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  1. Think it was Bob Moriarty that was tipping Platinum a little while ago for 2020. At the time there hadn’t been much of a rise, do you have any thoughts on Platinum going in to 2020 Dr Bubb?
  2. Despite a brief flirtation with the 120's in October, this largely stayed around the 130's. AAZ is now resuming it's UP trend prior to newsflow and there is plenty due. In around 2 weeks Q4 production figures will be out with the full years. Usually a few weeks later will follow 2020 guidance and at the backend of Feb I'd expect Final Dividend declaration. The real other biggie though sometime this quarter will be further Exploration activities and results. We already know there were 2 new contract areas identified in the ZTEM surveys as part of the Gedabek contract area, who knows what will be expanded on this time. AAZ are getting well into the 3 year exploration program now and it remains a highly overweight strong core hold for me; maybe I'll trade a small batch next quarter but this story just keeps unfolding.
  3. Just thought I'd post I bailed at 8.38c on the down leg early December, now mulling over whether to get back in early part of New Year. Was happy with my profit at the time, might sit and watch (probably sail away lol) for the Christmas period. Half thought it was weakening in truth, got that wrong I guess.
  4. The 5 year chart and the hope this is the last financing is why I didn't cut and run when it was announced. Despite having top sliced as I wasn't sure if it would sell off prior to end of new year (yeah, not clever but it was only 20% of my position and doesn't hurt to take profit), I'm content as I often have been to keep rding GCM too and have a decent stake, a long way short of my AAZ one mind
  5. I've noticed a bit of noise on ADVFN about Pure (LSE. PUR) purely because of the Sprott interest. Prefer Roxg myself but will play a watching brief on PUR, as curious as to why they wanted to list in London with Sprott's supposed interest. Back to ROXG the Q3 results stalled performance a bit compared to the first 9 months but I still think it's AISC will see strong performance and cash keeps rolling in, so I continue to hold this one going into 2020.
  6. Well I didn't wait for $1, instead I jumped out at 92c last week, having jumped in again at 78, didn't post it at the time (seem to recall thinking I'd possibly missed the boat). Anyhow, It was just a reasonable play nothing hige but welcome all the same. Reason for quitting was the strong move it's been on, I'm quite open to jumping back in on any fallback, I like Wallbridge and think it will move up in a strong gold price environment.
  7. jerpy


    Hmm, I'm looking for smaller plays myself. Seen Impact Silver flagged up on TSX. I've always been a fan of Great Panther when following silver upside and it's underperformed, whilst MAG silver can go on speed when in a bull market; just throwing a few names out I'm tracking now.
  8. Dr B, you and other chartists always fascinate me, where you draw your lines but I just asking out loud, so why wouldn't the double bottom on the final support line happen again? Would it be because that point on the 3rd downward triangle has passed? Can you see why I'm asking, why should it not retest around 0.23/24c as on the 2 previous occasions, prior to the spike up.
  9. Sold GZZ far too soon because of impatience (at around 36c) pretty dumb in hindsight to cash out at what is now a tiny profit (circa 18%) compared to today’s mid price.of 47.5. Yeah I know, always leave some for the next man, a profit is a profit but have waited a good few months, I snatched rather than let it ride because I’d been in profit before and seen it drift back. Amateur in truth, as nothing had changed and I preach it so often to myself and others. So another reinforcement trading lesson.
  10. Wow that’s some watchlist 😂 Dr B just want to wish you a Merry Christmas, this is a great thread and you are a great inspiration to my research.
  11. Picking up on the fire season stories out in Oz, seems a lot of negative sentiment towards coal right now. Will this act as an hangover to sentiment for some time, regardless of fundamentals? Seems to me fossil fuels will be out of favour as the climate change debate gains intensity.
  12. Didn’t myself but still happy with what I held, rocking up again.
  13. Strong start. The rebranding left me a bit too hesitant (or was it cynical ha).
  14. Really good news, slightly kicking myself I didn’t load up more with Hector but hey let’s not be greedy. This is looking very solid now if we get gold strength.
  15. Those are really astute comments Mux is a dog for sure, glad I stayed away.
  16. The rise on news has been most welcome here, back into the mid 90’s and going ok.
  17. Took a top slice off the recent run up yesterday, just as a little hedge to any fall back on my overall position.
  18. LAC on a long downward slide I can’t see reversing until the back end of 2020
  19. Not bad. I’m sat on my existing holding, keeping powder dry. See where it settles for awhile.
  20. Good luck to you, I think a lot of these silver plays fundamentally need a solid or ascending silver price to shine.
  21. If I’m getting the right companies that’s some group. Largo and Argonaut have had fairly big drops, although Argonaut is slightly more stable at present. Going to watch those 2 more now.
  22. Good timing for us both big drop today back down to 61c (above 15% drop) from previous day close of of 72c!
  23. Yeah some turnaround. Decent volume too.
  24. Bit of a one trick pony at present maybe the reason. Thought low 90’s would be near the bottom. Hey ho. Hector. The security is not really the issue to me. It’s like saying trouble in London will be mirrored in Newcastle in the U.K, check the respective operating locations. Pretty sure one East, one West from memory.
  25. Some move, the last spike went nicely into the 70’s, jumped on late I suppose but rode an 18c gain before cashing out earlier this week. Watching with interest where WM settles, it might be a cashout too soon I regret, didn’t want to make same “error” as with GCM of not banking a good move up.