= $10.500 VPLM chart: Last : $0.022 - 0.005 (yrL: 0.006 - H: 0.0474 ) DIA chart: Last : $0.035 + 0.01 (yrL: 0.015 - H: 0.09 ) xx
  8. ARS, the 6th largest holding, has been rising like a rocket ZC's position in this stock is up by XX times since ?? Sym. Company —— : ZC holds : = price: Mkt.Val: %Hold /ZC sh ARS : Ares Strategic. : 1,250,000: $0.560: 700.0k 5.98%: xx
  9. CCE, the 2nd largest holding. ZC's position in just this 2nd stock exceeds is about 80% of ZC's stock price It may be a play on clean energy also Sym. Company —— : ZC holds : = price: Mkt.Val: %Hold /ZC sh CCE : Commerce Res.: 6,821,599: $0.380: $2,592k 22.2%: $0.161 All-Data ... is it just a bounce? Based on a jump in confidence? xx Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company with a particular focus on deposits of rare earth elements and rare metals. The Company is specifically focused on the development of its Ashram Rare Earth Project at the Eldor Property in Quebec, and its Upper Fir Tantalum and Niobium Deposit at the Blue River Project in British Columbia. ==
  10. ZAIR, is the largest holding. ZC's position in just this one stock exceeds their stock price! It may be a play on Biden administration Energy polices Sym. Company —— : ZC holds : = price: Mkt.Val: %Hold /ZC sh ZAIR: Zinc8 Energy. : 6,367,361: $0.620: $3.948k 33.8%:$0.245 Canada Symbol: ZAIR & Germany Symbol / WKN: 0E9 / A2P15E Shares Issued & Outstanding: 144,257,526 x 0.62 = Market cap: C$89M. (ZC owns 4.4%) The Future of Clean Energy: Interview with Ron MacDonald from Zinc8 Energy Solutions Developing a low cost Zinc-Air battery xx > https://www.rockstone-research.com/index.php/en/news/5828-The-Future-of-Clean-Energy-Interview-with-Ron-MacDonald-from-Zinc8-Energy-Solutions
  11. Exciting INCUBATION?: Zimtu also helps launch new co's, like Zambesi Sports, which is stirring excitement Watch the video - this opportunity could be compelling, if they get the launch right. In post covid times, beaches & water sports may recover fast. This SPORTS co. is expected to go public soon : Inflatable PADDLE BOARDS, with special design features: "Just like swimming, but easier"/ Zoom with Zimtu - Zambezi Sports Investor Presentation > ZAMBEZI Sports Inc. is an aquatic sports brand built around the revolutionary, patented ZAMBEZI board. The ZAMBEZI board is smaller, lighter, more versatile, more affordable, and more family-friendly than any competitor in the aquatic recreation sector. ZAMBEZI’s unique design allows users of all ages and sizes to enjoy the water in a completely natural and empowering way. (Protected by patents) SALES : ONLINE, with a focus on Resorts & Beaches - "the stores on the strips near the beach" Paddle board: "EUR 275 price will come down" . The Zambesi Board explained Zambezi Sports at the 2021 PDAC ==
  12. ZC's Stock price should be ENHANCED by more transparency & stronger communications A NEW POLICY BEGAN in late Feb. / Inspired by long-time shareholders like Helmut from Germany and by popular demand from investors around the globe, Zimtu Capital Corp. today announced a change of policy. In the past, Zimtu Capital published details on its equity holdings in its quarterly financial statements. Today, Zimtu Capital has launched the new website section “Zimtu Snapshot Investment Portfolio“, designed to provide transparency and to showcase important information for its shareholders. On top of that, Zimtu will host its inaugural “Zoom with Zimtu – Comments, Suggestions or Questions“ today, where everybody is invited to a constructive discussion about Zimtu and its holdings every Monday at 10 am PST. (announced Feb.22, 2021) Zimtu Capital ... YTD-2021 : vs. GDXJ: Feb.15th ($0.195/30.00= xx) > Apr.8th ($0.205/30.00): The best about Zimtu going transparent: You can sign up to receive a weekly updated “Snapshot Investment Portfolio“ directly to your email inbox each Monday at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST / 6 pm CET. This gives everybody the chance to follow Zimtu‘s equity positions and the implied market value of each holding against Zimtu‘s current market capitalization. Now, you do the math! In view of an implied market value of Zimtu’s total equity positions (61.6 million shares in 30 publicly listed companies) recently topping $13 million – along with the implied market value of its 21.5 million “in-the-money”-warrants recently surpassing $2 million – Zimtu’s market capitalization currently stands at $3 million. DAVE HODGE MAKES HIS PITCH, along with 4 investee companies ZIMTU's EARLY OPPORTUNITIES Our latest Zoom with Zimtu features 4 of our most exciting early stage equity holdings: Core Assets, Eagle Bay Resources, Lake Winn Resources & Zambezi Sports.
  13. Zimtu: Canadian Stock Promotion & Company Incubator Last: 20.5 Cents / 80 cents+ maybe be a realistic target. And MORE if their investments keep gaining traction Zimtu current shares outstanding and fully diluted numbers: 16,106,483 Shares (Market Cap: $3.3M) at 2,760,000 Options (Exercise Value: $828K) 712,000 Warrants (Exercise Value: $213K) ============= 19,578,483 Fully Diluted (+$1.04M) vs. Market Value of Equity Holdings: $11.7Million / 16.1M = 72.7 cents, All investments: 86 cents, see below ZC. All-Data; 10yr: 5yr: 3yr: 1yr: 6mo: 10d / $0.205 > potential: 300%+ gain... and more! if holdings go in rising in value ZAIR: $0.245; CCE: $0.380; CC: $0.120; ADD:$0.080; SRE: $0.060; ARS: $0.56 3yr: 1yr: 6mo: 10d / Last: $0.205 ZC's Top investments ... source Sym. Company —— : ZC holds : = price: Mkt.Val: %Hold /ZC sh ZAIR: Zinc8 Energy. : 6,367,361: $0.620: $3.948k 33.8%:$0.245 CCE : Commerce Res.: 6,821,599: $0.380: $2,592k 22.2%: $0.161 CC. : Core Assets : 8,250,000: $0.120: $1,031k 8.46%: $0.064 ADD: Arctic Star Expl.: 10,775,464: $0.080: 862.0k 7.37%: SRE : Saville Res. : 13,260,500: $0.060: 795.6k 6.80%: ARS : Ares Strategic. : 1,250,000: $0.560: 700.0k 5.98%: == Total 6 co’s. : ======== ====> $9,929k 84.5%: XX More holdings : ======== ====> $1,769k 15.5%: ====QUOTED shares : ======== ====> $11,698k 100.%: $0.727 Warrants in 12 co’s : ======== =====> $1,359k 11.6%: $0.084 = Quoted + Warrants : ======== ==== > $13,057k 112.%: Private Cos include : *=== Zambesi Sports : 11,855,000: 0.07est. $ 829k 7.09%: $0.051 > All: 86 cents *=== Eagle Bay Res. : 3,400,000: ====> ===== RESEARCHER's Comments on Zimtu, etc. Stephan Bogner is based in Germany: https://www.rockstone-research.com Rockstone Research at the 2021 PDAC / Stephan Bogner is a mining and commodity analyst with Rockstone Research, a research house specialized in the analysis of capital markets and publicly listed companies. Rockstone Research is a research house specialized in capital markets and publicly listed companies. The focus is on exploration and mining companies, greentech and technology ventures, as well as commodity and stock markets. All research reports are available in English and German, published on international financial websites and disseminated with financial terminal and research channel providers. For more information and sign-up for free newsletter, https://www.rockstone-research.com
  14. TAKE SOME RISK, people. But do it intelligently. "Fall forward". LEARN from your mistakes / Denzel Washington's Life Advice Will Leave You Speechless (MUST WATCH) >
  15. Coins.PH is a Ripoff ! Esp. If you are selling them Bitcoin Cash. They give you a poor spread. And then their mid-price is below market It is a double Ripoff. I need to expose it! (This isn’t business, it is almost a criminal enterprise) Coins.PH prices—— : (spread) mid. / Spot : Difference BTC: 2799K - 2939k : 5.00% 2,869k / 2,875k*: -0.21% BCH: 31,037-32,964 : 6.20% 32,000 / 32,534*: -1.65% *Bitmex —- x PHP Btc: 59.240 x 48.54 = P2,875k Bch: 670.25 x 48.54 = P32,534 ===\ I have seen their BTC spread at 3%, so today may be wider Than usual, But their BCH buying price is insanely low. Avoid avoid avoid. (In 5-10 minutes I could explain to these jerks how to offer Better prices. Instead, after I let they rip me off, I want To expose them.)
  16. GZZ. moved ahead of RZZ ... and is still ahead RZZ vs-GZZ: update: 10d / G: $6.83 to R: $22.11 = 30.9% RZZ to-GZZ: update: 10d / G: $6.83 to R: $22.11 = 30.9% GZ chart... update: SMD-$0.45, GZZ- $6.83 S-G Ratio... update: SMD-$0.45, to: GZZ-$6.83 : 6.59%, off Low of 4.9% ==
  17. This could be a great example of Narrative Investing... in the Property market... This couple JUST KNOWS that property prices are going to go up. So they SWAPPED from a P 10 Million studio (of 40 sqm, ie P250k psm) to a 1BR unit "about double the price", and they may live there. We Changed Our Mind About The Condo... (want to buy a larger one) The 1BR is "like double" the price. And Lucy sees that as a good thing... LOL: "the fact is... this property is going to GO UP in value, so there will be more value to go up." hahaha She whispers: "This building allows pets, George. I can get a cat." Ah, the advantages! === The next video, AFTER they make up their minds... "Hundreds of people responded to earlier video, and 99% said we should go for the 1BR Unit" Buying a 1 Bedroom Condo in Manila! WE UPGRADED & ARE MOVING
  18. FB: $312.46 vs. YrH: 315.88 / TWTR: $71.19 vs. YrH: 80.75... chart / Ratio (T/F) : 22.8%   (Are these two stocks now good short targets?) FB: $312.46 vs. YrH: 315.88 / TWTR: $71.19 vs. YrH: 80.75 / Ratio (T/F) : 22.8% 
  19. FRANK.com: True free speech has arrived! LOSERS?: Will the biased social media platforms of the past be the Big Losers, if Frank succeeds Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, is launching a new TRUE Free Speech platform to take on the Lie-stream. Four years in the making... It is time to take down the heavily biased-social-media at FB & TWTR ! FB: $312.46 vs. YrH: 315.88 / TWTR: $71.19 vs. YrH: 80.75 / Ratio (T/F) : 22.8% (Are these two stocks now good short targets?) EP 862 – Let’s Be Frank … Mike Lindell’s New Social Media Platform and New Lawsuit Against Dominion > https://rumble.com/vfisz1-ep-862-lets-be-frank-mike-lindells-new-social-media-platform-and-new-lawsui.html
  20. STAMPEDE IN... then maybe a stampede out (starting in a few weeks maybe?) David Hunter @DaveHcontrarian Melt-up is underway, led by tech, esp semis & FAANG, industrials & commodities. Copper producers poised for higher after brief pullback. Steel stocks also poised for higher. Homebuilders still in gear & going higher. Big move in precious metals & miners just getting started. ... For those that don't see it yet, the counter-trend dollar rally is over & DXY is now headed for 85. The commodity currencies CAD & AUD are poised for big rallies. CADUSD to .90 & AUDUSD to .85. Euro, GBP & Yen also poised for nice rallies. The biggest ‘inflation scare’ in 40 years is coming — what stock-market investors need to know / 2 / Here’s where to invest your money before traders start ‘rotating, if not stampeding’ out of stocks, according to one Warren Buffett disciple MarketWatch
  21. Nolte: Far-left PolitiFact Admits ‘60 Minutes’ DeSantis Video ‘Could’ Be ‘Deceptive Editing’
  22. Joe & GSP Talk About Aliens, Lost Knowledge
  23. HIT PIECE By Slimbag media fails St Ron should sue the fkwits for milllions ( the hack "girl reporter" should be fired) DeSantis hits back at 'deceptively edited' '60 Minutes' 'hit piece'
  24. 2021-04-06 14:36 C:SMD 0.445 News Release Strategic Metals options 70% interest in Hopper to Cavu === The road accessible Hopper property hosts copper-gold, skarn and porphyry mineralization that is associated with a Late Cretaceous (76.0plus or minus1.1 and 83.7plus or minus1.9 Ma) granodiorite pluton, informally named the Hopper Pluton. The age of the Hopper Pluton places it in the same metallogenic episode as the Patton Porphyry, which is the mineralizing pluton at Western Copper and Gold Corporation's Casino porphyry copper-gold-silver-molybdenum deposit located 190 km to the north-northwest. The Casino deposit contains 8.9 million ounces and 4.5 billion pounds in proven and probable ore reserves (mill reserves of 965.2 million tonnes grading 0.204% Cu, 0.240 g/t Au and 0.0227% Mo and heap leach reserves of 157.4 million tonnes grading 0.036% Cu and 0.292 g/t Au). The mineralized hydrothermal system at Hopper is centered on a porphyry-style copper zone that is flanked by stacked skarn horizons. Results from the porphyry zone include 0.52% copper over 45.72 m (trench) and 0.24% copper over 39.62 m (entire length of percussion drill hole) and 0.17% copper over 162.85 m from a 2015 diamond drill hole. Results from stacked, laterally extensive skarn horizons have produced promising drill results including 1.94% copper and 0.87 g/t gold over 18.59 m (true thickness approximately 12 m). Gold-rich skarns deeper in the stratigraphic section have assayed 43.6 g/t gold over 1 m (true thickness) and 12.15 g/t gold over 2.65 m (true thickness) from intersections 360 m apart. Terms CAVU can earn a 70% interest in the Hopper Project by incurring expenditures totalling $5,000,000, paying Strategic a total of $700,000 cash and issuing Strategic a total of 250,000 shares, by March 31, 2025. Technical information in this news release has been approved by Heather Burrell, P.Geo., a geologist with Archer, Cathro & Associates (1981) Limited and qualified person for the purpose of National Instrument 43-101. CAVU... chart / Last: $0.75 Date ET Symbol Price Type Headline 2021-04-06 20:57 C:CAVU 0.75 Share Split Cavu Mining 2:1 share split 2021-04-06 13:23 C:CAVU 0.75 News Release Cavu Mining enters option agreement for Hopper 2021-03-29 11:09 C:CAVU 0.70 News Release Cavu Mining closes $610,000 private placement About Strategic Metals Ltd. Strategic is a project generator with a portfolio of more than 130 projects that are the product of over 50 years of focussed exploration and research by a team with a track record of major discoveries.
  25. The THREE Bitcoin versions... BITCOIN CASH, Bitcoin SV > the back story / Satoshi Nakamoto and the Civil-War Within Bitcoin > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYn6EQDqTkU
  26. TIPS from a Momentum investor: The answer to this problem of what to Trade, and How Much... is proper position sizing. 1. Be aware that an issue is on a vertical trajectory 2. Be realistic with the gains you are expecting 3. Be ready to cut at the level you have previously determined. 4. The size of your position should be “inversely proportional” to the height of the momentum. If it has been flying high then the position size should be smaller
  27. drbubb

    NHK / Nighthawk Gold

    NHK Drill results helped to push up the stock by 15 cents yesterday to $1.20 == 2021-04-05 07:09 C:NHK 1.01 News Release Nighthawk drills 32.7 m of three g/t Au at Indin 2021-03-31 14:04 C:NHK 0.98 News Release Nighthawk files technical report for Indin Lake 2021-03-31 12:20 C:NHK 0.97 SEDAR Annual Information Form SEDAR Annual Information Form 2021-03-31 12:20 C:NHK 0.97 SEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements SEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements 2021-03-31 12:20 C:NHK 0.97 SEDAR MD & A SEDAR MD & A 2021-03-22 08:12 C:NHK 1.04 News Release Nighthawk Gold arranges $10.95-million financing 2021-03-11 09:13 C:NHK 1.07 News Release Nighthawk Gold hopes to complete Tlicho Highway by fall == Nighthawk drills 32.7 m of three g/t Au at Indin Richard Roy, vice-president, exploration, commented: "We are pleased to report on the remaining 2020 drill results at Colomac and Treasure Island. Treasure Island encountered high-grade results, where hole T20-09 returned 207.18 grams per tonne gold over 5.5 metres, including a single assay of 2,260 g/t Au over 0.5 metre. Consistent higher grade at Treasure Island remains to be demonstrated by drilling. With these recent Treasure Island results now in hand, all results to date will be compiled, analyzed and modelled in order to establish its potential to add higher-grade mineralization to the global resource base. "The Colomac results illustrate the potential for resource growth at depth; however, drilling in 2021 will focus on further delineation of near-surface mineralization in an effort to increase the in-pit resources. The potential at depth on Colomac remains very significant, but quality near-surface targets remain untested at Colomac and will be prioritized in 2021." Colomac: Hole C20-07C was completed at zone 3.5 and returned 3.00 grams per tonne gold over 32.7 metres, supporting the continuity of the higher-grade mineralization previously obtained at depth. Holes C20-14 and C20-17(17B) tested zone 2.5 at depth. Although no extensively wide intervals were obtained, hole C20-17, did return a high-grade interval of 12.36 g/t Au over 4.3 m (26.08 g/t Au uncut) including a 0.5 m sample assaying 218.00 g/t Au. > MORE:
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