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  1. So Wednesday morning I sat down to breakfast with business associates in a leafy Surrey village hotel and 7 out of 8 of us were stunned staring at the Breakfast propaganda 1 show coming from America, which was refusing to call it until American equivalent did the same. Now one of the 2 females in the group was so aghast she could barely eat her breakfast and proclaimed I'm yet to meet anyone who saw this coming and actually likes him or at very least would vote for Trump (much nodding). So I got brave and said actually I thought he'd win and I would have voted for him, but then I voted for brexit too. At that point I seemed to get a sense of what it's like to being a criminal, as I swear blind it was like making a confession. "You really thought he would win, but, but the man's a nutter, he wants to build a wall, make friends with Putin and he's a womaniser!!" So I suggested that many Americans perhaps didn't fancy an increase of 25% in Obamacare and was told that's ridiculous, at which point I said to be honest I don't care much for any political party, but all I got back was well you just wave to the nuclear missiles when they pass overhead with that man on the button. You just realise then some people haven't been listening to what Clinton had been saying at all. MSM really do a great job, fooling a lot of people.
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    Surely Gold and all p.m's have found a base now and will climb as U.S election looms large. Big pop up on Trump win?
  3. AAZ H2 figures and production update was out today. this really is turnaround year. Containing such snippets as increased production, lower cost efficiencies, more to follow through investment in operating equimpment eg 2nd mill, water purification, local electric sub station and also benefits from a hedge on half forecast gold production. Additional in country benefits of local currency devaluation as all earnings in U.S dollars. There really was not much to like! Shares touched new highs of 20p early in the day, settling at 19.5p
  4. AAZ touched the intraday 14p today, with little sign of sellers after a mini stock squeeze yesterday. Have to remember the IPO price for this. Should be significantly raking it in this quarter, very bullish on this ones change in fortunes, without getting too carried away.
  5. I'd say this is moving back up with all other miners; correction been steady for months.
  6. Oh yes, been posting about it the last 6 months over on ADVFN, finally it's time has arrived. From lows of of 4p this year, it's started moving fast the last few days. Turnaround is coming quickly here and well overdue. Making up for other disappointments.
  7. Stacker eh. Let me find you somewhere warm and cosy to hang out, just lurk in the shadows if you wish, mostly do myself, it's full of information, all the debates you have been trying to cover, just Oz centric http://forums.silverstackers.com/topic-49009-stacking-faq-s.html
  8. Yeah spread your Easter eggs in a good few baskets and producers always safest bet; plenty have already seen strong gains from their pretty trashed lows.
  9. Could just smell it a mile off lol 1.3million odd shares at 2.3p to raise £3 million. Shame for those with short term horizons that get suckered on such moves, didn't see where the share price touched Friday but expect they were asking close to 4p.
  10. Good move for SOLG, they must be ripe for raising funds soon whilst the irons hot. ===== SOLG / 5yr -- updated to 10/12/17: GBP 31.50
  11. CMJ my assumption would be yes to VAT. As I alluded personally I just wouldn't go that way being a complete cynic on most things. Which would also lead me to think what's to stop the limit from being increased if government coffers get tight? Obviously it centres around the whole debate of safe storage. If it was me I would just have little bits of insurance spread around my kin in pretty safe places to mitigate such risk. Your call and you could ask them yourself not meaning to be flippant, just I don't really know for sure and I suspect bit like I'm slightly swerving, you could be given the caveat, we are not qualified to give tax advice. However, you may get guidance as a generalisation depending on how you ask in my experience. Everything about the website tells you they will be non commital http://www.bullionrock.com/bullion-guide/tax-on-bullion
  12. Whilst buying and hoarding in Guernsey is a possibility, unless I had immediate access I wouldn't personally. We used to go over by boat odd times. Just looked at their new rebrand, I suspect it's to appeal to a global audience now the U.K tax benefit has gone. You can still buy in £'s though, maybe the site detects your country of enquiry, I'm really not savvy on such tech matters. They used to make a big thing about the "doubles", a real nice coin. Bought a few for my kids partly as Bruce educated them a little, ( he even let them hold a gold bar ha), but also because they carried a nice picture of Victor Hugo and we did the house tour/history thing over there.
  13. Not so long back you could easily buy VAT free anything under £18 from memory, no other import restriction. So people like Silver Sarnia made a good legitimate living. Paul Atkinson also told me he supplied them, I have no idea whether it's true or not. However, Channel island traders would sell each coin individually and discretely packaged to the mainland, the postman could think they were computer disks, Once the cost per ounce coin of such as Maples or Brits exceeded this, they were smart enough to offer 1/2 ounce Aussie coins my favourite, but there were others. Their service was exceptional, only wish I'd been smart enough to use it more, but mini drops of 10 or more packets started attracting said posties interest. Hence the cover story; did find it funny watching him ram them into the letterbox though. Should stress this was a perfectly legitimate transaction, all complying to U.K tax law at the time. The loophole closed a couple of years ago, so now I believe the remaining C.I online sellers put VAT on at the checkout stage, but it's been awhile since I used them, when I bought a couple of collector series coins, just because of their service.
  14. Pretty much how I felt 7 years back, never sold any bar odd trade to test sale routes eBay etc, but stopped buying silver when it really spiked. Also made first purchases for along time, use Atkinsons because I can collect and speak to Paul the owner, important to me. This thread reminds me of the Channel island ways I used to try saving a bit in tax, before they closed the loopholes! Used to buy from Sarnia Silver and Guernsey mint. The later was the best because I'd go for a weekend break and got to speak to Bruce Rowan a few times, he was very educational on types of coins, never mind the market itself, best of all the restaurant on site was cosy and well worth a visit. Have to thank someone from GEI for tipping me off about them. Would still recommend their service and worth a visit for anyone U.K based.
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    Commander T's Diary

    Feel a bit green seeing that and seeing that I had a fair amount of this kind of stuff, all went out with the trash in my late teens
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    Commander T's Diary

    Bitcoin on the move for sure, did you see the Z.H article from Tyler Durden, possibly China backed. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-02/reason-bitcoins-recent-surge-revealed B.t.w noticed Medusa beginning to look promising, some interesting stuff of late.
  17. Been looking and Lara presentations and half like the core idea, particularly concentrating in existing areas they are set up and know. But tiny volumes possibly explained by no coverage of note. How these guys get a fan base will be as important as their field activities. Yes I know one should look after the other, but barely any interest out there.
  18. Been sometime since looked in on Robbie, but noticed last week he'd had several bites at QP. which after checking their website has quite a fund following in their short history http://ir.quantumpharmagroup.com/content/investor/shareholder.asp Shares trade at 124.5p currently and results due which were inline with expectations on their trading statement. One bear point is regulatory approval, which was mentioned though not over stated. A lot coming through and I may have jumped early, but followed Robbie myself here. See what results bring.
  19. Interesting point, I'd normally agree with this then I reflect when I attended maternity suites for the birth of my kids. Some parents were into their late 30's, 40's and dare I say it older. So with property more expensive, how many of their brood will flee the nest before they are mid 60's or 70? It was noticeable how few teenagers or early 20 year olds were having kids, maybe in some areas people really do save up for nest eggs or just simply enjoy themselves without having the "accidents" of the swinging 60's. This has all perhaps changed the property dynamic of the 1960/70's offspring and future generations.
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    Oxus Gold

    Yeah right! P.s don't give up the day job ?
  21. BP had a nice run up too last week or so, maybe the tide is turning with the oil price as some suggest. Know it's not in keeping with the thread but I'd class Erin Energy over in Canada a decent small producer, with a fair few exploration eggs including Ghana which has just rewarded me with a nice little run. Africa based, so plays, so depends if that's your risk profile, but possibly becoming more diverse and should have a bit of action to swing play trade or hold. http://www.erinenergy.com/home/default.aspx
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    Oxus Gold

    Cuthberts last comment on this small thread says it all a few years down the line! http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=2162&p=21298 This has been on my watchlist the last few weeks, since I saw their half yearly report. It's quite a long winded complex story that can be found in the main of this thread on ADVFN http://uk.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=28868581 An even briefer and easier read gives the overall jist of the litigation play that it is, with a final note in the outlook "The directors remain confident that the Arbitral Tribunal will, in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, rule in the Group's favour and that fair compensation will be awarded for both the AGF and Khandiza mining assets, which were blatantly misappropriated by the Republic of Uzbekistan. In this respect, the Board will continue to take whatever steps it deems necessary to ensure the return of value to the Company's long-suffering stakeholders." Just to add to the fun RAB are involved and have been selling down, so it's long been an overhang play and Darwin who I wouldn't normally go anywhere near, have been used previously and a few days after that announcement, renewed their acquaintance to no doubt shore up financial support. At the same time Darwin have an habit of depressing prices with their tactics. However, it could be peanuts to the overall story in the end. The ADVFN thread is littered with loons and I guess I could be one of the herd arriving. Current price is 4p something, my average about 4p for disclosure as last few days I've built a decent stake, purely as it looks a calculated risk worth taking as a depressed story, with decent reward potential. Be interesting to see what happens, RAB could be out on today's move, all will come out in the wash.
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    Pinetree Capital (PNP)

    Know it's the wrong thread and all that, but as I mentioned it here. NVO:TSX-V is a past failure of Pinetree formerly trading on the ASX. One I only found when looking at some of the Pinetree disasters, but one edging ever slightly up a bumpy graph; just saying IF things fall into place, their Pilbara project could be worth something in 2016 and nobody is really hyping it up yet. Current price 0.72c on a down day, been as low as 0.40c, high was last week's 0.79c. A watch this space stock for anyone interested. http://novoresources.com
  24. Thanks. Yes cherry trees are dead easy, there is a problem however and it goes tweet,tweet. Afraid without netting the birds love them, so probably manage to salvage a jar or two, three if very lucky. Barely worth the effort I'm afraid, but my wife loves them, so I resist the temptation to dig the tree up, just prune it to keep it manageable for now and the starlings tend to go for the sturdy branches, so I always head for the flimsy ones to crop; still end up throwing half away as they have been pecked already!
  25. Bump again Success this year has once again been with the fruit, or rather Strawbs, I now have an ego boosting reputation as a top notch Strawberry grower, friends and family take "shoots" off me to cultivate their own little crops. Another tremendous yield for me as were the Raspberries now on about my 6th week of daily desert for the family; once again the damp weather seems to help. Veg well the lettuce was ok, beets hmm so so, likewise Beans, tasted great but maybe not lasted that long. Going to stick some Leeks in today as last years lasted well into Winter and Spring even. Just wish I had more space and time.