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  1. Surely until such time as a large proportion of roofs and other likely surfaces are covered with solar cells, cost is going to be more important than efficiency. As large numbers of people are not going to add solar panels even if they double in efficiency. But if they halve in price at the current level of efficiency, many more people are likely to get one. And considering the price/output ratio, is this ratio going to be easier to improve with better efficiency, or cheaper price?
  2. How far out from the centres of cities are these suburbs? Six miles or so is an entirely feasible distance to commute by bicycle. Billy Shears
  3. Billy Shears

    zero-carbon suburb in London ?

    I'm a bit suspicious of some of these "environmental" developments. Sometimes, as in Leicester calling itself Europe's first "environmental" city, they seem to do just a few fairly inconsequential things and then pat themselves on the back while ignoring larger problems. I dare anyone to see how orange the sky in Leicester is at night and tell me with a straight face that this isn't a flagrant waste of energy. Is the new London suburb likely to be better, or is it just a few gimmicks? Billy Shears
  4. Maybe they've been reading "Papillon"? Billy Shears