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    Does your Mrs

    Ever considered why mainstream media fail? Some of them might even believe in gold for instance, but surely the main role is to create sensational headlines that people want to hear about or more to the point can understand, let alone believe! Which may in turn suppress the truth or require denial.
  2. Thanks for the education on this, didn't realise they were quite as infrequent as that. Oh and i'll leave the antique stuff well alone.
  3. Any useful advice on how and where to buy Shekels? Just a bit fascinated by them and want a small percentage as part of a diversified portfolio if possible. Particularly on the safety of purchase? Trustworthy sources, physical receipt, safe storage etc Riggers
  4. Don't know whether you can answer this, but what if anyone went further and bought for their children or grandchildren?
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    Whilst waiting for whatever the re-list in this company brings here's an interesting snippet from Oilbarrel. "Things have not been great at Equator in the past year or so after it failed to get its Nigerian Bilabri project off the ground amid squabbles over financing with indigenous partner Peak Petroleum. The company could certainly do with some better news from the JDZ area where it maintains a fair sized 9% stake in Block 2, which is operated by Chinese state energy giant Sinopec. Whether Equator gets to realise any of the benefits of its acreage position though is open to question. In a recent update it said that it was looking to monetise all or part of its interests in JDZ Block 2 and also in the company’s two option blocks in Sao Tome & Principe’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Interest from potential suitors should be high, with the JDZ once again coming into focus for drillers. Nonetheless, Equator may still stand to benefit should any more discoveries be made in the area, deal or no deal". http://www.oilbarrel.com/home.html The article concludes with the following "Though little-explored, the JDZ area backs onto Nigeria’s own hugely prospective deepwater territory, which has already yielded multiple discoveries. Equator’s Block 2 is adjacent to Nigerian Block OML 130 which hosts the Akpo field, with reserves of 800 million barrels of oil and 4 trillion cubic feet of gas. In 2006, another large state Chinese group, CNOOC, paid US$2.68 billion for a 45% interest in the block. Equator currently expects exploratory drilling to commence on its deepwater Nigerian Blocks, OPL 321 and OPL 323, late in 2009, and on JDZ Block 2 in 2010. If the results of the first well in Block 1 are anything to go by it could be an exciting period ahead for those with a stake in the area. The Obo-1 discovery – the first ever JDZ well, in 1,720 metres of water – identified 150 feet of net pay, Chevron said. The block is located 200 km south of Port Harcourt in Nigeria and 300 km north of the city of Sao Tome. Though the US super major has not provided any reserve estimates since the find, media speculation has referred to a 1 billion barrels discovery. Any ownership of this size discovery – whether it be 4.41% or 9% - is big news. The start of drilling work on Block 4 in late 2008 could again build interest in the JDZ and possibly add a little extra oomph to those minority partners in need of a lift". Would love some of that oomph
  6. Posted on cycling thread, but this is what i was looking for, perhaps Dave should have read it too http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/low/uk_politics/7523144.stm His spokeswoman added the Tory leader was "annoyed" and "pretty hacked off" at what had happened. No doubt he'll back some of the idea's here when in power...... hands chopped etc
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    The Beginners Guide to Gold/Silver

    Perfect for me, only just getting to grips with buying the physical stuff, other than in a shop thanks for taking the time Steve Riggers
  8. Just a theory, but looking at charts, its been going down heavy since around the time it wasn't included in FTSE 100, so i'm wondering did funds buy expecting this, get caught out on the technical exclusion and have had to sell out? Not convinced myself as with wider markets falling hard to judge, but when it comes round to September, there might be some buying knowing it should enter the top 100. Any thoughts?
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    Renewable energy holdings

    Interesting and very erratic chart for these since launch, which is hard for me to understand on todays trading statement which cites "revenues for the first six months of 2008 of approximately £4.5 million (1H 2007: £1.825m) made up as follows: wind approximately £2.6 million (1H 2007: £1.7m); landfill gas in Wales approximately £0.3 million (1H 2007: £0.125m) from 1MW generating capacity; and licensing revenues received from Carnegie Corporation of approximately £1.6 million (1H 2007: £nil) in respect of the CETO wave power technology. As a result of the above, the Board expects to report earnings before interest and tax of approximately £1.7 million and profit before tax of approximately £1.0 million for the first six months of the year and looks forward to the rest of the year with confidence". All looks rosier, the s.p moved overall around 1%, but well below highs and this doesn't seem to have taken off yet, though some fairly dramatic spikes along the way. Any thoughts, never really followed them, but numbers don't look bad unless i'm missing something? Riggers (seems to be in the wrong section this thread?)
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    The Wind Power thread

    Germany continues to lead the way. http://www.thelocal.de/12917/20080706/ Tiefensee told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that the wind farms would be built in the Baltic and North seas and said some 2,000 windmills should soon be producing 11,000 megawatts of electricity. The government is aiming to obtain "25,000 megawatts of energy from wind farms by 2030", Tiefensee said. "The rise in the oil price has made this all the more pressing and the interest from investors shows that it is economically viable," he added. The first wind farm will go up off Borkum island in the North Sea later this year, the paper said.
  11. At the Lotusengineering works in Norfolk, researchers are working on an idea that seems almost too good to be true: a car that runs on CO2 The very gas that comes out of exhausts and poses the threat of climate change could, they believe, be extracted from the atmosphere and used as a source of synthetic fuel. Hey presto: a carbon-neutral car, planet saved. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle4277055.ece Dont all rush though, never mind the fact the green crowd will take some convincing on this, very early stages.
  12. Pain in the backside and all that, but i know a guy who takes his front wheel of everytime he goes in to his place of work. Suppose it's not conveniant to everyone though. But he reckons with practise it only takes a few minutes. Mind you i can't imagine city type's doing this, prior to going into central London meetings for example. Riggers
  13. If you stated you saw it from a distance and during the robbery one of the assailants threatend someone with a knife, they might just have given it a look. To me it's like small beer, so they are not interested. Beef up the crime, they take action seems to be the way. Mind my local rag would have put it on the front page!
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    Not the RNS some would have expected Some will panic, some will wait patient, but either way it will only change when sorted. 30/06/2008 09:30 TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF TRADING ON AIM EQUATOR EXPLORATION LIMITED At the request of the company trading on AIM for the under-mentioned securities has been temporarily suspended from 30/06/2008 09:30 pending publication of the company's annual report and accounts. Time to let these sleep until resolved. Riggers
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    Another unofficial snippet found elsewhere 27.06.2008 KNOC seals drillship for Nigeria deep work State-owned Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) has confirmed it has secured drillship Transocean Pathfinder to drill up to four wells on its deep-water blocks off Nigeria. KNOC has fixed the vessel at a dayrate of $600,000 for a back-to-back drilling campaign, after which it will drill one well off the Ivory Coast for $630,000 per day. KNOC's general manager in Nigeria, Yi Jin Seok, said the first probe will spud in the third quarter of 2009 a year later than originally planned targeting prospects in OPLs 321 and 323 off Lagos. No verification on KNOC website, but will watch for that. http://www.knoc.co.kr/ Significance? Dominant partner D.Y.O.R.......but a deepwater drillship, now if true, they don't come along easily as i'm sure many know.
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    Condor Resources PLC

    LOL take it you didn't like that either. Half me stake gone, but going to see what happens now they have funds sorted, which was my concern in march(lesson learned), but may average down.
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    Condor Resources PLC

    Funding sorted with key investors (or high net worth individuals) as the company puts it...... didn't ring me. But nice to see chairman adding sizeable chunk and £2m in bank even though large dilution(see RNS). Commenting on the placement, Mark Child, Chairman said: "I am delighted that Condor has raised £2m with the support of existing shareholders. This ends a period of financial uncertainty for the Company and provides the funds to continue exploration activity in Nicaragua and maintain its licences in ElSalvador whilst the Ministry of the Economy undertakes a Strategic Environmental Evaluation Study on the benefit of mining to the country. As a result the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) ceasing to issue environmental permits to allow trenching and drilling activities, Condor has not been permitted to drill on its key projects. The new funding will also allow Condor to diversify its geographical interests in natural resource projects." Riggers
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    Could post today's RNS for all to decode but this proves reasonable summary. See website for RNS LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Equator Exploration Ltd. said it has given Peak Petroleum Industries Nigeria Ltd. a deadline of end July 2008 for financing the Bilbari oil development in Nigeria. The exploration and development oil and gas company said it is continuing to work closely with Peak to ensure the financing required for the Bilabri development and to satisfy the terms of the Bilabri Settlement Agreement (BSA) is secured within the shortest time possible. On Feb. 11, Equator Exploration said it had issued an arbitration notice to Peak, as Peak has not yet made payments to the company towards reimbursement of certain costs as part of the settlement agreement it had reached to take over liabilities of Bilabri oil development. In a statement on Wednesday, the company said it is working with Peak to put in place definitive documentation to secure its carried interest of 5 percent in the oil development of Bilabri and its 12.5 percent paying interest in the gas development of Bilabri and Owanare. Over the past few weeks, progress has been made concerning the Bilabri oil and gas developments as several agreements have been entered into by Peak, as licence holder and operator of OML 122, it added. Nice interpretation of news by the AIM market makers
  19. Found this and thought it may interest you. How Long Can You Store Gasoline? June 17, 2008; Page D4 Q: I have several five gallon cans of gasoline in my garage that are to be used in a generator in case of a power failure. They have been there for several years as well as a tank full in the generator. Can this gas go stale? -- C. S. Legum, Norfolk, Va. A: Gasoline does degrade or become "stale" during storage. How long it remains viable depends on several factors including the container and conditions in which it has been stored. The gas in your garage is long past its due date, though, especially if it was stored without the addition of a chemical stabilizer. Many folks store gasoline, as seen here after Hurricane Katrina. But gas can go stale after a few months. I know it is tempting to use the fuel, especially with prices so high at the pump. Indeed, many times I have poured gasoline of questionable vintage into the tanks of cars, motorcycles and of course, the lowly lawnmower. Several years ago I inherited a roto tiller with a tank that had been half full for years. Of course, it started on the first pull and has run well ever since. Still, the instructions for outdoor power equipment like mowers, snow blowers and chain saws often recommend draining the tank if you don't plan to use the machine for a several months. The American Petroleum Institute recommends taking old gas to an approved disposal facility after, at most, two years of storage. But the gas may have degraded beyond safe use by then. To be safe, the trade group says, you should avoid storing gasoline from season to season. For example, if you fill the gas can in the spring you should use its contents before the end of the year. I haven't had any fuel-related problems. But I have heard enough tales of woe from people who have that I now avoid storing gasoline for more than a few months and always add a stabilizer to the container. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1213651581...nnelMain_Review
  20. You're going to like this Dr Bubb..... A report by Cambridge Energy Research Associates, an energy-consulting group, says 2007 probably will represent the peak year of gasoline consumption in the U.S., with annual demand dropping this year for the first time in 17 years. "All signs point downward from here," says Samantha Gross, associate director of CERA's global oil-research group and one of the report's authors. Gas prices have been high long enough for consumers to see them as "something that's here to stay." Judy Bayer, who works for a mortgage company, is coping with higher prices for gas by giving up outings to the movies, the mall and restaurants. "I don't leave my house. I go to work, and I come home," says the 45-year-old Webster, N.Y., resident. AND EVEN BETTER ...... new converts appearing! "Meanwhile, people have begun migrating from far-flung suburbs to urban centers where commuting distances are shorter and public transit is more easily accessed. In a poll this month of more than 900 Coldwell Banker residential-real-estate agents mainly in urban markets, more than 70% of them said their clients increasingly are interested in living in the city to shrink their gasoline bill". http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1213926463...d=fpa_whatsnews
  21. Dr Bubb, If ever you ahd a case for changing a thread title this has to be it surely? Down, down deeper and down! http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/view/minewe...2&sn=Detail With clear warning for explorers........ "Most importantly" RBCCM continued, "in our view, will be disinterested equity markets that might cease funding uranium exploration and development. We believe that the absence of equity market participation in the uranium industry would constrain the ability of uranium supply to meet the growing demand, which, in turn, could threaten the ability of global utilities' new reactor build programs". You would think a bounce would come sometime?
  22. Dr Bubb, If ever you ahd a case for changing a thread title this has to be it surely? Down, down deeper and down! http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/view/minewe...2&sn=Detail With clear warning for explorers........ "Most importantly" RBCCM continued, "in our view, will be disinterested equity markets that might cease funding uranium exploration and development. We believe that the absence of equity market participation in the uranium industry would constrain the ability of uranium supply to meet the growing demand, which, in turn, could threaten the ability of global utilities' new reactor build programs". You would think a bounce would come sometime?
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    Rusoro Mining

    On the back of investment from Peter Hambro, here comes another good news story. Vancouver, Canada - Rusoro Mining Ltd. ("Rusoro") is pleased to announce that it continues to implement its regional consolidation strategy with the acquisition of Hecla Mining Company's ("Hecla") Venezuelan assets which include the Block B - Isidora mining leases and the La Camorra mill facility in Bolivar State, southeastern Venezuela. Hecla's Venezuelan assets are being acquired for US$20 million in cash and 4,273,504 (US$5 million worth of) Rusoro shares. The Hecla-Venezuela acquisition is subject to final regulatory approval and is expected to close the week of June 23, 2008. As a result of reaching this strategic milestone, the second tranche of Rusoro's syndicated US$80 million financing led by Peter Hambro Mining Plc ("PHM") in the amount of US$52 million has been released. Commenting on the acquisition, Rusoro CEO Andre Agapov states: "The Hecla-Venezuela acquisition confirms our exceptional growth profile and allows us to target an annual production rate of 220,000 ounces per year by the end of 2008. We have received strong in-country support for this acquisition and we look forward to employing our Venezuelan expertise to re-energize the Hecla-Venezuela assets for the benefit of our shareholders and the local communities." ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ The key to this story which i'm following and trading on every pullback has to be the way this is developing into the way the Russians are playing the game. "As part of the agreement with Hecla, the parties anticipate that the La Camorra mill and concession may revert to the Venezuelan State on or about January 1, 2009. Rusoro will own the La Camorra assets until that time and is pleased to announce that it is in discussions with the Venezuelan government to explore opportunities with Minerven and MIBAM to form a joint venture regarding the La Camorra and Block B - Isidora assets. Commenting on the prospective joint venture, Rusoro CEO Andre Agapov states: "We would be delighted to be selected as the partner of choice to work with Minerven and MIBAM to explore a joint venture that will benefit both the Venezuelan people and our shareholders and we are excited about the future opportunities that this type of collaboration may present for our shareholders." Riggers
  24. Noticed it on a couple of threads, but perhaps if you give a short explanation as to why, you may avoid any type of critical response. Either way commented before, great site Dr B, continue learning plenty, with the influx of new posters the site gets better but the tone and respect remains, even with some of the more extreme views.
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    The sad but true fact is there always seems to be winners and losers, but is the world as a whole a better place?