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  1. Lomiko TSX-V:LMR is another that spiked the turn of the year(possibly on a tip since they were forced to issue a not aware blah,blah N.R) See their website http://www.lomiko.com/corporate.html with a link to the latest corporate presentation PDF April 2014 http://www.lomiko.com/public/files/others/LOMIKO_APRIL_15_2014_(1).pdf All very interesting, but other than trial results and fundraising completed, yet another blue sky but some distance away would be producer. Current price $0.065
  2. Yes mentioned these on post 3. Their latest presentation April 2014 http://northerngraphite.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/NGC-April-2014-PPT.pdf (taken from website) Another to flag up with the latest presentation is Graphite One GPH:TSX-V (see page 17 for some peer group comparison inc NGC) http://www.graphiteoneresources.com/investors/presentations/ Current $0.195c
  3. Little update on some of the plays. Mason have recently lined up the money men being some way from production. Focus confirmed fairly recently up to 200,000 tonnes over 10 years as part of their off take deal. Stratmin ditched Darwin and cited improved purity on initial production tests, this one looks like it's got to prove it's quality having under delivered on promises and productuion previously - it does look poised for later in the year as somewhat significantly undervalued, IF they do what they plan/say they can? Elsewhere plenty of stories about China cutting the number of mines operating, reducing the number of producers, improving sector governance which all alludes to supply constraints and improving pricing for any would be producers. Just a flavour.
  4. Latest financials came out on the 10th April, pretty much as expected. The same day saw March production figures (still 105 AGIP line loss), so improvement continues. Seems this is the important part for now as finances back on even keel. See website for full details. Shares closed friday at Cn$1.46
  5. Tesla's new $5bn ‘gigafactory’ could spur 37% graphite market growth(see story) Notes the following companies..."There are several new graphite-mining projects in development in the medium term, among which are the 20 000 t/y large-flake, high-purity Bissett Creek graphite project, in Ontario; private project developer Ontario Graphite’s Kearney large-flake, high-carbon graphite mine, also in Ontario; Energizer Resources’ Molo graphite project, which is being developed as part of the Green Giant graphite project in Madagascar; and Focus Graphite’s high-grade Lac Knife graphite resource, located 27 km south-west of Fermont, Quebec." http://www.miningweekly.com/article/teslas-new-5bn-li-ion-gigafactory-could-spur-37-graphite-market-growth-2014-03-12
  6. Tesla Gigafactory Seeks North American Raw Materials To Cut Pollution http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1091577_tesla-gigafactory-seeks-north-american-raw-materials-to-cut-pollution
  7. Mentioned James Montier following your comments on the Jess thread elsewhere. Given Livermore principles evolve around market psychology a fair bit, I thought Montier was worth a mention being more modern day, makes some thought provoking observations. His little book provides a flavour.
  8. jerpy

    Sand - very interesting!!!

    Would say there is more than just 4 ascending charts there Conrad. Some good picks.
  9. Small update: 1st qtr divi confirmed unchanged, despite a few doubting Thomas's out there. Pipeline loses recently announced show we are likely to be back around 10%, praise be, a miracle!! funding doubts also dispelled with new war chest for Shell block stakes.... Maybe? Shares edged up to mid $1.50c area pre divi. Looking far more rosier, but as ever nothing without a twist in Mart land? What will the next one be?
  10. LSIL whisker from testing the lows of 13. So double bottom bounce or another multi year low possible?
  11. Just a little update to my self interest, Alabama(v.ALP)has powered away and released further sampling news today, now stands at Cn$0.27c STGR treading water slightly below my little plug, hmm those Darwin boys...food for thought. Mason(v.LLP) mentioned earlier has slipped back today after treading water this past month, tempted to dip in again on any weakness as below recent warrant price now.
  12. More upbeat vibe from MMT's latest production update last week saw shares hit the !40's before settling back to close the week at cn$1.34c Production fairly constant, less than 4 days cumulative down time in jan, pipeline losses undisclosed pending naughty boys at AGIP clarifying the situation Pipeline MOU's lining up and construction/equimpment on track for mid year finish, as ever watch this space, but encouraging. (see website for full N.R)
  13. Hmm all of a sudden, this one perking up hit the 30c range last few days. Well down and battered from highs, but is this a junior ready to revive? Opinions welcome.
  14. Got there by virtue of being dragged up in a bull market maybe? Or too simplistic?
  15. Two more that interest me. Alabama Graphite http://alabamagraphite.com/ current s.p CSE/ALP Cn$ 0.165 Read and view the ramp if interested as featured here http://www.au-wire.com/first-graphite-juniors-into-production-will-win-alabama-graphite-a-winner/ Real near term with plenty of upside space is Stratmin Global Resources http://www.stratminglobal.com/ current s.p AIM/STGR 12.00p Downside here is AIM and some may wince at the involvement of Darwin. However, it's mining in Graphite friendly Madagascar, has license approval and is about to produce; one eye open to many vagaries in the story and unfulfilled past promise, maybe it's about to turn? Link to Proactive features and videos http://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/stocktube/2426/stratmin-looks-forward-to-exciting-2014-with-increased-shipments--2426.html Disclosure : Bought the former recent, the latter I've traded and currently hold a sizeable position, so no bias at all Mentioned STGR here http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=18668
  16. Just looking around for brief articles to demonstrate a change in outlook for graphite and a few more companies named. http://graphiteinvestingnews.com/4876-graphite-outlook-2014-to/ Perhaps as the article indicates, the most significant company driver was the Focus Graphite off-take agreement with China; mainly because it shows their internal demand warrants investment outside China, which fuels global demand outlooks and no doubt prospects of acquisitive action/rumours. See http://www.focusgraphite.com/ also the spike in s.p around the news.
  17. Looking at a second bubble? Slightly older aticle by Dave Skarica mentions Northern Graphite(NGC:TSX.V) and Mason(LLG:TSXX.V) which I origianlly followed amongst others. http://www.resourceinvestor.com/2013/01/16/graphite-stock-strategies-for-a-second-bubble-davi?t=critical-material&page=2 Northern have a good website, although as Dave points out were the trailblazers, since that spike they have flatlined recently near lows. Mason http://www.masongraphite.com/ have had a better time of late on their prospect updates, funding and some guy called Rogers gave them a bit of publibity For potential investor reward of finding a good un, just take a look at the share price performance since these became funded and started drilling; above doubled off lows a few months back at one point. See webpage and charts of Graphite One here http://graphiteoneresources.com/investors/stock_quote/
  18. Graphite outlook 2014 This article focuses on as the China market tightens, winners will be those companies who tailor make for market, such as demand for batteries and those first to sign off take agreements. Seems that a race into production is the key performance driver. http://www.theaureport.com/pub/na/15798
  19. Glad kept my powder dry too. LSIL testing fresh lows dipping under the 13 mark last 24 hours!
  20. So far in january, another 5c divi paid BUT the big news was the 2nd pipeline timelines in the last N.R. Finally seems to be nearing. Confirmed schedule on latest presentation. http://www.martresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Africa-Oil-and-Gas-Summit-Jan-28-29-2014-fin.pdf Still hovering around the 1.20's after the last dividend.
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    Commander T's Diary

    LOL honestly hadn't checked, but just went off to do so and seen yet another good trading statement and special divi this morning!
  22. jerpy

    Commander T's Diary

    Not checked but there are always winners and losers at Christmas. Whilst everyone may be on guard, NXT usually do quite well from memory.
  23. Dear Santa if you do mange it to 10c, can you also wrap some imodium in the parcels of all paper longs
  24. This post made me wonder what the purpose of the BBC news story a few weeks ago was really all about. Think it made the 6 o;clock edition too. Some guy in South Wales had thrown his computer away, without backing it up and it was now buried in the local mega tip in Swansea with several hundred bitcoins that he'd bought at a low digit number Made me wonder at the time, was it a scare story or was it to encourage purchases?
  25. After another bout of volatility and news, worth posting this little update as to the current situatuion, dreams etc Shares dropped as low as $1, rebounded to £1.40 shortly after this release and are now hovering round the $1.30 mark. All good fun for traders.