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  1. GEI's Reign of Terror - Tigger-happy Mods takeover I'm frigging tired of receiving PM's like this ! =================================== Watch out, the first 24 hour banning is about to happen - Your could be next ! So watch out, dear member I'm fed up to the fekking back-teeth of receiving PM's like the following one (see below,) And so I am going to initiate a reign of terror on GEI, asking the moderators to start dishing out 24 hour bans, whenever they see fit. /see New Thread :: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=8262
  2. Welcome Back, to Romans Holiday and Halcyon "DrBubb" has sent out the following message to Romans Holiday and Halcyon: QUOTE Hi Romans Holiday, Hi Halcyon. I was sorry to see you leave GEI. I am sure you had your reasons, although I cannot say that I understand what they may have been. Since I always regarded you as a "valued regular poster" and see your departure as something that is not good for GEI, I would like to take the unusual step of writing this PM/email to invite you to return. Apparently, I am not the only one who has missed you as a poster. I am not alone in my desire to have you return. I took a poll, and xx of the 47 responders - that's a very high 9x% wanted you back. That's an overwhelming endorsement, as far as I can see ! /see thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=8248 It has become obvious that GEI's traditional tolerance (and ideal of enlightened self-regulation) has not been working properly. We have been seeing too many squabbles, too much bickering, and too much disrepect for the points of view of other posters. I believe that you have experienced this "disrespect" first hand. So I am asking you to help out (temporarily) as a moderator to fight the abuse and disrespect. /see: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=8262 I will soon take a poll, to see who are those most acceptable to GEI members as moderators (and I will nominate you as one possible new mod.) In the meantime, please help out as a temporary moderator. Very best regards, Michael / "DrBubb" UNQUOTE == == == After certain adjustments, our line-up now is as follows: Moderator/Administrators: G0ldfinger No6 halcyon (temp) romans_holiday (temp) Super_Admins DrBubb Steve_Netwriter
  3. I like these ratios, they can reveal favorable opportunities to switch from Oil to Gold or vice versa As this thread is started, Gold looks relatively expensive: source : Nones-on Resource Investor However, this is only a "Local extreme", and prior 2004, the ratio was higher LONG TERM GOLD/OIL RATIO : This chart (from Goldfinger) shows brief spikes to 30 and even one to 33. That was typically followed by a collapse in the Ratio back below current levels. Long Term Oil prices source: http://www.wtrg.com/prices.htm Back to pre-1868: http://www.priceofcrude.com/index.php/crude-oil-chart/ = = = = = CHARTS http://tinyurl.com/gei-gold-wtic http://tinyurl.com/gei-GDX-OIH http://tinyurl.com/gei-GDX-XLE
  4. WIND POWER Capacity increased by 11.3 GW in 2005 to reach a total of 59 GW. Germany is the world leader, with 31 percent of the world's installed capacity, followed by Spain, the USA, India and Denmark. The big surprise among the five leaders was the recovery and surge in production in the USA after years of stagnation. Guaranteed production tax credits, valid for a three year period instead of annually have justified the new investment in renewable energy. Growth is expected to continue. As the leaders consolidate and re-power smaller installations with larger turbines, the market is now widening and entering a new phase with many new countries entering the market for renewable energy resources, such as wind. @: http://www.powermanagementdesignline.com/news/191901915
  5. deleted: MikeLawre ( Edit Member's Profile... Edit Member's Log In User Name... Edit Member's Display Name... Change/Reset Password... Delete ALL Member's Posts/Topics... Suspend Member... Delete Member... mikelawrenkp@googlemail.com Members (11 Posts) Joined: 4-October 08
  6. The Great American Empire has begun its long slow decline. It may take a few generations to reach its nadir, but the poor decisions already made and crucial decisions postponed in the last 25 years by our Boomer dominated leadership has put our country on a path to a declining standard of living. The U.S. is like a punch drunk ex-champion boxer who still thinks he has what it takes, but is living off his old press clippings. He lived the good life, got fat and didn’t do the hard work required of a champion. A slew of young brash fighters are itching to take him down. It is just a matter of time. In our heyday during the 1950s, manufacturing accounted for 25% of GDP. In 1980 it was still 22% of GDP. Today it is 12% of GDP. By 2010 it will be under 10% of GDP. Our Government bureaucracy, which contributes nothing to the advancement of our society, now is a larger portion of GDP than manufacturing. Services such as banking, retail sales, transportation, and health care now account for two-thirds of the value of U.S. GDP. We have become a nation of bureaucratic paper pushers. Past U.S. generations invented the airplane; invented the automobile; discovered penicillin; and built the Interstate highway system. The Baby Boom generation has invented credit default swaps; mortgage backed securities; the fast food drive thru window; discovered the cure for erectile dysfunction; and built bridges to nowhere. No wonder we’re in so much trouble. /much more: http://seekingalpha.com/article/103202-the...icle_sb_popular
  7. Some have complained to me, that they do not like typing in 19 characters. How about 5 instead : G E I B B ?? To get here, just type in: "geibb.com" and hit Return one more quick click, and you are here // Old GEIBB page
  8. The Dec. Tax-selling Thread - The Hunt for Bargains POST YOUR IDEAS HERE- on this thread ..... charts + + + + + + + + + This year,we should look more broadly, including away from Gold shares. Here's why: Gold, measured in Barrels-of-Oil is starting to look expensive THUS, the year-end list should include some Oil and Coal stocks too. == == NOTE: What is this about? In North America, there is a phenomenon every year where the "weak get weaker" at year-end. What happens is, people sell their losers to realise losses which they can offset gainst gains, and thereby lower their tax rates. Often these "losers" will bounce early in the next year because: + The extra Selling dries up after year end, and + People who sold out, start buying back in
  9. ((Comex gold peaked at $732 oz. on May 12, 2006, and in early September sunk below $600 oz)) # # Let's start the November GOLD thread early, to give it a push # # I think Gold's being dragged down by Oil weakness. So the rally may not start just yet, but the weakness will be over before -or by- the election GLD Chart ... update
  10. I think there are some Russian bots signing up to GEI. why? + They come in as a crowd. + usually during the Russian timezone, + And they have similar addresses. I am checking the following: elidanat , 24-oct (vg) : IP: gacohi , 24-oct (vg) : IP: sangispi , 24-oct (vg) : IP: thurazgongiar , 24-oct (vg) : IP: chieonir , 24-oct (vg) : IP: #nick , 16-oct (vg) : IP: 1hyipstats4 , 12-sep (vg) : cbs7 , 17-apr (m) thebestoff , 21-oct (vg) : thzfartn , 12.nov CURRENT ICE LIST: benedict_man1928 , 14-oct (m) : IP: cornelia_bordman1970 , 15-oct : IP: Note: it seems they wait about 4 weeks, and the start posting garbage ads
  11. (Note from Chief Investment Officer at Golden China) Its been a busy week at Golden China and we have issued a number of press releases, copies of which are attached. I am sorry for the delay in getting these to you but I have been travelling preparing for the next exciting stages of our development and am just back in the office. The sum fact of all these press releases is that we’ve closed! As you can see, as a precursor to completing the business combination with Michelago, we have now competed the share consolidation of Golden China on a 1 for 5 basis. As a result, Golden China’s stock symbol has been changed to GCX. We also announced yesterday that Michelago Limited has received final Court Orders from the Federal Court of Australia approving the schemes of arrangement to effect the business combination between the two companies. As well, Golden China has been granted approval from the Toronto Stock E xchange (TSX) to upgrade its listing from the TSX Venture E xchange to the main board of the TSX. The Australian Securities E xchange (ASX) has also granted approval for Golden China’s listing on the ASX. We have also closed the previously announced C$4.5 million financing. The shares of the consolidated new Golden China will begin trading on the TSX tomorrow. Trading of CDI’s on the ASX will begin shortly. Thanks to all of you for your patience and support. We hope we will all find that it has been worth it. Now that we can really focus our attention on running our business, watch for a lot of developments and news in the months to come. We continue to develop Nibao and Beyinhar, the plant expansion is in the works to a capacity of 230,000 oz of gold per year. We expect continued enhancement in the value of our investments and we are working on ways to continue to enhance the value of Golden China.
  12. webmaster

    Copper Strike (ASX:CSE)

    thnx for starting the thread. it needs a chart, and i will add one later ONE YEAR chart ... update Looks like a parabolic move has already happened
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    Nov.-Dec. Gold & Gold share thread

    From the TFNN broadcast: (friday, 1:42) apparently Jim Rogers has said, "I will see $10,000 gold in my lifetime", and he sees some possibility of $1 million gold... if we see a currency collapse
  14. NOT EVERYONE IS BULLISH... The tax expert who may have helped spur the government to crack down on income trusts by predicting that conversions to the structure would cost more than $1-billion in lost revenue believes that income funds are now destined to become an endangered species. Jack Mintz, the University of Toronto professor who crunched those numbers, will join lawyer James Scarlett of Torys LLP and Sandy McIntyre, one of the country's largest trust investors, in Toronto to look at “The Future of Income Trusts — To Be or Not To Be.” The general consensus at the moment — and Mr. Mintz's view — is that the likely outcome for most trusts is not to be. A poll last week by the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche found that trust executives and advisers to the sector expect trusts to start disappearing before the end of the government's four-year tax holiday. The big reason it hasn't started yet is because Ottawa hasn't laid out the rules for conversions back to corporations, trust executives and advisers say. “A lot of trusts in the end are going to move back to the corporate world to have more flexibility,” Mr. Mintz said. He said his call for a refundable dividend tax credit, which would make dividend-paying stocks more attractive, as well as for the ability of investors to exchange units for shares without triggering a capital gains tax hit would create even more incentive to convert to corporate status. The other likely outcome for many trusts is being swallowed in a takeover, as private equity firms from the United States and abroad are drawing up lists of target companies and await only a further drop in prices before they strike. The interest from private-equity firms is “huge,” and “there's going to be a lot of U.S. money coming in,” said Mr. Scarlett, who focuses on mergers and acquisitions in addition to trusts. In a survey of 360 trust-sector managers, trustees, advisers, investors and lenders, Deloitte found that 87 per cent said the number of trusts will fall to 100 or fewer within four years from the current 256, and 52 per cent predicted no more than 50 trusts will be left by 2011. “It's going to happen quite quickly,” said Deloitte vice-chairman James Goodfellow. For companies that need to raise capital to grow or replace declining assets “the issue is just give me the rules so I can understand the tax consequences of rolling back, for example, and as soon as I understand that, let's get on with it,” he added. Income trust investors hoping for a bounce in valuation between now and the end of the tax holiday may also be disappointed, according to the survey's finding that 58 per cent of respondents believe the income trust index will fall further in the next four years. Many trust investors blame Mr. Mintz in some way for the drops in their trust investments because of the massive publicity generated by his conclusion that, with the planned conversions of telecommunication giants BCE Inc. and Telus Corp. into trusts, the federal government stood to lose $1.1-billion in tax revenue because of the trust phenomenon. Mr. Mintz's calculations have sparked a heated debate about what, if any, is the real number for lost tax revenue, and supporters of trusts have vigorously disputed his findings. For example, Economist Yves Fortin, working on behalf of the Canadian Association of Income Funds, this month concluded in a paper that “it might well be that no tax leakage would be found if such a study was done properly.” The current government, for its part, hasn't released the numbers it has come up with. One problem is that all such models rely on so many assumptions that a small change in one of the underlying assumptions (how much trusts pay out, for example) can vastly change the conclusions. “That's unfortunately the land of policy setting and macroeconomics — you build these big macro models and you tweak something and it's ‘Holy cow,'” Mr. Goodfellow said.
  15. Trouble brewing here: Guest ( ) Registering... Today, 09:06 AM Guest ( ) Registering... Today, 09:05 AM Guest ( ) Registering... Today, 09:05 AM Guest ( ) Registering... Today, 09:05 AM Guest ( ) Registering... Today, 09:05 AM Guest ( ) Registering... Today, 09:05 AM Guest ( ) Registering... Today, 09:05 AM Guest ( ) Registering... Today, 09:05 AM Eight at once. What are they up to??
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    Nov.-Dec. Gold & Gold share thread

    Silverharp, There's a whole thread on those companies, including their charts
  17. INTERVIEWS ... Marco den Ouden Income trusts meet Mr. Flaherty ............................. : October 31 Feds lose Voter's Trust and money on Income Trusts : November 7 @: http://www.howestreet.com/
  18. Wheels that grind slowly Caroline Brannigan tells how red tape has mired one man’s dream of producing green electricity STEPHEN YOUNG has a row of electric heaters hanging from the ceiling of his old watermill. The warmth blasts up into the cobwebbed rafters and out of the mossy roof. He must have the warmest spiders in Yorkshire. It is a waste in these energy-conscious times and no one is more frustrated about it than Young. Deep below the dusty wooden floorboards, the water that flows below the mill is turning the turbine, and the generated electricity is being stored in a huge bank of batteries. When the batteries are fully charged the heaters blast off the excess energy into space. There’s enough to power Young’s four-bedroom house across the yard and his parents’ home near by, and loads more besides that he wants to sell back to the National Grid but is not allowed to. Even powering his own home is possible only as a test. The rest of the time he plugs into the mains like the rest of us. If you want to harness a river you have to get permission from the Environment Agency and negotiations have been going on since 2004 over the case of Tanfield Mill, which lies near the cathedral city of Ripon in North Yorkshire. This quiet spot in a farming area popular with commuters along the A1 has changed little in the 200 years or so there has been a watermill here. It was grinding flour until 1972. The waterwheel went in 1907 to be replaced by an 26ft-long (8m) turbine, which is now restored and filling up those batteries. Two smaller turbines have also been added to operate alone when the water is low in the summer. The millrace, which diverts some of the River Ure’s water to the mill and puts it back again farther down, is just the same. But the rules are not the same and you must now have permission to do what has always been done. Young is not arguing with that, but cannot understand why it has to take so long. “It’s very satisfying to see energy being created from simple water flow — I have always been fascinated by it,” he explains. “But the politicians are saying one thing and the Environment Agency is struggling to be cohesive because it is such a huge bureaucracy. It’s really sad.” Most people wouldn’t even know where to begin. Young is an electrical engineer who left his native Sunderland as a young man and made enough money in business in America to call himself retired now at the age of 52. But that just means that he’s diverting his energies into projects that would daunt others. In 1997 he bought Tanfield Mill and its seven acres for £430,000 and has spent £750,000 on it, including doing up the adjoining house for himself and his wife, Catherine, 52, and converting a nearby barn for his parents. Then he couldn’t resist hauling out the 1907 mill turbine to see if it would go again. After two years back at the original factory in Kendal, it was as good as new. “It was a dream of mine to bring back into use a watermill and I am fortunate I have the resources to do these things,” he says. He has spent £25,000 on professional advice and environmental studies. The Environment Agency wants to make sure the increasing numbers of young salmon in the Ure are not caught in the turbines on their journey to the sea. A spokesman told Bricks and Mortar: “We support the development of watermills but we do have to assess the effect on the environment. Tanfield Mill has bars 10cm apart, so will not stop the juvenile salmon being killed.” Young paid for a study which he says shows that that is not happening. There is also a mesh screen with holes 4.5cm apart across the millrace, he adds. “If I thought I was killing fish I wouldn’t do it. In two years of study we have found one young salmon, and that was healthy. “If we had fish parts in the discharge, we would have ghastly smells and the herons on the river, of which we have two, would not need to fish.” What frustrates Young most is the number of people he has had to deal with, the time files seem to stay on desks and the contradictory answers he has had. Some agree with his view that nearly all fish are swept over the weir in the main river and do not get a chance to turn left into the millrace. Screens catch larger fish anyway but he has had different answers on how big the gaps should be. “Successive layers of important people have come to see it,” he adds. “In January, 25 of them came along, including one from London. One said it should be approved, but another later said I couldn’t take that as carte blanche that it would be.” The agency commended Mr Young’s conscientiousness but said that the views of various organisations had to be taken into account. Despite still being unsure if he has got it right, Young has now made a formal application for a licence to harness the river for electricity and awaits the verdict; but it will be Tanfield Mill’s new owner who benefits, for Young is selling up and hoping to head for France. “There are a lot of watermills in France,” he says, “and they are a lot more supportive of their use over there. Sometimes I wonder if it has all been worth it. But I think I would still do it again.” Tanfield Mill is for sale for £2 million through Robin Jessop, 01677 425950 or www.robinjessop.co.uk FACT FILE A 50Kw water mill turbine generates enough electricity to supply the energy needs of ten to 20 houses. Hydropower is the most efficient of all power sources, according to the Environment Agency. Water mills still working when water resources laws were introduced in the 1960s were allowed to carry on without a licence. Where the mill has become disused, this right is likely to have lapsed. More information: www.british-hydro.org and www.ukmills.com @: http://property.timesonline.co.uk/article/...2464552,00.html
  19. plenty of natural resources in Iran... and jobs in that sector- i reckon
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    Nov.-Dec. Gold & Gold share thread

    Weak dollar. Gold is bound to follow the currencies higher if this $ slide continues
  21. THE EASY OIL is peaking, that's for sure... Meantime, as Puplava points out: Where's the demand destruction? No sign in the miles being driven. The Y-o-y growth in miles driven has not responded to the last two year's jump in oil prices. And a US recession, may not be the demand-killer that some expect. "The perception in the financial markets is that a slowdown in the U.S. economy and a global economic slowdown will reduce demand for basic commodities. However, decades of neglect and supply deficits will take time and money to correct. This is a structural bull market, which is going to last for a lot longer than most experts predict. If China sells 2,000,000 automobiles this year and next that means there are going to be a lot more Chinese consuming larger amounts of gasoline. China’s economy may slowdown from its breathtaking rate of 11%. However, an 8-10% growth rate means more copper, more iron ore, more cement, more steel, and more gasoline consumption. Let us also not forget India, whose economy is growing at 9% per annum. As I have mentioned above, this is a supply-driven bull market where excess capacity has shrunk. The less excess capacity the sooner demand will overwhelm the system which is why we have been experiencing price spikes from oil, natural gas to copper, lead and zinc. You might ask yourself, if there was really a commodity bubble, would the Chinese be shopping around the globe trading their dollars for commodities? Securing access to commodities like iron ore, uranium, oil and natural gas has now become a priority in foreign policy."
  22. webmaster

    The Oil and Energy Price Thread

    Coal miners? if the get knocked down too, by falling oil Royalty trusts, but wait for more tax-selling maybe? And here are some advfn threads: OIL : http://www.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=9832422 GAS: http://www.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=1456608 The Wall Street mob is still bidding Wall St. higher. Will that last, if oil rises?
  23. BE CAREFUL... these trusts are going to get hit by tax-oriented selling. best time to buy, might be just before Christmas = = = SEE CHARTS on Advfn :: BubblePr's thread : EnergyI's thread
  24. One unnamed solar enthusiast (with tens of millions of dollars from a family trust at his disposal) still has not invested in any solar stocks. Why? “My cost for installing solar panels was $2.70 per watt in 2002; now, its $4.00 per watt,” he said. “The cost of money has risen as has the cost of solar panels, insurance, labor, gasoline for service vehicles, etc. In short, the days of fat margins have vanished.” . . “PV is the most popular and promising of the renewable technologies because it can be applied and used anywhere in the world without an infrastructure,” states Solar Outlook, a Navigant Consulting study released in June 2006. This aspect is both appealing and alarming. “With PV, private ownership of the means of electricity production is possible, and this represents an unsettling revolution to the current electricity structure and to the politicians,” notes Navigant. Recent growth in solar PV remains largely driven by subsidies. Grid-connected systems accounted for 85% of total sales demand in 2005. Navigant sees slow growth in solar through mid-2008. Thin-film solar (which use less silicon) is ramping up in capacity, but cannot yet fill the gap. Between 2000 and 2005, thin film technologies grew at a compound annual growth rate of 27% (compared to 42% for the dominant crystalline technology), states Navigant. According to the federal Energy Information Administration domestic solar PV shipments reached a record high of 134.5 Megawatts (MW) in 2005, a 72% increase over 2004 shipment figures. And a report released this past October by the Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development of Cambridge, Massachusetts (and entitled Polysilicon: Supply, Demand & Implications for the PV Industry) claims that the silicon supply bottleneck should ease by 2008." The report forecast sufficient supplies of silicon – currently the feedstock for 95% of the world’s solar PV panels – to allow the solar PV industry to grow to 8,000 MW by 2010. The authors of this silicon supply report – Hilary Flynn and Travis Bradford – go so far as to say that along with seven major polysilicon producers, nearly 20 emerging new producers are entering the fray, and there is even the possibility of a silicon glut before the end of the decade. ...more: http://www.altenergyinvestor.org/2006/11/s...ecast.html#more
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    Late August Watch-list

    HOW'd WE DO?? ======= "well, the cyclical upturn came later than expected. But most of these stocks have done pretty well" Here's the Best one: Linear Gold (LRR.v) ... update ...drB : "I actually bought at c$3.34, and it is now trading at $7.00. HOPE that some others managed to buy some of the following:" Sym. Stock ===== Mentioned at : -Now- ABZ.v Amer.Bonanza $ 0.40 - 08/23 : $--- confusion on symbol --- GGG.t Glencairn Res $ 0.62 - 08/23 : $ 0.60 - 03.2% GYD.v Grayd Res..... $ 0.63*- 08/23 : $ 0.89 + 41.3% MUM.v Mustang Minl $ 0.26*- 08/23 : $ 0.33 + 26.9% LRR.v Linear Gold.... $ 3.34*- 08/23 : $ 7.00 +109.6% WTM.v W.Timmins.. $ 0.35*- 08/23 : $0.39 + 11.1% (was SYR) UPC.v Uranium Pwr.. $0.48*- 08/23 : $ 0.68 + 41.7% : Sold at this price - -- Sledge., I hope you got some CMR at 1.75p- here's what happened CMR has been helped by its zinc exposure, I heard