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  1. Are you ready? Shaping to test lower low AGAIN!
  2. Have you seen the BVS and PSN news last few days, aside from 2 members of the M.P.C voting for a increase in rates to 0.75 what's not to like about their figures and others in the sector including BDEV will likely mirror them. B.t.w no position myself
  3. Maybe on the market as a whole, depends how you judge it? Personally started the year well with a good win on RST(around 16%) but smallish sized trade due to market bearishness, which had I carried on holding instead of... well see recent chart Similar sized trades bought small wins on IOF(6%) and QPP(8%) but about wiped both those out with bottling TW, at a loss. My year could have got tarnished with STGR, my conviction was battered with a 50% loss on a decent stake for me, but by the same token banked a nigh 4 year watch and wait on POWR for around 150% gain of slightly higher size around the same time, Confidence on markets and ability still bearish, traded the fear on GKP (around 16% gain) and IKA (27%), whilst took a very small (5%) hit on SLE. My point being listening to bears has cost me, for aside from few trades and generally smaller stakes, my largest play of the year is OEX and at one point near doubled, when I finally added more it slipped back(still hold with 8.1p ave, so ok for now, hoovering around 9p), but lack of initial conviction ( bearish nerves?) yet again cost me profits. So although I've not traded much, enough winners to offset losers, and somewhat up overall, i'm cursing being too bearish at times. Oh and still miffed missing builders bounce last year into this (Sorry Van hijacking your thread)
  4. To be honest I agree with you and in truth if anything it's been my bearish tendencies that have cost me making larger profits on some good bull stocks, although I've done ok this year so far without trading too much. Just a little peeved with myself at times for listening to far too many bears. Seriously watching silver as a swing out of stocks of which I only hold 5 plays presently, but I'd rather miss the start of a trend reverse than have my fingers singed again on metal trades.
  5. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I've seen so many bears for so long saying it's going to break, I'm sure at some point there will be a good reverse, it's just that the down forecasts have been happening for so long! Probably tank now
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    The insistence of the female manager in the 2nd clip, just proves to me that should t.s.h.t.f, there will be a lot of clueless folks out there who have no idea how to value silver.
  7. Been keeping a trading eye on these, making a little trade on the capitulation bounce that came following the what seems to be, Ill advised attempt to move yo the main list off AIM. Mid week this was ruled out and the support was trashed. The chart remains down, but brave enough intra day swing traders could have made decent gains on big volume days.
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    Commander T's Diary

    It may be the west have to works with the Kurds who sadly have a 270,000 battle hardened army, that are unlikely to yield to a few thousand ISIL guerrillas. That may mean Malaki finally has to do a deal on oil exports/ revenue more inclusive to the Kurds. All the noises out the West suggest he has been too dismissive of minorities and not inclusive enough. Did you know the peshmerga where on the doorstep of Kirkuk last week...... Coincidence hmm maybe. Strange how when it kicked off they just rolled in to Kirkuk and took control of the giant oil refineries to safeguard them, an area they longed regarded as their spiritual home. Bar a few skirmishes the ISIL crew have stayed well clear of the Peshmerga so far. Never mind the likes of BP, This could play nicely into the fortunes of such as Genel, GKP et al operating in Kurdistan. As for the majors, most of their oil comes from the giant fields south of Baghdad. Ah well as you say always the football to let the details get lost in events. Cracking game just on the beeb Dutch master class in counter attacking football to demolish the reigning world champs Spain 5-1!!! The Spanish May have lost the first game in South Africa last time round, but this was a mauling, which suggests their time may be done as a team. All just my opinion of course.
  9. LSIL testing a 3rd recent triple bottom at around 12.5! Break or bounce time again.
  10. Just my little bit towards being self sufficient, sadly I no longer have the land access to expand, my in laws sold up most of their land and farm house to a property developer, the offer was just too good. My bit is almost hobby stuff, it's healthy, costs little money, a bit of time and gives plenty of satisfaction because it tastes great.
  11. Bump again. Yet more white flowers on the Strawb patch, they are just endless. Raspberry canes coming through. Sowed some Lettuce and Beets. Left rooms for Leeks which came through well into Spring. Kidney beans will go in later. Stuck blueberries into pots, that can come indoors, as the birds like the taste too much. Looking to try another veg but cannot decide which would be easiest. All looking good though for decent mini harvest so far.
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    Commander T's Diary

    Far from it, you stated nothing good had come out of Eurovision since Abba, some may disagree has Celine Dion won it too!
  13. jerpy

    Commander T's Diary

    Nearly said FREAK myself, but decided to be kind, each to their own and all that. Celine Dion?
  14. jerpy

    Commander T's Diary

    Didn't see but after your metro link decided to listen, not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure, but some degree of singing talent, suspect there will be a big "gay" (if it's ok to use that word), spend to send it top of the charts in a few places. Bit like big brother, maybe put the money down on the less than typical stereotype's is a smart way of betting. Did the U.K better 2nd from bottom this time or does Europe still hate us?
  15. To keep on topic of Robbie, the reason I occasionally look in on him, his he publishes his loses and target positions quite openly. He also takes reasonable time outs, which say to me, he might not have made billions, but has made enough not to worry. Sure he still peddles a lot of wares on his website and no doubt gets some royalties, but he's fairly open on that too. Best thing about him, unlike say a Dave Skarica or Peter Schiff, he doesn't stick to any one sector, so he's broader than say Gold/ Silver and associated plays. And unlike a John Lee or Edmond Jackson type column, he keeps it fairly simple.
  16. Hmm would that be E.K's acquaintance? Think he has had a bit to do with Lucien too, now both those guys have some degree of credibility.... well at times. But Tom Now I've got no grudge against the fact he looks desparate of late, i've never subscribed to his thoughts, but ever since I've seen him flagged up by I think Dr B or Frizzers, i just never took to the guy. Maybe something like this, that one of his fans put up colours my opinion? dunno Oh and the way the former R.S.H published it's tips performance of which the criteria was somewhat erm, well
  17. Me neither, just heard a lot of noise and it looked subject to a fairly harsh short attack. And yes. did see it has happenend before. Don't really understand the business and I'm not going to spend forever trying to, but given director purchases, some o the comments coming out and balancing the "short" puff, I'd say it's the old speculative buy on little research from around this level.
  18. Mason latest presentation http://www.masongraphite.com/investors/presentations/default.aspx and last month announced further financing
  19. For me Syrah resources (ASX:SYR) are still a little too vague in the detail, but nonetheless worth noting their recent off-take with Chalieco, the term agreement in their case lacks detail, but see for comparitive purposes. http://www.syrahresources.com.au/site/DefaultSite/filesystem/documents/ASX%20Announcements/MOU%20for%20Offtake%20Agreement%20Signed%20with%20Asmet%20(UK)%20Limited.pdf See effect again on share price, though not as substancial as others http://www.syrahresources.com.au/InvestorRelations/SharePriceHistory.aspx Information taken straight from website
  20. The bag of cat out?? http://africaoilgasreport.com/2014/05/in-the-news/umugini-will-be-commissioned-in-may-2014/ Fair volume going through now on this "leak"
  21. Lol all well and good until found out. I've noticed the noise today that a certain larger than life shorter has had their posts removed from certain threads on ADVFN......hmm wonder why? edit legal teams in action?
  22. Fair point for me, another is that the nimble traders will benefit too, as truly oversold shares should eventually find their "true" level, whatever that is. That said I also have some time for those that get peeved when it would seem nothing but unsubstantiated blog posts are taken as fact to lead the market a merry dance. It also seems a bit perverse that certain tipsters can only make good call pied piping their followers without really having any substance behind their observations. But hey guess that is what bulletin board and tip rag subscriptions are all about!
  23. BUMP because noticed Robbie having a Mr Angry rant In fact seen a fair bit on the ADVFN boards of "investors" venting over the shenanigans of short attacks on some of the larger AIM stocks, such as QPP, BLNX and GBO to name a few of late. So Robbie has weighed in, though notice he's not joined in the petition hunting some are championing, by trying to prevent "unsubstanciated" short attacks. here's Robbies take anyway Do wonder if people would be better voting with their feet by not renewing subscriptions to such as ADVFN, maybe the oxygen shorting brigades thrive on, just could start to be cut off? Food for thought Clem amongst others. f.w.i.w swing both ways myself
  24. f.w.i.w now broken multi year lows on LSIL, may bounce who knows but next support is 2008 lows
  25. Link to Stratmin interview with Proactive 24.04.14 Disclosure: Hold and accumulating