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  3. CHART : JK. ... all data : 10d / Last: c$1.39 +0.01
  4. "A DELIVERY-ONLY Food business". "No front end staff" Building the 'Amazon' of the Food Delivery Sector - Kai Huang THREE LAYERS: 1. Infrastructure = Ghost kitchens 2. Delivery : Grab, Uber, etc 3. Brands : NEW ONES can emerge
  5. #FJB: LETS GO BRANDON - Theme Song - Loza Alexander - (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
  6. LESS, the spokesperson for No One: they are on to her: “Black Men Are Going to Rise Up – Not Gonna Let People Like Joy Ann Reid Think They’re Speaking for Us, She’s a Joke” – Fearless Former NBA Player Royce White Speaks Out (VIDEO) > xx
  7. I know that investing involves exploiting natural resources one way or another but some investments feel a bit more uncomfortable than others and this is one of them https://dialogochino.net/en/extractive-industries/mining-giant-amazon-indigenous-communities-to-exploit-potash/
  8. Asx:SO4 https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/961947/salt-lake-potash-reports-ample-cash-reserves-as-lake-way-progress-continues-961947.html also LSE SO4
  9. BUYBACK NEWS and strong cash flow is beginning to help the stock price chart update; Last: $5.21 ss (Stockhouse comments): Serafino wacht auf posted October 14, 2021 03:28 pm by Golddd but what is iacono waiting for to release the results of toroparu ??? instead of re-evaluating the company, what is Iacono doing ??? all other mines are on + 3/4/5%. is it possible that you do not...read more RE:Gran Colombia Gold Renews Share Buyback Program 1. Gran Colombia Gold this morning announced that it will be renewing its normal course issuer bid. Also known as a share buyback program, the program will see shares purchased by the company for...read more 2. Outstanding news. Take adva of low price while they can. Thanks management/board. 3. posted October 15, 2021 10:19 am by invest234 great news. gcm should have plenty of cash to buy back shares. $329mil cash + $138mil cash from wheaton making toro overfunded + updated pea likely reducing cost of toro + generating a lot of free cash every year with good profit margin + extra cash from polymetallic plant + 2000 tpd expansion soon + toro build increasing production to 400k+ oz/yr for even more cash great opportunity for gcm to buy shares cheap during this gold scare / repeated threat of fed stopping money printing, which we know is impossible when usa deficit needs to borrow trillion+ dollars more every year. that trillion dollars every year have to come from somewhere, which ends up being the fed.... read more 4. remember, the last time gcm started share buyback, gcm share price went over $8. they stopped previously because they were acquiring toro and needed to conserve cash to fund it. now that toro is fully funded, they have plenty of cash to buy back shares.
  10. GOLD/ Barrick's low may have been made at .... $17.50, now: $19.37, that's +10.7% Gold-etc... update : 3mo : 10d// : 3mo : 10d/ ==
  11. havent seen that. what is the stock code?
  12. Have you seen the shenanigans going on at dual listed Salt Lake Potash. Some shocking stock promoters out there were pumping them even on their knees.
  13. Fresnillo CEO says Mexico's mining situation 'unfavorable' ACAPULCO, Mexico Oct 20 (Reuters) - The chief executive of Mexico's top precious metals miner Fresnillo on Wednesday described the current government's policies as "unfavorable" for the key industrial sector. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's government has been criticized by the mining industry for its policy of no new concessions, as well as what have been described as unprecedented regulatory delays. Earlier this month, Lopez Obrador further stoked industry concerns by proposing a constitutional reform that would restrict future lithium mining, in addition to placing similar limits on other "strategic minerals" needed for the country's energy transition. "We are in an unfavorable environment right now," Fresnillo Chief Executive Octavio Alvidrez said in a mining conference in Acapulco. Dialogue with the government could lead to policy modifications, Alvidrez added, without going into details. The chief executive noted that last year the mining sector was initially left out of the government's designation as an "essential' industry, and as a consequence was forced to shut down for a couple months. But after dialogue with authorities, he added, mining was later deemed essential and mines across the country were allowed to open back up. > https://www.kitco.com/news/2021-10-20/UPDATE-2-Fresnillo-CEO-says-Mexico-apos-s-mining-situation-apos-unfavorable-apos.html cc
  14. Mentee portfolio shares, may be led back up by GSWR and WM.t (soon) CAN Portfolio WM.t / Walbridge etc... update: 10d/ Last: $0.57, SMD: $0.335, GSWR: $0.56, EMR: $0.05, MCI: $0.14 PHL Portfolio APX.ph / Apex Mining etc... update: w/V: 10d/ Last: P1.48, BEL:1.39, RCI: 0.76, ION:0.87, V:0.88 ==
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  16. Switch candidates? It is tough to take a loss, but maybe I can reduce the exposure to RCI, by shifting a portion of RCI's current value into one of these other "cheap" stocks: ROX, ION, or V. RCI -etc... 3yrW: YTD: 10d/ Last: 0.77, ROX: 1.26, ION: 0.84, V: 0.86 Some PHL shares under Book Value Sym: Company Last BkVal: EP : PE-R : RCI: RoxasCo.: 0.77: 3.38: -N/A: -N/A : ROX RoxasHld: 1.26: 3.76: -N/A: -N/A : ION: Ionics Cp.: 0.84: 3.01: 0.166 5.06x V. : Vantage : 0.86: 2.40: 0.101: 8.53x ====
  17. WARRANT Swap agreed EMR.wt + MCU.wt > GSVR.wt, with terms: $0.45 exercise, and maturity of 3 years, March 2024 (?) I will reflect them, as having a cost of $30, $0.03 per warrant. which was the intrinsic value at the time of the swap. The deemed price on the EMR and MCI wts sold will be $30, though they now have Zero intrinsic, at $0.045, $0.14 stock prices. GSVR.v / Guanajuato Silver Co. Ltd. (ex.Vangold) : YTD: w/AGQ: 10d: $0.48 + $0.05= $0.53 Why? will make accounting a little easier, and the GSVR.wts may have greater upside in the immediate future. GSVR used to be called Vangold and Mentee held 1,200 VGLD warrants earlier this year from a placement. I am just selling them back, at a attractive price. In fact, GSVR was up $0.05 on Wed, so the warrants are now worth $0.08 CAN Portfolio: Sep. > Oct.19: +11.3%, after -10.7% drop in Sep. PortC. : # shs: C.Cost: price: strike: Net: $Value: Profit: 10.19 : CASH : $ 00: $. 00: $1.00: 0.00: $1.00: $ 0: Gsvr.wt: 1,000: $ 30: 0.530: $0.45: 0.080: $ 80: $ 50:  SMD : 6,400: $ 2496: 0.325: $0.00: 0.325: 2,080: (416): WM : 3,000: $ 2280: 0.590: $0.00: 0.590: 1,770: (520): Proj.: P95,000: $ 2404: 39.52 $0.00 /40.00: 2,375: ( 29): ============ $ 7210: = TotalAssets => $6,305 ( 875) Loan C 0.5%/m.( 2115) ======: - 24 - 010: (2149) ( 34) > combine $215+1900 ===== Total :: $ 5,095 ======== 10/19=: $4,156: (939). NAV=Realised +$3795* -Unrealized Loss: ($ 939): +2,856 $1300, +219.7% = C$4,156> x40.00= Php 166,240 was 149,360 (prior mo.): +11.3% *was $3,815 at end Sept., + there was a $20 loss, on selling EMRwt at $30
  18. Vantage Equities Inc. (PSE: V) will subscribe to one hundred twenty-five million shares at pre-incorporation of Philequity Alpha One Fund Inc. at PhP1.00 par value. This was approved by the board on October 15, 2018. Vantage Equities paid PhP31.25 million on October 15 for the 25% of the 125 million shares subscribed. Vantage Equities’ investment in Philequity Alpha One Fund is part of the company’s investment portfolio diversification. Philequity Alpha One Fund will be incorporated to engage in the business of an open-end investment company. > https://www.phstocks.com/vantage-equities-pre-incorporation-investment-in-subsidiary-philequity-alpha-one-fund/
  19. THREE BOUNCES into a Major Low? Is that what we have just seen? Gold-GDX-UGL. YTD: 1yr: 10d: UGL has a similar pattern. $19.13, $32.52 / $56.30 = 34.0%, 57.8% at 10.15.21 ==
  20. x Canaccord Initiates Coverage - Expecting a DOUBLE
 On the path to becoming a LatAm mid-tier producer
Investment Recommendation: BUY 
We are initiating coverage of Gran Colombia Gold (GCM-TSX) with a BUY rating and a C$9.50 target price. Gran Colombia is a South America-focused gold producer operating the Segovia underground complex in Colombia and advancing the
recently acquired Toroparu project in Guyana. The company produces ~200koz/year from Segovia, and we believe with Toroparu it has the potential to double production to ~400koz in the next few years and diversify its production base.
  21. Complete retrace of disinflation... back to 20% And "biggest financial crisis the world has ever seen" A Future Of 20%+ Inflation? | David Hunter On What Comes After The Next Market Crash (PT2) ===.
  22. HUNTER's final rally, Dead Ahead? Indices: SPX, PSEI, GDX . update: 4438.3 +18.2%, 7183.1 +0.61%, $43.99 -18.9%, YTD: -0.03% at 10/15 Adam Taggart @menlobear. Oct 9 MELTUP THEN MELTDOWN @DaveHcontrarian still forecasts up to an 80%(!) crash, but he expects the market to first shoot up over 20%(!) before things roll over... . 2 . David Hunter @DaveHcontrarian. 19hr ago Both precious metals & industrial metals are poised for sharply higher prices in the weeks & months ahead. Gold,silver,copper & even steel stocks all are beginning what will be big rallies. Gold to $2500, silver to $50, copper to $6,GDX to $60,GDXJ to $100,SIL to $75 & SILJ to $35.
  23. Year To Date, Out-Performance AUG: +18.2% vs. -1.7%= +19.9% better SEP: +10.0% vs. -5.7%= +15.7% better Index: YE'2020 : 7/31 : 8/31 : 9/30. : YTD SPX —: 3,756.1: 4,395.3: 4,522.7: 4,307.5: +14.7% PSEI - : 7,139.7: 6,270.3: 6,785.9: 6,956.2: - 2.57% GDXJ. : $54.24: $45.83: $43.11: $38.34 : - 29.3% 3indices ===== : - 2.95%: +1.73%: - 4.45% : - 5.72% GLD. : 178.36 : 169.82 : 169.69: 164.22 : - 7.93%. Gdxj/Gld: 30.4%: 27.0% : 25.4%: 23.3% : ===== Phl.pt. : 147,175 150,084 148.174 144,134: - 2.07% Can.pt : $3,170 : $3,996 : $4,212 : $3,734 : +17.8% 2.portf: 266,747: 309,724 315,390 293,494 +10.0% Monthly chg: == - 0.40%: +1.83%: - 6.94%: Combined value of P293,494 /is -6.94% below P315,390 at End Aug. And up 10% YTD in 2021 so far. Indices: SPX, PSEI, GDX . update: 4438.3 +18.2%, 7183.1 +0.61%, $43.99 -18.9%, YTD: -0.03% at 10/15 ===
  24. GOLD : 19.655 +0.425, +2.2%, now my second largest position, using options Barrick Set to Achieve 2021 Production Targets GlobeNewswire 07:01 AM ET Oct. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:GOLD)(TSX:ABX) ("Barrick" or the "Company") today reported preliminary Q3 sales of 1.07 million ounces of gold and 101 million pounds of copper, as well as preliminary Q3 production of 1.09 million ounces of gold and 100 million pounds of copper. It remains on track to achieve 2021 guidance1, with both the Africa & Middle East and Latin America & Asia Pacific regions continuing to trend to the higher end of their regional gold guidance and North America at the lower end. As previously guided, Barrick's Q4 gold production is expected to be the strongest of 2021 following the repair of the mill at Carlin's Goldstrike roaster late in Q3. Consequently, for Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) both Carlin and Cortez are expected to be at the low end of their annual guidance ranges, whereas Phoenix and Long Canyon are expected to be at the top end of their guidance ranges. Furthermore, production at Turquoise Ridge is expected to be below its annual guidance range, although full year production is still expected to be higher than the prior year. Production at Hemlo is also expected to be below its annual guidance range following a slower ramp-up of underground development due to Covid-19 movement restrictions. The average market price for gold in Q3 was $1,790 per ounce, while the average market price for copper in Q3 was $4.25 per pound.
  25. Gran Colombia Announces Third Quarter 2021 Production and Webcast CHARTS-ytd: Gcm-Gold-GDX, w/RGLD: 10d: Last: C$5.18=us$4.18 / gdx-$43.15= 9.69% 10d: Last: C$5.04 -0.14=us$4.08 -0.10 / gdxj-$43.99 +0.84 = 9.28% -0.41% TORONTO, Oct. 13, 2021 -- Gran Colombia Gold Corp. (TSX: GCM; OTCQX: TPRFF) announced today that it produced a total of 17,213 ounces of gold at its Segovia Operations in September 2021 bringing the total gold production for the third quarter of 2021 to 49,848 ounces compared with 51,555 ounces from Segovia in the third quarter of 2020. The Company also produced 52,382 ounces of silver at Segovia in the third quarter of 2021, up from 47,560 ounces of silver in the third quarter last year. For the first nine months of 2021, Segovia’s gold and silver production totalled 151,104 ounces and 164,270 ounces, respectively, up from 146,278 ounces of gold and 134,820 ounces of silver in the first nine months of 2020. Lombardo Paredes, Chief Executive Officer of Gran Colombia, commenting on the Company’s latest results, said, “We have maintained a steady pace of production in the third quarter of 2021, which included a planned four-day maintenance shutdown at the Maria Dama plant in July. With our trailing 12-months total gold production from Segovia at the end of the third quarter amounting to 201,187 ounces of gold, up 2% over 2020, we are confident we will meet our production guidance at Segovia for the full year of 200,000 to 220,000 ounces of gold. We are on track to complete our expansion of the Maria Dama plant to 2,000 tonnes per day (“tpd”) in the fourth quarter of 2021 and our mine and brownfield exploration programs are proceeding as planned. In addition, commissioning of the new polymetallic plant at Segovia is nearing completion and we expect to have our first concentrate production in the fourth quarter of 2021. At the end of September 2021, we had a cash position of approximately US$329 million, including the net proceeds .... > https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item/U-z8372258-U!TPRFF-20211013/U/TPRFF xx nc
  26. CHART update: Lows in place? FSM : 5yr: 2yr; YTD: 10d / Last: $4.27 + 0.13 cc FSM- etc ... update: $4.27 / GDXJ: xx = xx% xx
  27. Fortuna Silver reports 411% gold production jump in third quarter Vladimir Basov Tuesday October 12, 2021 (Kitco News) - Fortuna Silver Mines (NYSE: FSM) (TSX: FVI) today reported that its gold production in Q3 2021 increased 411% to 65,425 ounces compared to 12,791 ounces produced in Q3 2020. The company's lead production of 8,245,289 pounds was 23% higher compared to Q3 2020, and zinc production of 12,436,276 pounds was 21% higher compared to Q3 2020. However, Fortuna Silver reported that its Q3 2021 silver production of 1,711,881 ounces was 20% lower compared to Q3 2020 (2,127,746 ounces). The company said that its Lindero mine in Argentina produced record 26,235 ounces of gold in Q3 2021, which was in line with guidance. Fortuna added that quarterly performance at the company's San Jose mine in Mexico was "as expected", and that year-to-date production results aligned with guidance. The San Jose mine produced 1,436,658 ounces of silver and 8,910 ounces of gold in Q3 2021. The company's Yaramoko mine in Burkina Faso produced 28,751 ounces of gold in Q3 2021 with an average gold head grade of 7.28 g/t, which was slightly below the plan for the quarter. Importantly, the company said that its Caylloma mine in Peru "outperformed" in Q3 2021, with 12% increase in gold production, 23% increase in lead production and a 21% increase in zinc production compared with the third quarter of 2020. > https://www.kitco.com/news/2021-10-12/Fortuna-Silver-reports-411-gold-production-jump-in-third-quarter.html
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