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  1. Keep thinking similar, but then again once bitten and all that. LSIL now breached year lows and despite little rally, not seen these prices since 2010. Down it goes, where it stops nobody knows.
  2. Looking more and more likely.
  3. Yeah, you should see the nice uptrend in place on SSIL
  4. My toes got chopped some time back, nasty down trend showing no respite as yet. LSIL could easily go sub summer lows. Target for LSIL? Maybe as low as 13ish, unless the trend breaks. Meantime no hurry to get back in for me.
  5. http://uk.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=9688630 Good luck reading the 28,000 odd posts and it goes way off topic a lot. Some post on GEI p.s like many threads on advfn, inhabited by "nutters" and well you decide. p.p.s the gold thread is worse!
  6. Slightly off topic but having read the RUST thread elsewhere, there was a comment today on how beaten up the silver miners are and still being hit.- see some charts of our friend energyi on there. Firstly made me wonder how low they will go before they either wither away or become a buy? Secondly can there really be any long term silver stock holders left?! Certainly not tempted yet, but maybe a few watching the silver miners wondering when they too will turn.
  7. Would the answer not also lie in selecting price points? All stocks take breathers, the old saying nothing goes up(or down) in straight lines springs to mind. Even in a stock with strength, there is some exhaustion and pull back into charting channels. If these break down, maybe a time to reassess, but channels can often be played following a trend and projecting turns as you go.
  8. Oh no they didn't more disappointment with ever increasing oil theft/bunkering/call in what you want, add usual shenanigans of operating in a less than stable environment for all sorts of reasons, we saw a nose dive touch $1 yesterday However, the fear or forced fund selling saw absolutely HUGE volumes last 2 days, some would say creating a massive upside opportunity on newsflow. So all my trading profit and divi's are back in and loaded up to the gunnels on this, after all what could go wrong Mart awaits more drilling news on UMU11, pipeline completion and who knows other fields? Interesting 6 months or so ahead!
  9. Bump.... or thud, Dr B most of the stocks mentioned on this thread are badly beaten down, despite odd little bounces of late. So would there really be any year end tax selling candidates, unless taking losses? Do you have any favourites for a year end bounce either way
  10. Now don't you get bottling it Romans. Not now you have company here Joined on the trade late last night and dipped the other toe in this morning.......Hi Ho Silver
  11. Another year on. My reputation as an ameateur Strawb grower has been even further enhanced, probably because I'm not just giving strawbs away, but plants too as I try to control my patch. Just when i'd had enough of them, yet another bumper crop of Raspberries that are still coming through, convinced they thrive in damp conditions. Beets gone well, just never in abundance. Lettuce ok, but now trying a year round variety, not sure on taste, but hey it's lettuce. Kidney Beans best year ever, think the trick is to keep them well watered. Ditched broad beans, work/reward ratio seemed poor return. Instead more leeks from seed which I'm well pleased with. May try carrots again. Pondering that. Hacked up Gooseberries and replaced with Blackberries, just yield more and I prefer the taste. Plus go great in crumbles, with apples or as breakfast filler with raspberries and yoghut mix. Blueberries were a fail this year, birds got at them, new greenhouse position needed. Overall good return for a little effort.
  12. Double bottom target of around 15 for LSIL possible, which for Romans would probably be what 16-17 AGQ?
  13. jerpy

    Sad Zimbabwe Mining

    With 2013 Elections gone, thought I'd revisit this old thread and have a look at the fotunes of some of my old favourite Zim plays. All i can say is well done old Bob, the thread title could not be more apt near 6 years on! N.D is treading water around 0.3 - 0.35c! Way down on highs that were so rewarding back in 2009/10. Why? obvious - see N.R 18th Jul, 2013 "announced that it has initiated a wide-ranging cost reduction program aimed at reducing cash operating costs at its five operating gold mines in Zimbabwe. The Company currently employs approximately 3,000 people at these mining operations in Zimbabwe." See in full http://www.newdawnmining.com/new-dawn-announces-the-implementation-of-initiatives-to-reduce-operating-costs-in-zimbabwe-and-canada Sadly Old bob seems happy for these guys to shut up shop and 3,000 workers lose their jobs, as that's the way they seem to be heading. So what of Mwana? Reaching all time lows at 1.10 on Aim and going lower maybe? Plenty of upbeat operations talk in latest results, but then there is the falling commodity prices, which seem largely the blame for recapitalisation needs, rather than operational issues (hmm right). The need for restructuring and no guarantees of success seem the main drag on price going forward and hence it's current low. All a bit depressing considering the supposed assets! Meanwhile be interesting what comes of the pre election the indigenisation plans, one estimate put the cost to mining so far as far outweighing the benefits. http://www.theindependent.co.zw/2013/08/02/new-zimbabwe-government-needs-to-review-indigenisation/ Sad Zim ming thread indeed.
  14. Funny someone with a similar name should come up with a thread that really explains why I went largely into lurking. There were so few "long" Mining and resources prospects of interest I've largely taken a time out. Have a "insurance" position and my favourite oiler, but bar an odd AIM tiddler like RST i'm hibernating waiting for a silver trade similar to Romans to come to me. Would love to buy the goldies again, but other than saying they are cheap because they've been smashed so much, why would you? By the way, the activity on the Mining and Oil stocks sections of boards also says a lot, so few visits or posts.
  15. Another little bring the Mart story up to date post. The loan despite much b.b conjecture elsewhere, did support the dividend, with the latest ex divi date just gone and payments should be hitting accounts. The pipeline didn't seem to have all the i's dotted and t's crossed, but proceeds in the usual Nigerian time (and not always as Wade would spin it. The drills continue at a slower pace than spun out of past presentations(see latest UMU 11 news), but despite all the interuptions the UMU fields keep giving up oil. Still plenty of talk about new marginal fields and plenty of merger rumours, which Wade has flatly denied. to be the case. So the latest N.R on the central production faccility commissioned at Umusedge didn't really make the s.p blink. Looks like the next full on catalyst is the pipeline completion and the oil flowing, one thing Mart is blessed with! Shares bottomed around the low 1.40's and have regained a little ground into the high 1.50's - 1.60's the last few weeks. Maybe it is a traders stock short term? Finally the website has been revamped http://www.martresources.com/
  16. jerpy

    Commander T's Diary

    WOW! Scarey, reminds me of the guy that just walked tightrope across the G.C without a harness in 23 minutes. Apparently he said it was worse than he thought, due to dust and windspeeds, he had to kneel down twice on the rope as the tension wasn't quite right, but at no time did he think he would fall!! Balls of steel.
  17. Make that a tad over 15 now! Capitulation must be near for many paper longs?
  18. THEN AGAIN. LSIL hits 18.5 at close R.H you picked up on the stories floating around about France banning postal deliveries of bullion cars or bars?
  19. Bought a small nugget yesterday As for LSIL ok doubt we will go back to 08/09 slide lows, but I'm waiting with funds to see a turn. Have to agree with the gist of many comments floating around, if you don't have paper it's not a big deal. Bit like watching a sports event you don't really follow. Fascinating at times, but in truth, doesn't get the pulse racing
  20. LSIL hit sub 22 this morning and almost looked primed to hit 5 year lows, wouldn't bet on it reaching them at this rate, despite a bounce to 24.
  21. jerpy

    Commander T's Diary

    This is a Livermore quote I kept, Kept to remind me when someone says buy and hold is dead EDIT: This is a good thread b.t.w, must remember to visit more often .
  22. Don't know why, but I'm only just visiting this story, faint recollection of thinking pyramid selling in the past, but curiosity has made me look around and what strikes me most, is quite a few were warning of this some time ago. Saw this thread on M.S.E for instance http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3473961 Then I read comments like these below on other blogs and I wonder how much some people may have won and lost? http://falkvinge.net/2011/05/29/why-im-putting-all-my-savings-into-bitcoin/ Just feel sorry if some of the losers are not the money laundering crims doing a quick rinse out of Cyprus,but rather the ordainary Cypriots that jumped out the frying pan into the fire, just trying to protect themselves from the banks.
  23. LSIL support lines probably gone in the morning(31.5 !) The 26 for Silver is looking a good call,
  24. This kind of sums it up well for me. <a href="http://online.barrons.com/article/SB50001424053111904034104578066632838398810.html?mod=BOL_qtoverview_barlatest">http://online.barrons.com/article/SB50001424053111904034104578066632838398810.html?mod=BOL_qtoverview_barlatest