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    The G.S.R surely can’t stick out anywhere above an hundred for much longer. Few years back I remember some arguing 15-1 and other suggested 30 more realistic 😳
  2. Any oil plays looking worth a trade now Dr Bubb?
  3. Only familiar with Pure and Victoria. Any you are interested in Dr B? I’ve had modest success since the turn of the year. My standout is Cardinal, Chalice has done me well but I sold last week, Oklu also doing well too but missed its initial rise. One other I hold are Nusantara (disappointing), As is Silver Mines Ltd, sold (or rather stopped out at 10% loss). Dacian I took a big haircut on their recent fundraiser, fortunately neither were big plays; around half my Chalice stake, which is why I jumped out. Cardinal looks likely to be sold in my opinion, I’ve cashed half on the rise. So my Aussie foray is a bit muddled so far.
  4. Don’t rub it in Dr B, what a muppet I am, should’ve waited another session only sold near the end too...D’ohh.
  5. Well played. Missed this time, but opted for Roxg instead and cashed a nice profit. All 3 are great stocks I.m.h.o
  6. Sold out again at 96c it started to stutter last night having got near 1.04 so I bailed with another tidy profit. Will be back on any weakness.
  7. Took a little profit last night, still hold around half my highest holding, my average is now about 18c haha ==== Pg18 / Added in edit (by DrB): I still think we will test the old highs at $7+, but can understand selling some near $6 (see high last 3 days) Four GCM Group co's... update: 10d / GCM at $3.98 on 4.01.20=> updated: C$5.70 @4/16/20 /Gldx-Cgc /Gldx-Cgc - updated... Gldx vs Cgc ... update: $2.40 / $1.96 = Ratio: 122.4% Date: CGC.t : vGcm: 3/16: C$1.40-39.1%, $3.58-100%, $1.11 -31.0% 6/04: C$1.96-29.5%, $6.64-100%, $2.40-36.1%
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    Plausible? Ignore the marketing spiel. Listen the gold market commentary from about 16 minutes in.
  9. Hammered 5% again and very tempting now. Would like it to drop back to mid 70’s dithered last time, won’t again.
  10. Still holding my nerves, you can’t have mine.
  11. Roxg possibly lagging other gold stocks rise? Current 75c from a year low of 57c. No position as yet but interested again.
  12. Smart move but I’m not being greedy, most of my WM.t trades have been successful and If I’d done the same with Gran Colombia, the ride their would be far less galling.
  13. LOL Dr B, made me smile but that seems about the most succinct answer you can give right now.
  14. Out at in between 50 and 51, near 20% gain was good enough pickings for me.
  15. Me too, smidgeon higher at 42 and 43.
  16. Sold and not a bad return for a small punt, happy with the beer money.
  17. Well I took some more profit during the last session in and around $7. Too fast an ascent not to bank some, so half my holding now gone at a tidy profit.
  18. Brilliant week so far for GCM, after this rise I couldn’t resist banking gains; sold a third of my holding at prices around $6.70. Patience paid off and now pleased with myself, after much frustration.
  19. Wow just noticed the jumps on ELY and RZZ since turn of the year.
  20. Giving LRA another go, reckon you could be onto the breakout.
  21. I’m asking myself, will oil go high with a set up more looking like weak global demand?
  22. Is Bo any worse than a whole series of other it’s “going to the moon” proponents? Thinking Jim Sinclair for starters.
  23. So there were some decent spikes on lithium miners Monday, I’ve been tracking a few all week. Most eased back a chunk of the gains. However, next time somewhere like the U.K makes a significant announcement on car control plans, like the 2035 date published last weekend, I have a list of contenders to jump on. Top of it is Galaxy (ASX:GSY) who gained 17% on Monday.
  24. Managed to make a near 6c momentum trade gain, virtually got back 80% of my position in the process. It was creeping to high to get the rest, so thought I’d hold back in case of any further “sale” opportunities.