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  1. Got any more research notes? Only interested if you promise not to buy them though
  2. Appreciate that Jaguar. If you can spot shares in their infancy like that, i reckon others would welcome your comments on here more often. Riggers
  3. Hi Jaguar, Had already read it, very lively debate, so many posts. L.O.L Will keep my eye on it for information Thanks for reference though, will no doubt help others form an opinion. Riggers
  4. jerpy

    Kenmare Resources

    Released on Friday for information hence my question. Kenmare Resources was lower after experiencing some 'teething problems' at its Moma mine located in northern Mozambique, resulting in a delay in production ramp up. The group said it expects to reach full production during the next six months. "The market for titanium minerals is positive with a favourable trend in prices," said chairman Charles Carvill. "We look forward to many years of profitable production," he added. S.P fell as you would expect, intrigued by chairman's comment and wonder if it will reach over-sold territory on this basis?
  5. jerpy

    Kenmare Resources

    Till i see the mushroom cloud i don't. But ADVFN, so full of bull i try not to, will have a quick look though. Thanks Riggers
  6. Sorry Frizzers, read a post elsewhere, got it a bit wrong, actually in Tantalum. They are an off-shoot, but i looked for a web site myself and found it. http://www.mmel.com.au/ Still looks of interest, comment if you wish, but going to find more info myself. Riggers
  7. jerpy

    Kenmare Resources

    Dr Bubb, Noticed this fell back strongly last week on delays. Not trying to remind you that it's a lot higher than when you sold(sorry), but do you think given the long term forecast for production and this resource, could it be entering over-sold territory. Would you not be tempted if it drops lower to buy back in? Riggers
  8. Frizzers Looking around, i've just spoted Magnum, which appears to be an off-shoot of Slyvania and Dwyka. They are a palladium play to(sorry if slightly off topic), but the price of this is fairly low, but comments on abound it could bounce. Hence my interest. Don't hold, but seriously looking at it for my first none uk play. Any thoughts on this resource or company?
  9. More to the point it looks to be operating in a more stable environment. It seems the opportunities and decisions to select shares are narrowing at the moment. http://www.resourceinvestor.com/pebble.asp?relid=39829 Certainly seems South(Southern even) Africa might not be the place to invest, but is doing wonders for the Platinum price.
  10. Struggling to get my head round this and sometimes wish some of you metals boffins would answer my odd question. Researching this sector, everything points to high prices, yet as the article suggests, stocks massively underperforming. http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/view/minewe...4&sn=Detail Why is this sectors miners regardless of sixe,listing country or stage of production all suffering negative performance, when there appears a shortage of platinum and the price is at record highs? What's held these back, the same doesn't seem to apply to gold stocks? Riggers
  11. Now here's a find. A fund that is heavily into Platinum, which given it's in a bull run, with a wide holding of stocks this ought to outperform.....surely? http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/view/minewe...2&sn=Detail The fund also highlights the expectancy for sector consolidation. Riggers
  12. Read about platmin and their prospects on short note in I.C. Got them marked to watch, but who are beartooth, not heard of them. Any more info links you can pass on please No6? Riggers
  13. Frizzers, Been looking at Zincox myself, quite interested in them. But reading articles like the one attached concerns me. Predicting up to 45% decline in Zinc prices. http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2007/1...23150670700.htm Just wondering if anyone has seen any comments on the Chinese situation. Keeping my eyes open, hence article, but not coming up with much other than hypothesis. Riggers
  14. Apparently Bloomberg are hot on Palm Oil. Whatever, NBPO marches on. Got a stop loss set, but this share has been a winner for anyone so far, up 5% today, currently 459!
  15. Spot on with the comment about NBPO, probably should have started a separate thread. Shares up 11% today in falling markets, this is one IPO that institutions definately want. Put your notes under this one No6
  16. D'ohh.....must read my posts....mean't to say for instance junior miners!
  17. Can't disagree, which is why it pays never to blindly follow. For instance, it would have ruled me out of Qti and many small caps. Although his strategies are based mainly around ISA investments, there has to be a place for some small caps, for existance junior miners; he concedes there are some good ones though by admission he puts odd one's in SIPP's. Like all share guru's, they don't pick winner's all the time! Nice to see he was in PVCS though.
  18. Hi Arn, Thanks for pointing Nrystar out, if zinc prices recover it might be worth a play. Doubt Mr N.T would have bought for this reason, he advises against buying in weak sector's which Nrystar would have been a plum stock in such sector, similar to Griffin. Riggers
  19. Read the book logged on to the IPO site suggested in his book and picked them out. Feeling pleased now, had no idea he'd tipped them as i'd not read his site in any detail. But the point he makes in his book about fairly large IPO's seemed to be bearing fruit. Agree it might fall back, but it seems to demonstrate his point that institutions buy heavily into these IPO's and they motor for some time after, particularly in a good market.
  20. jerpy

    Zeehan Zinc

    Came across this company on another B.B but they look interesting on recent announcements of securing extra funding to bring forward production. The stated aim is to become a major Lead and Zinc producer in Tasmania. Originally listing on Aim in March 2007, the shares underperformed and drifted down presumably on the lack of positive newsflow, though news may have leaked of production delays which were admitted in the October results. However, they comment these delays are now behind them and the share price seems to be holding steady on recent RNS announcements, which leads me to wonder if now is the right time to invest and a buying opportunity before the main action? They have found new dicoveries announced earlier this month........Ralph Rossouw, CEO of Zeehan Zinc said: "The Boss Lode is an exciting discovery of a new style of flat lying, stratabound mineralisation at Comstock. The lode is open to west, east and south and extends under the previously known vein lodes of the mine site. It is only 30m below our present pit floor at the Allison's Lode. Our team is currently evaluating the economics of this new deposit and we intend to accelerate our drilling program in order to prove-up its extent. Combined with the increase in resources at the Watsons and Main Lodes, the new deposit represents an excellent follow on from the Company's drilling program during 2007 and demonstrates the significant potential of our assets." The October results stated "the Company is focussed on achieving initial operations and revenues through the sale of lead concentrate and zinc pre-concentrate". Whilst the additional funding will also bring forward the development of the company's Lead mine at the Oceana site. Check out the website for more details http://www.zeehanzinc.com/ Would be interested in others comments as to whether it's too early to get excited? i've bought a small(very small) stake, but contemplating more.
  21. This thread seems out of kilter with events. See Griffin's woes. http://www.griffinmining.com/gm_news.asp?date=20071126 Although they are confident the impact of China's off loading will be short term. The surplus has certainly hit prices in the second half of the year and shares.
  22. jerpy

    The Wind Power thread

    Interesting article. if the claims in the independant for wind energy for 2020 are to be believed then theres a lot to be done. http://comment.independent.co.uk/leading_a...icle3236068.ece. Front page spread..........read the internet version for yourselves. Also curious where the investment opportunities could be?
  23. Greatland Gold are GGP/LSE. The September article of Mining Journal featured them. You're welcome to the tip Dr Bubb, I don't intend to invest until next year as I don't think it's going anywhere in a hurry.But genuinely intrigued as since launch the sp has gone down and seems to have missed the "hype stage". Have successfully traded shares for several years, but mining is a sector i guess at, so looking to learn more from others and understand mining fundamentals more. That's what worries me with GGP, prospects, management etc looks good yet s.p performance doesn't seem to reflect them. So am i missing something or is it just at a none exciting share price stage, with the best presumsbly to come on updates?