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    The Wind Power thread

    Interesting article. if the claims in the independant for wind energy for 2020 are to be believed then theres a lot to be done. http://comment.independent.co.uk/leading_a...icle3236068.ece. Front page spread..........read the internet version for yourselves. Also curious where the investment opportunities could be?
  2. Greatland Gold are GGP/LSE. The September article of Mining Journal featured them. You're welcome to the tip Dr Bubb, I don't intend to invest until next year as I don't think it's going anywhere in a hurry.But genuinely intrigued as since launch the sp has gone down and seems to have missed the "hype stage". Have successfully traded shares for several years, but mining is a sector i guess at, so looking to learn more from others and understand mining fundamentals more. That's what worries me with GGP, prospects, management etc looks good yet s.p performance doesn't seem to reflect them. So am i missing something or is it just at a none exciting share price stage, with the best presumsbly to come on updates?
  3. Hello Dr Bubb, Been reading threads on here for a few weeks, finally decided to register, as this looks a great board. Slightly perplexed though after I read the article on Greatland Gold in the September Mining Journal and their share price doesn't seem to match your theory at the start of the thread as it seems to have drifted down bar the odd spike since launch. The company seems well funded, gives regular updates, has experienced personnel. But I guess it's some time from production, hence the share price apathy. Don't hold, but interested as a long term play and would welcome how you view them in-line with stages of production chart you post at the start of this thread. Know there is a company specific thread, but more interested in how to judge them in your theory. thanks Riggers