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  1. Thank you all for your input, seriously. i have found a serious investor willing to look at their business plan. karen
  2. sorry, i know this is still vague, will have to back to everyone, am quite busy just now.
  3. well, i don't know. i am just representing them in finding potential investors. i do know the SW turbine also works in up to 90 mph wind speeds, where traditional wind turbines must be turned off at 45 mph. i have more specs on it's performance too, anyway, am swamped just now, will get back to everyone with further info later...if interested.
  4. this is karen-i am reading from their business plan- between 1974-2002, 110 patents were granted, mostly for photovoltaic systems, the SolarWind turbine, and applications of regenerative energies. they want money for production, and implementation of their planned projects worldwide. you can peruse their websites: www.bluenergy-ag.net www.bluenergyusa.com www.bluenergy-foundation.net thanks, k.
  5. well, actually many international designers are realizing that when you design from the organic shapes inherent in the natural world, these tend to be most durable and successful...as they have been tested for eons in the natural world and work. someone recently said on this site about conventional wind turbines- the rotor actually fell off? Bluenergy's initial teflon encapulated module has been tested in germany for 18 years, found to have almost 100% effifiency as when new (tested by the german TUEV (same as the UL in America) The SolarWind Turbine protoype has been tested for 3 years, and operates exactly as calculated, one surprise was how easily it begins generating energy in low wind speeds (4mph) it sits atop a state of the art generator.
  6. hi, this is karen again - the core team is quite experienced-you can read short bios on www.bluenergyusa.com company core team i have answers to you other questions, am swamped at the moment, will post soon on those.
  7. thank you so much for your in out here., will get all that info togehter immediately and post. k.
  8. karen carty

    Wind Turbine investment

    this is karen carty, i think i replied to you last night, but may have not registered, please go to: www.bluenergy-ag.net look at their Bluenergy SolarWind Turbine....solves many inherent problems with Solar AND Wind, completely next generation, please see my topic Next Generation SolarWind Co. seeks Investor/s. I am representing them for investor/s, please email me at: karencarty@aol.com for much further info. thanks karen carty
  9. karen carty

    Assessing Wind & Renewable Energy for the Home

    we This is karen carty, there is a remarkable company in germany, actually offices all over the world that has redesigned small scale solar/wind units for residences. although they are looking for investors for full scale production right now, please reuse their website: www.bluenergy-ag.net. get back to me if you are interested.... karencarty@aol.com
  10. This is Karen Carty. I am working with BLUENERGY GERMANY AG, in seekng investor/s. They have completely redesigned solar AND wind in one element. solved several of the traditional problems with both solar and wind generators. They have numerous products/projects in planning stages worlwide, over 110 propietary patents granted, 34 more in process, and interest/contracts with a number of huge companies/countries worldwide. i could share much more pertinent info here, but, Please peruse their websites: http://www.bluenergy-ag.net http://www.bluenergyusa.com Especially take a look at their products and projects! if you are interested , please email me a "letter of interest" to: karencarty@aol.com Re: Bluenergy Investor Interest i will send you further information, and, through their Eastern European Regional Director, Pavle Perovic', we can set up meetings with the company's directors in Lichtenstein. thank you, i look forward to being a member of this community. karen carty