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  1. Just thought I'd add a note here, that taking a hit on FTE when I did, saved me in excess of a further 50% fall based on the current share price. Could have been a worse trade at present.
  2. The UPS and current DOWN of the Mart roller coaster continue. There was the spike on UMU 10 potential, UMU 11 coming along, then the production updates with more downtime, just a little bunkering , we still got another 5c dividend announcement and all along the 2nd pipeline expectations.....Nigerian time of course! Cheif cheer leader Chen says "Mart Resources Inc.'s pipeline is not a major issue to me. . .I said many times before, the best time to buy Mart shares in the past years has always been in time of pipeline 'crisis.' This morning, the company announced it is getting a $100M loan to accelerate the field development. I like the idea to have as much capacity as possible so when the new pipeline is built, the company will be able to get a huge production jump as well as cash flow jump. . .Mart has been one of the top three performers on my watch list in the past 2–3 years." New kid on the block Amin adds " Mart lost about 50 days of production in Q4/12 and about 40 days in this quarter. For any oil and gas company, not being able to produce from its single asset for such a long time is bad news. However, Mart has enough cash to pay dividends and complete its 2013 development program, which is going on full swing. It recently shared some news about its 10th well, UMU-10. It also plans to drill three or four wells during the rest of 2013 so that by the time the alternative pipeline is ready, there should be enough production to take advantage of the extra pipeline capacity. So far, things seem to be going well on the development front." The future? "One is higher production from the current field. Second, there's the plan to drill an exploration well either on the eastern or the western flank of the current field. If it makes a discovery, that would be very encouraging. Third, with increased production, Mart would have a large cash position, which it can use to acquire new assets. We keep hearing about the next marginal field bid round in Nigeria. Mart would be in a good position to take advantage of a new bid round". http://www.theenergyreport.com/pub/co/3448
  3. My chin hurts with this one! FAILED me, down a good 50% from recent highs today. Memo to self, keep away from AIM resource plays, generally they seem to milk the markets(or rather the ordainary mugs)
  4. Like the Silver wave, just had to come further in
  5. My experience is they often disappoint after the whooping up on bulletin boards So far, they sorted the finance question of sorts, but nothing there for short term investors - the discussions had better yield a nice surprise or it's stick your chin out time. Should've quit when ahead
  6. jerpy

    Sunkar Resources SKR

    Nice spike. Should have cured you, hope you got some at the lows too?
  7. Feel like I just went for a swim against the tide! Quit to go back to watching mode on UVXY.
  8. Hmm someone at SER doesn't seem to agree
  9. Had a little educated gamble hoping the Italians spook the market, hard to watch though - all over the place.
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    Yep, I'm riding slightly overweight on this horse. Mar 27th could be very interesting, if the court hearing alone doesn't blow the negativity away.
  11. Elevator going down Been expecting this, just so wish I'd been smart enough to have shorted it, such is life.
  12. There you go Romans. LSIL also nearly at 35 too, expect it any minute. Reckon your thoughts on Silver hitting previous lows though are bang on, so holding fire myself. Silver itself could easily go to 26. This is killing the paper bulls.
  13. Few snippets from recent interview with Wade doing the rounds The Future.... "Our daily production of 12,500 barrels is not the production capacity of the field, the latter is much bigger than the former but there has been constraints and we are currently experiencing problems with our export pipeline. In order to solve that issue, we have come to an agreement with Shell so that we are building our own new pipeline, already in progress, and that pipeline will go into one of Shell that connects to the Forcados terminal; which will allow us to have a production capacity of around 45,000 barrels a day. We expect to have the pipeline operational by mid-2013, so from now until then we are going to drill a number of oil wells on the field so that when production is commissioned, we will be able to increase our production significantly. Likewise, we plan to do more development and exploration with the license, as well as look for new opportunities like buying some new assets where we see potential. What are the growth prospects for the company for the next three to five years? Is there a plan already set? We know that the government is going to allocate more of these fields, so we intend to continue to work closely with our existing partners Mid-Western and SunTrust, or maybe through other partnerships. We are also looking to acquire assets which the International majors such as Shell, Conocco Phillips and the like may be divestment from". Just copied the best bits.
  14. No real news as such bar todays reaffirment of being one of the top 30 companies on the Venture(3rd year running). Meantime this climb has been on decent volumes. Shares touched intraday high of $2.31 before closing up 14c (6.60%) at 2.26c
  15. LSIL making a bee line for 35, I just know it wants to go there.
  16. Interesting chart on the UVXY 52 week range 10.06 - 471!!! With the current price just off the low, agree some upside potential even on a 3 month basis. Never tracked this before, so when has it moved sharp in the past? What's your definition of short term then emel?
  17. Hmm.... move on 11th Feb ASX and AIM release on the ASX Trading halt and "The Company advises that negotiations are continuing in relation to a potentially significant transaction..." Now a cynic might also think there is an element of teasing the AIM price higher, surely not to get a placing away? On the other hand it could be one final piece of whatever significant news remains to be completed that will transform the company. Have to say the dual list difference intrigues me here.
  18. Wish I had an ounce of silver for how many times I hear that
  19. At this rate, try next couple of days...breaking down again.
  20. Bizarre! FTE had yet another high volume day on AIM to finish at 2.4p, yet still suspended on ASX On 5th Feb the company "advised that advanced negotiations are continuing on a number of different transactions", yet the lightly regulated AIM list allows trading to continue, with shares slowly breaking out - lurching all over last 3 days! Something brewing as per ASX disclosure, but the AIM trading just reinforces the differnce in exchanges. Oh well guess it will allow someone a position one way orr the other. P.S I do hold, hence the interest
  21. Close in London following the N.R in Oz suggests a bit more than b.b gossip lurking round the corner. Heavy trade at close for FTE saw shares near 50% up on y.t.d(though spread can be wide) and double to mid Dec - obvious expectation of something about to happen. These had fell a long way!
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    Lot of the gold bulls have been saying many of the same things over and over, so I reckon there becomes little left to say about the "to da moon" predictions until it swings violently up. Meanwhile others don't trade(or sweat) the daily, monthly, seasonal moves, we just hold.
  23. Region as in Africa, Nigeria or just where Mart operates? Remember Mart worksin partnership with local indigenous operators, that's what set it aside from others that struggle in Nigeria and built it's success. Purely my opinion, but one I've heard elsewhere, but yes at some point I'd expect as it throws off cash, the divvy may grow - though look for marginal field expansion, merger, main list, LSE list (groan - here come the rampers) and slightly longer term take-out? Of course i'm biast and there is no escaping the risks, nor it's in Nigeria. That aside, bring on the $2 party Shares touched cn$1.95 and fininished the week at cn$1.93c.
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    Thats how i found it!
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    Keep threatening to start a thread on Thorium as a long term energy possibility so here goes. What is Thorium? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium So how realistic is Thorium as a fuel alternative? Lets see what the WNA say and guess who else is starting to take an interest Rather than copy the whole article i'll pick out the part on the developing the thorium fuel cycles main features and problems http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf62.html