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    Obtala resources

    Here's an interesting stock, AIM listed Obtala Resources. Company is active in Tanzania with a suite of licences covering everything from nickle to coal to iron ore and gem stones. Company has a market cap of a little under £70M and the stock has risen from its list price back in April of 0.25 to it's current price fof £0.39. Not bad for a company that when you read the CPR not one result is mentioned and it would appear that little or no work has been completed over any of the projects. Granted that Frank Scolaro owns 40% and a second holder 35% with the top 10 controlling +90% it still seams odd that even in this market they manage to maintain or increase, with no results to support the stock. Any comments or views would be welcome The Speculator -65% and dropping!
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    Gallium along with the rest of the REE are mined almost exclusivly in China from the giant Bayan Oboo deposit ~95% of world production. Brazil used to be a domiant supplier along with India but they have been superceeded by the Chinnese in recent years. The only new comer to the world of REE apart from a small private company I am involved with is "Emerging Metals Ltd" They Acquired the rights to process the slag piles from Weatherly Internaionals Copper/Zinc smelters in Namibia which contain elevated REE's. Emerging Metals is due to list, I believe, later this year on Londons AIM. LED, Light Emiting Diodes, while a potential consumer of gallium use so little that I honestly don't know if they will effect the price, better to invest in either the producer of the actual Gallium Arsenide, Gallium Nitride, Indo Gallium Arsenide etc or the manufactures of the LEDs them selves. New developments in photovoltaics is an area which could significantly increase the demand for Gallium and its' REE "cousins". The new technologies that are trying to create transparant photovoltaic pannels to replace the vast amounts of glass on commercial buildings is an exciting area of development and one which I think could have a major impact on REE usages. On a different tact the replacement of tungsten filament bulbs with low energy incandesants is a rather bizarre notion. Sure the incandesants use one 5th of the energy but each bulb contains a small amount of mercury. . . . How many of you have disposed of a low energy bulb in the normal waste lately?? I can see a push to ban these in the near future and this can only bode well for the new and alternative technologies such as LEDs. In the meantime, check out the mecury price and more importantly the stockpiles around the world. While over 90% of mercury is recycled 10% is still alot especially if growth is around 3%, equates to an effective 30% increase in supply. This "leveraged" supply requirement is the same for lead and look at what has happened to the price of that lately. Everyone in India and China wants a car! The Speculator The above info is not investment advise nor a solicitation to buy any security mentioned or invest in any commodity or future.
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    Jinshan's Targets

    Monument CGA Philex Medusa kingsgate some are a little small and others have a few issues. Avocett still the best bet
  4. The Speculator

    Massive Story imo / China buying gold miners

    Jinshan will be producing upward of 200koz Au within a year or so. China Gold while the largest producer in China derives its' revenue from numerous mines, more than 30 I believe, that are all small inefficient and highish cost, further a number are alluvial in nature. CG my guess is will be looking to JM for technical assistance on the exploration and development front. Lots of chat on stockhouse.ca about a potential HK listing
  5. The Speculator

    Range Metals / Oil And Gas

    We're all taken for a ride once in a while Fatir, Don, Norman; quite a crowd! You could always report Fatir for "Investor Relations" activities while suspended, if it would make you feel any better, won't change your position though and I think you can be assured of the fact that the three of them would find it rather hard to come to London to raise further cash for RMIC or any of it's affiliates.
  6. Reportdly they were offered $18 per share fat pigs get fatter then slaughtered IDepending on how bullish you are on comoddities you are the value of Donlin is in the 11-14/share, but this too will likely have high than anticipated CAPEX?OPEX
  7. The Speculator

    Ironbark Gold

    Australian explorer with an asset in northern Greenland! rather a long commute but interesting chart http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/quickchar...eq=1&time=8 Their asset is a Zinc - Lead deposit with a resource of approximately 17million tonnes grading 7.8% Zn and 0.9% Pb, this represents an IGV of approx US$4.5billion 50million shares FD, gives a marke cap of just under AU$200 million or US$165million Currently the value of the project would be in the range of 5-8% of its IGV, say US$250-300mil excludes the Aust exploration assets A drilling programme is due to commence this month, a new resource would increase the value to perhaps around 10-12% Directors all hold significant stock and are buying on the market Tradeable shares represent about 75% of those out. A discount would need to be applied due to the location, 6-8mth sea access could cause a few issues Haven't bought yet but am seriously considering. What do you think? By the way Dr Bubb, where was that Zn project you mentioned a few weeks ago???
  8. The Speculator

    Ironbark Gold

    can see a short term price of around 1.10-1.20, possibly by early next year. The interesting thing is that the initial resource was calculated using a very high cut off, around 6%Zn. current high prices have caused this to be lowered to around 4.5% I believe. This resulted in an increase in the resource from 8Mt to almost 17Mt, obviously a lot of the mineralisation is grading around this value. It will be an interesting exercise if they were to recalculate using say a 3 or 4% cutoff. Further the latest sampling returned thicker intercepts of mineralisation, Platinova must have only assayed visually interesting zones and not the whole core. I'm long on this stock and await a resource upgrade and further drilling/resampling results next season. Long term i'd like to see a +$2 price. Only negative is the number of warrants/options out, all in the money.
  9. Saudi is a difficult place to work! The chance of recaiming their licence is going to be slim, irrespective of who their partner is. If you mine the tantalum, niobium and other non radioactive metals at gurayyah what will you do with the U rich tailings??? Their Finish properties look like they have merit, but kinda defeats the purpose of splitting out Tertiary from Sunrise, remerge, save on broker, accounting, lawyer and listing fees etc and get back to doing what they are good at, exploring in the sub-arctic. Agree cheap, but they will be draining cash quickly. As an asside employee options were issued this week, and this after a 6 month suspension and quite possibly losing the largest tantalum mine in the world, hmmmmm. . . .
  10. The Speculator

    Ironbark Gold

    They completed a 5for1 split back in Sept. Recent drilling compaign has been completed and results should be due late this month or eatly Nov. Will be interesting to see how they stack up against the original drilling completed back in the mid 90's
  11. The Speculator

    new windmill design

    Interesting thread, I agree, a photo or basic description would be helpful have run a check through patent offices for a wind turbine has been registered under the name Robinson, skip or a variation of; nothing. Checked US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia Which jurisdiction are you from, Nigeria? But seriously, if you have a working model, provide something more, raising a million for a venture in the green energy sector isn't going to be hard, the average government, (assuming you are not from Nigeria) normally has a funding option where they will provide a portion of what is required should it look viable and the company is well run
  12. What is the maximum period which a company can remain suspended before it is delisted? If it is 6mths mid July will be an interesting time for TYM. Their project in Saudi is definitly world class, I just hope that their Saudi partner has the right sort of clout necessary to make an investment such as this turn to a profitable venture.
  13. Likewise Bubb, be good to see you after such a long time!!
  14. Hard to get excited about the Bathurst Camp drilling, following result is there best to date: Gilmour South Trend: Hole ELN-07-129 intersection 3.39% Zn, 2.86% Pb, 0.15% Cu and 8.36 g/t Ag over 2.80 meters The uranium may offer a bit of upside but while the grades are ok, the widths are a bit narrow. Plenty of other Zinc explorers showing better upside out there if you are looking to add a Zinc player to your portfolio. Sudden stock rise may indicate that some exciting news is in the pipeline otherwise I'll be leaving this stock well alone.
  15. News is that apart from the majors, BHP, Rio etc, Latingold, formly westmag, have teed up with an Aussie Mexican explorer to jointly bid for the Michiquillay project in Peru. This project has been beset by community issues but these would now appear to be receeding. Cost? well it will not be cheep, reserve now stands at: 544 Mt grading 0.69% copper. 0.1-0.5 gpt gold and 2-4 gpt silver, using a 0.4% cutoff. Over 40,000 metres of diamond drilling has been completed and a feasibility study exists for a 40,000 t/d operation. This is based on over 36,000m of drilling. Throw it out there for discussion, but what would you pay for a deposit like this???
  16. nice Pb grade, any silver with it. Zn is ok too, which one??
  17. The Speculator

    Falkland Gold & Minerals

    ANyone no anything about this minnow? they seam to be spending a lot of cash in the Falklands but with very little positive news, in fact no positive news at all. "During the 12 months to 31 January 2007, 11,462 metres were drilled and by that date 20,539 metres out of the total planned programme of 24,000 metres had been drilled. Despite the extensive work programme having significantly increased the Company’s knowledge of the islands’ geology and the source of anomalies, no results of economic value have been found to date". 20km of drilling and nothing to show for it!? and still they plug away, presumably they drilled their top priorities first. Begs the question "s this another of the many mining "lifestyle companies" on the AIM
  18. There is a plethora of new zinc mines coming on line in the next 1-5 years, mostly small but will satisfy demand. The issue may lie in the refining, China is now, I believe, a net exporter of refined zinc, this for the first time in decades. A mid term price of 3-3.50/lb can be sustaind but once the larger operations come on line I can see a retraction, this even if India's forcasted automotive industry demand kicks in. Lead is the interesting one, due to the recycling factor a 10% increase in demand must be met by a 30% increase in supply.
  19. Tertiary minerals have had their licence suspended, due to one of two reasons I believe: 1/- work commitmnt not upheld, too little to late 2/- the uranium content is low but significant, no licence to mine uranium, disposal may be an issue. the lack of news, nothing since Feb, is not comforting, an update, even if negative would be appreciated