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  1. Pretty much got what I wanted now, whilst s.p meandering around. Will sit tight now.
  2. I’ve wasted an opportunity to cash in profits higher, but happier to sit out time knowing Sprott has 11%, so long as no more cheap giveaways.
  3. So a few people got a sniff of Lonmin news! Anyhow, it’s bouncing back again after profit taking.
  4. Maybe but just remember they are working on so many prospects from the Aztec mapping survey, there could be a serious resource upgrade. That would smash the range. Then there is Ordubad.
  5. Thanks Dr B, sideways until more resource is proven up suits me fine. Doubt that will be long, I remember John or Reza saying to Stephen Westhead at the AGM “take your time but we’re in a hurry “. An updated jorc is highly likely before Christmas and could land anytime now really.
  6. Maybe I’m too attached but that’s what gave me confidence to add. Strong bounce back today already paying off. I’d normally agree with you Dr B but a bit a fear and manipulation seems to have run this down, it doesn’t take much to reverse; just my opinion.
  7. Won’t lie, this has been painful on little volume generally. Fortunately I’ve been adding of late as I see it well overdone on boredom and lack of resource upgrades. Everything else suggests doing what’s on the label including the nice divi I’m about to receive.
  8. Sadly missed the update spike which closed at 43.5c today, sat on sidelines being too greedy on my entry points. Hindsight huh.
  9. Made a mistake not taking more profits here, so sat waiting for that bounce. Won’t make the same mistake twice I hope.
  10. Managed to cash in and buy back myself at 51 and then 46c. Hoping for a bounce.
  11. If this gets near $6 I’m not going to be so shy taking profits, that’s my target price.
  12. Had a good start yesterday, well Dr B did you ? Stayed away myself.
  13. Here’s another one for you Chalice Gold / ASX: CHN https://chalicegold.com/ Full presentation and others can be found on website.
  14. I’ve just re-read Guy’s comments from 2013 on Value Investing from his blog (a bit further down the page to the excerpt on Options). Somewhat reminds me of my own mindset, without as much thought or analysis of Guy. Generally I fairly certain I too, swerve crowded plays, or wait for the herd then sell. Guy’s concluding comments are very apt. In particular this line “My aim in investing is to make money, not to burnish a personal narrative or sense of identity as any particular “type “ of investor “ Wondering why Guy decided to start his blog again?
  15. Back testing yearly highs ahead of likely news next week. Bill’s in London presenting, all sorts of speculation on new mines and other countries coming out in the Azeri press. Finished the week on 173p! Just wow! I’ve rode this since 5p days, sitting and accumulating. Yet there seems so much more to go before it achieves mid tier, AAZ are one of those rare stocks, that come along every so often.
  16. Took easy gains early on, didn’t want to give them back. I’m out for now.
  17. Nigel seems to make his own luck? Right 😉 I’ve commented before, so I’ll not add much more, Free Capital is an interesting read, with some good lessons. Not all trading styles can possibly be relevant to each and every reader but there is something for all to take away from reading the book. I’ve recommended it to others several times.
  18. Mine was 27c, I just lost patience because it never seemed to do much even when gold moved strongly. So just took the spike as a way out..
  19. Been keeping a watch on these. Some bounce off around $1.50 to $2.32 now
  20. Added to this yesterday and today first thing, nice little bounce, maybe still too early but looked a bit oversold to me.
  21. Hmm maybe right, I’d flipped some back into WM.t which my latest trade there was a little underwater.
  22. Managed to offload my GZZ at 41c, really didn’t get greedy. I’d waited a long time for that spike, so I tool a 18% return. It wasn’t a big play, so I was glad just to turn a profit with a fair bit of patience.
  23. Still my second biggest position by some distance but suppose Dr B gave me food for thought. So just decided to bank some as we got near $6. I’ve been trading since January and this was pretty much a trading batch.
  24. Better call than mine, well played again!