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    saw this in the latest Dilbert newsletter and it made me smile http://dilbert.com/newsletter/issue/December_2008_Issue71
  2. Have been away from the board for a bit Steve, but thanks for these links which I will take a look at
  3. Thanks for all the great info and links Steve, do you have any links you can recommend for emigration in general? I am particularly fascinated about South America, but have no idea what it might be like to live there
  4. Excellent analysis from Tom Szabo on why he thinks Jim is wrong on silver http://silveraxis.com/todayinsilver/2008/1...ir-is-mistaken/ To my mind, silver is in many ways a leveraged form of gold, it will rocket up faster than gold often and othertimes will collapse faster than gold on corrections. There is of course some difference in that gold will perform better in a contraction than silver which of course includes some correlation with the broad economy
  5. Thought this guy's ideas on how to deal with junior resource volatility was interesting. Have copied the ideas below from the documents you can download from his website Mercenary Geologist
  6. cbs7

    Gold Comments - 2nd Half

    Hi walden I hope you are right, it certainly felt emotionally something like a low last week. I wouldn't like to see many more sharp around this low but carving out a low while any remaining bullish optimism is wrung out of the market. I like biwwii's commentary on the HUI http://biiwii.blogspot.com/2008/09/hui-wee...e-road-map.html and I did like the volume on the HUI which suggested a strong powerful reversal.
  7. cbs7

    Aurelian taken out by Kinross

    Came across a very good LatAm blog Inka Kola and seems there is a lot of discontent surrounding the Kinross offer and I can only credit the author with this link It's gotta make you laugh on a day like today
  8. Good chart at biiwii.com showing the CDNX index still working within its triangle. http://biiwii.blogspot.com/2008/07/tsx-ven...hange-pain.html
  9. cbs7

    Mining Dictionary

    This mining glossary is also quite useful as a quick reference http://www.insidemetals.com/index.php?view=mining_glossary
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    That is just so blatant it is incredible, but doesn't surprise me one bit. Whatever the FSA say please remember these guys are bookies and Gambling Law in the UK recognises gambling as a grey area of law which is why gambling debts are not enforceable.
  11. cbs7


    I hadn't noticed that myself, but it's yet another nail in the coffin for using SBs for serious investing. I think the promise of tax-free gains is very appealing, but the risks are just not worth it to me. Given this security hole it's easier for them then to claim their data feeds occassionally "make mistakes" and i'm sure in the T&Cs it's buried away that they aren't liable, blah, blah, blah...
  12. cbs7


    True, but we know how well funded these compensation schemes are... and i imagine in the event of a system shock spread betting clients will get less sympathy, and therefore less likely to be bailed out by the taxpayer / investigated by the FSA. I have heard about and also seen this type of manipulation live so I don't think that these are isolated cases. Security on spread betting accounts in my experience is also minimal - when I have rung up all they need is my username and my name - not much else and off you go. I'm not wholly against spreadbetting, but I think the systems are too flaky for any sizeable trading or anything too leveraged. I will use it on occassions for an easy quick trade but not for anything serious, as whatever the FSA say for me they are just a bunch of bookies which means generally they will do things ok, but where it is to their advantage or disadvantage, I suspect there is some manipulation, especially running the stop losses.
  13. cbs7


    I really would advise against spread betting for long-term positions. Please remember that in the UK gambling debts are not legally enforceable so there is a good chance in an extreme event any gains you make you could lose if the the firm or its systems fail in any way. Precious Metals will be extremely volatile and I make sure that all my core positions are 100% unleveraged and 100% owned. If you want to take a long term view buy the shares / metal / whatever it is directly and then you know you own what you own. For lower-risk leveraged short term trade options or double-long/short ETFs would be preferable in my view.
  14. cbs7


    Interactive Brokers is sooo much cheaper and I dare to say even fairly stable (have a look at their share price history compared to most other brokers). The interface has improved a lot though it is still orientated to professional traders so it takes some time to get used to. Customer Service is ok, but not particularly fast. Trades in currencies outside your base currency (GBP in my case) are debited from your balance in that currency. So you actually have to purchase USD or CAD or EUR in currency trades yourself otherwise you run a debit balance and get charged interest. All of this is confusing to start with if you are used to a typical UK broker who normally converts foreign currency into GBP equivalent (while screwing you on the conversion), but you do get used to it. You also enter orders directly into the market which again gives you a lot more control over your trading. I recommend them if you are prepared to take some time to learn the interface.