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  1. Trading in this stock's been halted at the issuer's request "pending information".
  2. This stock's near its 52 week low. Do you still hold warrants here, Dr. B ?
  3. Justin Thyme

    Jinshan Gold Mines (JIN.v)

    C$2.78 as I type. I want to get back in as the volume to the downside isn't looking too bad but I'm a bit worried about the potential for a rout on the next round of deleveraging.
  4. Justin Thyme

    Jinshan Gold Mines (JIN.v)

    WTF !! JIN dropped 16% today . . . with volume. Any ideas what happened. I'd love to chisel my way back in after dumping at around C$5 but if there's more downside on the way . . . .
  5. Justin Thyme


    Wonder if the finalization of the Greek bailout will have any detrimental effect on gold ?
  6. Justin Thyme

    Jinshan Gold Mines (JIN.v)

    This one's performed beautifully for me, I'm pleased to report but I'm now thinking of getting out before a nasty correction. Closed at C$4.05 yesterday and intraday high today of C$4.12 ! Anyone still holding ? Pixel, perhaps . . .
  7. All very valid questions, RH. I've maintained that the inverse correlation twixt the dollar and gold is not as close as so many believe. The last $120 of gold price rises simply cannot be explained by the latest few downward dribbles in the DXY. Gold's $50 drop last week was in response to a full point rally in the DXY where once that would've meant a LOT more . . . especially if it was perceived as "toppy". Deleveraging could be a problem but what do investors hold instead; a battered dollar in the throes of having record bond issuance strapped across its shoulders on a weekly basis right about the time the Fed's supposedly bringing its buyback program to an end ??
  8. Justin Thyme


    This should get you guys salivating. Dubai Crisis Gives China Chance to Buy Oil, Gold: Report http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory?id=9205569
  9. Absolutism is never a wise path to follow. I welcome Bubb's assertions on what he perceives to be a relatively imminent correction in the price of gold because it helps me to balance my viewpoint and, were it not for the presence of some very heavyweight minders called China and India standing behind the price, I'd probably be positioning myself with a lot more conviction.
  10. Spot on, IMO. The sniping's gotten so fuggin' boring it ain't real and I find myself having to trawl through pages of shite just to get to the useful stuff. Frankly, the day the gold thread migrated here from HPC, I had a sneaking suspicion that for every poster capable of generating a positive influence, we'd get 2 gimps and I'm sad to say it APPEARS that's how it's panned out given the speed with which reasonable debate can turn into baiting, personal insults and confrontation. Bubb's successes as a trader and investor are clear for all to see and, for me, it's one of the reasons I joined GEI having read his thoughts on HPC and SP. Come ON ! Show the guy some feckin' respect
  11. The barely-concealed glee of CNBC's anchors at gold's $50 fall today has been rather swiftly replaced by surprise at the mere $10 drop at time of writing this post. The much-heralded flight to the perceived safety of the dollar has petered out with the DXY at 75.10 and the euro back up to $1.50. This Dubai issue's been overdone. There's minimal Western exposure (except RBS, HSBC and Barclays) to the bubble there but that may not be the case in some Asian markets given the magnitude of their sell off early today. Still, I believe there is merit in Dr. Bubb's warnings; this run up in gold - much as it gives me pleasure when looking at my GM account - is due a pullback. I don't believe that the duration or severity of that pullback makes it worth my while to try selling my holdings in the hope of buying them back more cheaply later on so I won't bother. I will, however, consider some serious puts on the S&P because I'm 85% sure that the Black Friday sales figures will re-introduce a dose of reality to investors next week. I expect the dollar will benefit from the ripple but not as much at the expense of gold as some think. There's a new (or is that old) safe-haven in town. Sorry this is all a bit non-TA but sometimes it helps to think like a fund manager terrified of losing his job.
  12. Perhaps but I do think people are banking too heavily on what happened post-Lehman's happening again. The dollar and the US fiscal deficit are completely different animals from what they were a year ago. Gold may hold up a lot better than some believe.
  13. Not convinced gold's going anywhere NEAR $900 on a minor tremor caused by a "mere" $59bn liability (not default) by a tourist resort/building site in the middle of the desert. There appears to be only minor Western exposure to Dubai World so if there's to be any heavy selling in gold, it'll come once the sales figures from Black Friday in the US "surprise" analysts who've been expecting fireworks . Even then, there are lots of buyers hanging around including a central bank or two
  14. Justin Thyme


    Guess investors are beginning to realize there are two safe-havens after all - one real, the other bogus.