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  1. Google metabolic endotoxaemia if you are interested in this subject
  2. I know people who live in 10 mil + houses. These are people who 10 mil is a small part of their wealth, and they are worried about inflation and bank collapses. These houses are being viewed in the same way as they would a Picasso or Van Gough. Imagine you had 500 mil in the bank, and you were worried about banks going tits up, spending 10 mil on a very nice house in a nice city isn't that bad.
  3. I agree completely regarding the voting system, I would add retired people who have paid a certain level of tax should also be allowed to vote. I really think this would help give us strong dependable governments that do not pander to the lowest echelons of society. As for would people move out when they cut HB? I agree most would not, except in areas like Mayfair, and Knightsbridge. It is the landlords who are really going to suffer. Thats why the landlords associations are so against it. If hb people would simply be replaced by decent tenants paying the same rent, then the landlords would all be for it. The reason they are so against it, is that it will hit their bottom line.
  4. Has anyone done an opinion poll on this yet? I imagine Cameron would be getting strong backing on this. If there is a lot of trouble in the commons I think you are right. I cannot see how anyone could face the country arguing that you should get more for being on benefits than working and actually winning the election.
  5. I could not agree more. If there is one thing that represents all that was bad about the New Labour social engineering project it was housing benefit. The idea that by not working you should be better off than working was central to their mad ethos.
  6. These changes are being heavily resisted by Labour and Boris Johnson. If I were a socialist, I would be arguing for the Government to bring in regulations on the amount of rent that could be charged. Yet labour seem to be doing their best ot keep this con going. Its the equivalent of the Common Agricultural Policy. If 50000 people or whatever moved out of their houses who is going to fill them? The average wage in Britain is around 25000 per year.
  7. This was the link I found: http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/news/housin...6512084.article I may have misunderstood as I cannot seem to find the reference anywhere else. If it is true, then it really is a scandal. I wonder how many buy to lets Boris Johnson's friends have?
  8. I read today that 65% of all private sector rental income comes from housing benefit. If this is really true, the rental market is anything but a free market. With the planned cuts rents should fall substantially.
  9. I was looking for a house in West London about six months ago. I am still getting the emails from estate agents, and the number of "reduced" prices properties I am getting has increased.
  10. I have noticed that the British people tend to be very good at burying their heads in the sand. Many people really believe that the rent prices in London are as a result of demand. I think we are going to have to wait until April to be proven right. Housing benefit was one of the biggest government subsidies of the last regime, as it is withdrawn the market will play more of a role. I wonder why the landlords association is so against the move?
  11. I think the most significant alteration to the housing market in London has already been , the ending of housing benefit over 400 per week. This has artifically kept rents, and as a result prices, high. There are 200000 families who have rents paid over this level. Come April there is going to be a big shock to the system. I met a friend of a friend who had been renting out his flat in west London for 400 per week to a private tenant, but last year moving in social security scroungers claimants who he was getting nearly 900 a week for. I have heard numerous similar stories. If the Government doesn't backtrack, I think rents and hopefully prices are going to get a lot cheaper.
  12. Undertaker

    What do you think? Noventa Ltd

    Recovering. Its up to 9.75p today was as high as 11p. Mine has just reopened.
  13. Undertaker

    What do you think? Noventa Ltd

    Up 10% more today, I am wondering when to get out.
  14. Undertaker

    What do you think? Noventa Ltd

    Since then they are now up to 7.09p on very heavy volume: http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=NVTA.L
  15. I think one big factor in England that will slow down/stop gentrification of areas is housing benefit. You can get more rent for housing benefit than many people will earn. There are people who live in South Kensington on housing benefit! So in areas like Stratford as prices rise, it is working people who cannot afford to buy or rent, whilst people on benefits will be still be able to continue to afford to live there. Keeping a good "social mix" has always been a key socialist principle, hence the council estates in many prime areas of London, such as the World's End estate. Now housing benefit is used for this purpose.