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  1. Testing of another image hosting service with a photo of Air Residences & The Rise taken yesterday July 1st. You can upload your photos here : http://imgur.com/upload No need to create an account, but once uploaded the trick is not to use the button "Copy" to get the link but to do a right click on the uploaded photo then "Copy image address" which will give you the full address with .jpg at the end.
  2. I fully agree with your response Dr Bubb about the Rise & Air Residences. What could be good in Air Residences is their mall on ground floor of the building. Making malls is the core business of SM, and the residents of the Rise nearby will benefit from it ;)
  3. Dr Bubb, there is a company in Makati called Versailles Stay which offer similar services (turn your apartment into a serviced flat) in One Central : http://www.versaillesstay.com/ They manage around 200 units of One Central building. Cf article below. Al-- Versailles Stay: A creative way of high-end living Versailles Stay, the new and revolutionary concept in property management is now in the country. Property business is one of the sunshine industries in terms of investments; Versailles Stay is here to take advantage of it. Capitarise Holdings Inc. and FPD Asia launched Versailles Stay last May 29, 2015 at their pioneering branch in One Central Residences, located on Gil Puyat Avenue near corner Ayala Avenue in Makati City. Versailles Stay is a high-quality, fully furnished residence offering rental management solutions to unit owners and developers while guests and clients have their own share of experience for superior hospitable lodgings, convenience and value-for-money. The Versailles Stay management group takes care of furnishes and maintenance of these units so that they will be always-ready and available for stay-cations and travelers. Versailles Stay at One Central There’s a new property business concept that is set to change the face of rental property in the Philippines by Capitarise Holdings Inc. – Versailles Stay. Versailles Stay is a rental management solution for fully furnished, high-quality residences offering dependable property care for unit owners and developers, value for money, convenient and hospitable lodging for guests and clients. You might ask if this is another high end hotel. No. This establishment acts as a bridge for foreign property investors and enabling them to access apartment suites from high-end condominium developers across the Metro. Versailles Stay at One Central Versailles Stay is not tied to any structure. Their innovative system can be easily set-up in any high-end residence building with One Central being their first venture. Versailles Stay has stylish, luxurious and comfortable units from Standard, Deluxe and Premiere Suites offering flexible and affordable rates allowing you to save up to 50% compared to equivalent standard hotel rooms.Each suite is equipped with an air conditioning unit, cable TV, private toilet and bath with hot and cold shower, safety deposit box, mini bar, espresso machine, kitchen with refrigerator and microwave oven. Linens, pillows and basic toiletries are also provided. In addition, all suites are wifi equipped. Daily breakfast for 2 by Manila Catering is also included and served in the comforts of your own unit. At One Central, you get to use the following facilities and services: 24-hour front desk Business Center Meeting facilities, Fitness Center Room Service, Children’s Playground Game Room Poolside Bar, Outdoor pool Dry Cleaning and Laundry, Theater Function Room Concierge, Airport Transfer Versailles Stay currently manages 200 units at One Central, fifty (50) of which are available for short term stay.
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    Published in the Standard on Aug 31st : China punters sway gold market Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Mainland punters have emerged as a formidable force in the international gold market and are one of the main reasons for the ongoing volatility in gold prices, say Hong Kong industry sources. The spot price of gold has lurched between US$1,640 per ounce and US$1,900 in the past month. From 7.30pm Hong Kong time yesterday the price went from US$1,785 to US$1,840 in a matter of hours in New York trade. A source in the market saw 7,000 contracts being placed via electronic trading at the start of this period. Heavy volume of bullish bets placed on the gold price by mainland punters also pushed it higher, the source said. Emperor Financial Services assistant vice president Sam Lee Chun-wai estimates the global trading volume of gold amounts to US$1 billion daily. Mainland punters by themselves cannot move the market, he said. But Lee noted that an appreciation of the yuan amid continued economic boom in China has boosted the firepower of mainland players. "Buying commodities with US dollars has proved to be an attractive investment for many mainlanders in the last few years," he said. According to a report in Yangcheng Evening News last Wednesday, just one city in Guangdong province - Guangzhou - has 2,000 underground investment companies dealing in gold and foreign currencies. Investors can leverage up to 100 times their principal with such black- market brokers, the daily said. The black market for gold in China sees up to 100 billion yuan (HK$122 billion) worth of trade every year, the report said. Legal exchanges around the world have acted swiftly to curb volatility in the price of the precious metal. The US-based CME Group raised trading margins of gold by the most in more than two and a half years last week, leading to a 4 percent drop in the spot price. CME increased margin requirements on its gold futures contract by 27 percent, the second hike in a month, following similar moves by the Shanghai Gold Exchange and Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange earlier this month. Mainland punters are taking advantage of the situation, sources say, by going both short and long on the metal. End-of-month settlement for futures contract has also helped raise volatility, said traders, who also noted that the US$1 billion daily trading volume of the gold market is relatively thin compared with the oil market, which sees a much higher volume. "Contrary to what many people think, it is not unthinkable that on certain days, mainland punters may emerge as a dominant factor on the international gold market," a source said. Mainlanders have certainly emerged as the largest players in the Hong Kong gold market in recent years, traders confirm. Local analysts estimate they now account for up to 70 percent of the daily trading volume on the Hong Kong open market. The SAR also allows out-of-market gold trading and this is very attractive to mainlanders, traders said. Last night, spot gold was up 2 percent, reaching as high as US$1,822.50 an ounce in New York afternoon trade.
  5. So far Caribbean coast resists well to the current crisis. However, I noticed some unusual transactions like this one: One flat was sold 2.07M and the day after the same flat in the same tower 3 floors below was sold 2.4M! It seems a good negotiation can really make a difference these days…
  6. Another site in front did come on the auction site this April: TCTL 37 Tung Chung Area 55b, Lantau Residential R2 2.6200 Mar-09 ----------------------- Surfdude, here is a map I found showing the location of lot TCTL 37. If they really build high rise bldgs on it then no more sea view in phase 1...
  7. The closure of Oasis is bad news for Tung Chung, but we also got a very good one today : An hospital in Tung Chung (2.2b project starting next year) ! ----------------------- $2.2b earmarked for long-awaited hospital on Lantau Bonnie Chen Wednesday, April 09, 2008 Lantau residents' long wait for a hospital could soon be over. The government has set aside HK$2.2 billion for a hospital with plans for work to start next year and the first phase to be completed in 2012. A second stage involving public-private partnership is expected to follow. The Island District Council will discuss the proposal on Monday. The first stage will be built on 1.9 hectares of land near Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung. It will provide 160 beds with half for specialist and emergency cases and the rest for general nursing. The government estimates the hospital will be able to handle 55,000 emergency cases a year. ADVERTISEMENT There will be 10 dispensaries for internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics and psychiatry which, the government said, should handle 66,000 cases per year. The hospital will also provide community rehabilitation, day surgery and resources centers. Nurses will pay home visits to patients and social workers' counselling services will be offered. According to government figures, there were 100,000 residents on Lantau in 2006 with 72,000 living in the new towns. The government has projected the population will rise to 123,100 in 2015 and says the facilities proposed in phase one should be sufficient. A spokesman said the government had only built hospitals in districts with a population of 200,000 or more but Lantau was different as it contained an airport and several tourist facilities. The area is presently designated for residential use but the government will apply to the Town Planning Board for a change in July. Island District Council vice chairwoman Chau Chuen-heung said the location was good as it was close to residential estates and not far from the airport, Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360. "Tung Chung residents now need to travel 25 to 40 minutes to get to Princess Margaret Hospital," Chau said. She said the many middle class families in Tung Chung meant a market for private-public partnership medical services would develop and that tourists may be attracted by private medical services when these are eventually set up.
  8. Funny… I printed the same chart RGLD/GLD this morning further to our conversation of yesterday. You have a strong case…. It sure looks like a buying opportunity. Let see how it will open tomorrow. I'll probably follow ! Alex