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    Jinshan's Targets

    Oceana Gold?
  2. Obviously Minesite felt that Frizzers needed more competition in the Comedy Field.
  3. I keep wondering whether anything else in this Gold market will surprise me - but the latest article on Minesite has just done so. Folks, they have the scoop on why Gold recently spiked over 1000 dollars. The reason was.... >> European Minerals had to go in the market to buy gold to honour its obligations. Whether that buying was the cause of gold spiking over US$1,000 is hard to say, but it’s probably a reasonable assumption. ..... oh dear.....
  4. ukdavec

    Puplava's holdings

    Already had a defined Au resource - operates in a safe area that is mining friendly. Recommended by Frank Barbera and Dave Morgan. Was a Jay Taylor pick in 2003. The Yellow Knife project and Ormsby resource is the cake for Tyhee - Big Sky could be the topping ( or an even bigger cake ). Folks need to remember that only one drill was originally earmarked for Big Sky. A decision to deploy a further two drills was taken after the first two holes were drilled - and before results came back from the labs. People need to consider why this decision to deploy more drills was taken. I do not know the answer but I can guess. My guess is that either visible gold was seen in the cores or the mineralisation was a replica of that seen at the nearby Giant mine. Make up your own mind - but Big Sky could come to nothing and Tyhee would still be a bargain - IMHO.
  5. ukdavec

    Puplava's holdings

    I would suggest you look at Tyhee - TDC.V. JP regularly refers to this stock on his radio show - usually indirectly - his favourite Yellowknife gold play. That said he has made direct reference over the last couple of weeks. It is, I think, one his top 5 holdings in terms of value. Also recommended last year by Frank Barbera. Please note I am long TDC with a large holding - but nowhere near this size of JP.
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    Gold War

    A potential interviewee for the radio show?
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    Trader Rog??
  8. Very interesting point - I will find it quite instructive to see how this plays out - something else to add to the do list
  9. I have been trading in and out of RGLD since June 2007 and have done OK. Agree with all the comments here - also check out the short position on RGLD - lots of potential for a short squeeze on the next run up.
  10. Over the medium to longer term, this is a potential red flag issue for my continued investment in this stock http://www.resourceinvestor.com/pebble.asp?relid=37305
  11. = = The following is a link to the full report mentioned in this article - useful info on NG http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfil...SNA09572FCR.PDF The following is an excerpt from the above report Potential strategic catalysts from Teck involvement – Canadian major Teck could potentially create an innovative, negotiated solution to the Donlin impasse with Barrick. This might involve contributing Donlin, Galore, and Teck's large Pogo gold mine to "Nova-Teck," with Barrick taking a minority shareholding in exchange for some/all of its Donlin stake plus the Grace claims near Galore. In this way, expensive, time-consuming litigation might be avoided, while providing investors an exciting new mid-tier North Americanbased gold/copper miner. We believe this approach would be welcomed by investors positive on the commodities and seeking asset quality plus growth. Could this be the fuel for the recent share price action???
  12. I hope you are correct... my holding dates from early 2004 .... ex SpectrumGold- the canadian holidings. Your secenario with ABX seems plausible - my only dissenting comment would come from the dumping by ABX of NG shares in April - I took this to be the spiteful end to the bid - wouldn't it be a bit strange for ABX to try and buy back at higher cost??
  13. Jay Taylor - US Newsletter writer has just added this stock to his list of 'picks' We would like to call your attention to the decline in the share price of Peak Gold from a high of $1.10 in April to $0.66 now. Several problems contributed to this decline: The company missed production from both mines in the second quarter; there was a short-term shutdown in Australia; and record rainfall in Brazil affected production from that leaching operation. Add to that the horrible August markets, and this stock has been pummeled to a level that I think provides us with a good chance to earn a double over the next year...
  14. The following link may be of interest to folks looking for more info on this stock. http://www.vanguardsolutions.ca/i/pdf/07-0...ardPIKfinal.pdf