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  1. Thought that a couple of times past 2 years, so far being cautious has stopped me getting my fingers burnt, there seems no predicting the bottom, LSIL still looks poised to test a new low, suppose that's the difficulty with a paper trade to physical one.
  2. WOWSER LSIL, breaking new lows! Don't know what Romans AQC is doing but halved in less than year from an already smashed up level! This looks like it wants to go to zero in all truth
  3. Hi Leviathan, Being bearish has cost me quite a bit in profit terms a few years back, now I guess the upside is when it slips it saves my profit; albeit I've been too wedded to an oil play that cost me eye watering profit; the truth hurts with that one, ho hum. I'm a fairly simple trader, so as for people to follow, bar a passing interest in Robbie Burns, as deep down I'm a wannabe trader, I follow nobody in particular as they all seem to be wrong at some point. I used to like Schiff, Rogers and to a lesser extent Maloney regular comments when I was too in love with PM's, now I just take sound bites all over and try to do my own thing. Take on board your thoughts on the bull being far from done though, maybe they are right. Not inclined to have many long plays yet myself. Agree on miners and oilers, just wonder if buy and hold can hold up at the minute, as I believe in a real " bear" everything would get trashed due to forced liquidations; seen it before. Just my thoughts. Edit: the Dow just completed a massive intra day reversal, so it's a gamblers paradise out there with timing everything.
  4. BP. At 331 wow! Anyone see the potential for this being an oddity with the dividend? Surely these will bounce at some point or that divi will have to change me thinks?
  5. Personally I've found the last few sessions fascinating, mainly watching from the sidelines. I've felt like a rabbit it the headlights not knowing which way to move in part. Aside from my entrenched oil play which has been an education as I've taken a big hit, I've mainly been preparing for this, but have I in truth? Didn't really go short, just sat heavy in cash, which makes me feel vulnerable to devaluation of the £. Gold has held up well last few days and like a Silver I have a position, but can't easily trade it, being around 15% of my disposable liquid assets. So I can't press the button when tempted, but that proves it's not really a market position. Pension pots went to gilts as I expected a crash, but can't feel smug as I still feel vulnerable there. Suppose I'm sitting thinking ok, I've largely banked some good gains this year and let the markets crash, so I'll go bargain hunting with my cash pot, it still feels like I'm sat looking into those headlights though!
  6. jerpy

    Pinetree Capital (PNP)

    With picks like Novo it's easy to see why, but glad I looked in now, as speculatively it's an interesting one gone on the watchlist, following its own recent listing on the TSX:V I'm sure someone will try hard to sell the story, next Witwatersrand, Newmont, blah, blah
  7. MMT released the following yesterday "CALGARY, ALBERTA, Feb 11, 2009 (Marketwire via COMTEX News Network) -- Mart Resources, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:MMT) ("Mart" or the "Company") announces that it has received an unsolicited expression of interest from a third party with respect to a proposal for a corporate purchase transaction. In response thereto, the Board of Directors of the Company has appointed a special committee of the board of directors to review and evaluate this expression of interest as well as to evaluate all other possible strategic alternatives that may be available to the Company with the intent of maximizing shareholder value. In furtherance of the foregoing, Mart is also seeking to retain a financial advisor to assist in this strategic review process". All updates on the company website http://www.martresources.com/ Been following these a little while and you can find some brief history and a few comments including my excitement yesterday on ADVFN here http://www.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=14053250 Heres a link with the data and chat on Stockhouse http://www.stockhouse.com/tools/?page=%2FF...%26table%3DLIST Obviously attracting attention more in Canada, it never went to far yesterday, so it may still represent a good value bid play? Please feel free to comment either way. Riggers
  8. Well I've stayed quiet on the shenanigans of MMT for a good few months, but it all boils down to this now. IF(WHEN) it all goes through, i'll post my thoughts, but for now June 16th is d-day. So you either believe it goes through or not, currently priced at 64c, dropped on 3 months operating results issued earlier Friday to 54c,
  9. Careful. The rights come into effect today, back to prices before the last few weeks spike up. On my watchlist too, but I'm waiting awhile as I expect there will be quite an overhang to work through.
  10. Wish I'd have bought it when I noticed the drama! Didn't follow POG closely enough, but occasionally watched its progress, all the way up! So guess what, now doubled since I bumped this thread 2 months back.
  11. Interested to hear your take on the importance drill rig figures. Keep seeing it mentioned that U.S figures are out x date and keep your eye on them blah,blah on various investment boards. The simplistic view I get ie lower number of drills less oil discovered. But does it really affect the markets immediate future? Surely there is plenty of stuff in the can already proven to ride out yearly blips? Any thoughts?
  12. Me too. If you can't decide a company a very brave contrarian call might be Leveraged Oil ETF. Watching with interest, but the last year or more shows a scary chart! Details below http://www.etfsecurities.com/retail/uk/en-gb/products/product/etfs-daily-leveraged-wti-crude-oil-loil-lse#4
  13. Thank you for the explanation, I understand a little better now, Sorry I didn't explain myself clearly but I'd basically missed the point about it being Walsh Agency Inc research. This sort of trading is not for me but I do find it fascinating and like to read your progress, hope it all comes together for you.
  14. Interesting. So is that final comment base on proven research? Also is that intra-day traders losing based on some form of Q.A or charting? Including those that trade purely on news? Or combination of everything thrown in? Just curious, as I rarely trade this way, largely exclusively on flow when I do, with the strong belief it's generally a bad idea for all but the most talented, as like you say, I suspect most did in fact lose.
  15. jerpy

    Commander T's Diary

    Hope you don't mind just bumped an old thread, this stock is more than just the collapse of the rouble or gold price woes, looks like ordinary investors have been fleeced to me.
  16. Bump Should this thread be renamed "How to fleece investors?". Some fall from grace here.
  17. jerpy

    Commander T's Diary

    That's an interesting watchlist, the RSX ETF might be a good turnaround story once the bottom is in. Of the others POG I've traded odd times, but it's long been suspected to have cash concerns, which aside from the Gold price have really led to its s.p demise; see the heavily discounted Rights Issue recently announced at 5p. Once out the way and an upturn in physical prices, given production costs of circa $900/Oz and falling. Take into account the Rouble and could be a big rerate coming, but I've watched people catching that falling knife a long time and it's still not yet stopped!
  18. FINALLY,FINALLY at long last, balls in a vice adding on recent down spikes in oil, something to smile about NEWS RELEASE MART RESOURCES INC. December 3, 2014 OIL FLOW COMMENCES THROUGH UMUGINI PIPELINE • Oil flow has commenced through the 51-kilometer Umugini pipeline and into the Trans Forcados crude oil export pipeline system that connects to the Forcados oil export terminal. Calgary, Alberta – Mart Resources, Inc. (TSX: MMT) (“Mart” or the “Company”) and its co-venturers, Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Plc. (Operator of the Umusadege field) and SunTrust Oil Company Limited are pleased to provide the following update on Umugini pipeline operations. Oil flow has commenced through the 51-kilometer long Umugini pipeline and into the Trans Forcados crude oil export pipeline system that connects to the Forcados oil export terminal. The commencement of continuous oil injections from the 12-inch Umugini pipeline to the Trans Forcados export pipeline followed the completion of pipeline tie-in at the Eriemu flow station and other start-up activities including line fill. Mart holds an effective 15% interest in Umugini Asset Company Limited, which is the owner of the Umugini pipeline. All agreements that are required to allow the shipment of crude oil to Forcados oil export terminal have been completed and signed by all necessary parties. Mart and its co-venturers plan to gradually increase the volume of oil delivery through the Umugini pipeline in order to regulate Umugini pipeline start-up operations and optimize production from the Umusadege field. The Umugini pipeline has an initial estimated gross export capacity of 45,000 barrels of oil per day. The Umusadege field has been allocated approximately 75% of Umugini pipeline capacity. The nomination, loading and sale of oil from the Umusadege field are expected to commence in the next 30 days. The Umugini pipeline opens up a second export route for Umusadege field oil production and is expected to enable Mart and its co-venturers to significantly increase the Umusadege field’s present production and to accommodate future production increases including from the recently drilled horizontal wells. The commencement of continuous oil injections through the Umugini pipeline also enables Mart and its co-venturers to balance the delivery of crude oil between the Forcados oil export terminal and the Agip Kwale export hub. The utilization of multiple delivery and export routes is expected to result in an improvement in export flexibility and a reduction in pipeline disruptions. Full transport capability of the Umugini pipeline is expected to be reached in the first quarter of 2015. Wade Cherwayko, Chairman & CEO of Mart, commented: “The commencement of oil flowing through the Umugini pipeline is a significant milestone for Mart and its co-venturers, Midwestern and SunTrust. The Umugini pipeline will provide additional export capacity and will enable Mart and its co-venturers to more fully optimize the current production potential of the Umusadege field. We are very pleased that the Umugini pipeline is now up and running, and look forward to having the capacity to increase production from the Umusadege field to significantly higher volumes in the near future.” Been so flipping painful of late! Now bring on more Umu drill news, Q1 15 production and smile some more. Price of oil recovery would be great. Clarity and no doubt eventual London list on OML funding could also steady, rocket or even disappoint... but you can't underestimate this one is a cash cow coming soon! I want to this share again
  19. Graphite plays - another R.E type(hype) bubble? Been following a few of the Graphite plays for a couple of years now. The China story caught my attention, limited supply, insatiable demand etc. Reckoned it might turn last year as in brief the story was hyped up like many other resource themes and then sector was equally trashed, yep like many other resource stories. But I took a little more notice when production cutbacks out of China seemingly were encouraging near term producers of better times ahead. So hunting round found this article, which is a pretty lengthy but reasonable starting point about what Graphite and it's mining is all about, even with some thought as to what makes a successful play. Worth a read http://graphiteinvesting.com/ with all sorts of useful refwerences, including links to other articles. For that reason i thought I'd post a thread and maybe i'll add a few more links. Anyone interested in Graphite?
  20. Agree, posted this elsewhere, my get out of jail card came last week with I think 9.84p peak, 80% surge on RNS a day. StratMin (AIM: STGR), the graphite production and exploration company with assets in Madagascar, announces it has entered into an Offtake Agreement with one of the world's largest independent processors and merchants of graphite (the "Buyer") to sell its natural flake graphite product to the Buyer with effect from 20th October 2014 (the 'Agreement'). Currently 8.24mid today, on profit takers no doubt wary of the lack of detail.
  21. jerpy

    Commander T's Diary

    Good spot. Likewise no position but noticed Bioquell (LSE BQE)had a smaller bump up last week, after a bad run. All on speculation one side of the business which provides decontamination equipment is likely to see a surge in business. Slipped back today mind.
  22. Hope so Dr B, looking for confirmation of an uptrend myself though, I really don't foresee any moon shots to be honest.
  23. Taken out. LSIL through another old low at 11.7. How low will she go this time?
  24. Well i've heard of the ice bucket thingy and confess to seeing it as innocent fun,albeit a waste of precious water for others. But the rest? Must live a very sheltered life in the middle of England!