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  1. Like I did with Mux eh. Sold a second third of my core today at 59c. See how far it goes with the rest before getting the urge to cash in.
  2. You can be so cryptic at times Dr B, anyway I decided to sell off 20% off my pot today. $5.80’s was too much to resist.
  3. Well that wasn’t so smart either in hindsight! What a few days for SSP!! Closed on 32c(18% up on the day Friday).
  4. Your chart channels for Mag Silver and Sil etf seem to have broken out now Dr B. Considering Great Panther again which I ditched for a few cent gain, it’s still barely moved!?
  5. Just quoting these charts to show the move since a press leak and AAZ subsequent RNS Thursday, suggesting independent valuer appointed, to establish method for valuing Azeri government takeover of AAZ holding company interest in PSA. Early days but news and realisation AAZ siting on huge resource is finally becoming obvious to more than the board and a few shareholders. Patience now being well rewarded 😊 Closing mid price 162.5p!!!
  6. Small batch back at 41c this week, looking for a small flip on gold strength alone.
  7. Took a third of my holding off at 54c, if I equate it to the first trade I made, it’s a decent 35% return. Just hoping it’s not as daft a move as selling Roxg.
  8. Well that’s my dumbest move of the year, in hindsight 🙄
  9. Been a good year for a few miners. Suppose all boats float when the tide is rising, still prefer producers (or at least near term ones) than explorers, think if the general market bubble pops, funding junior explorers will once again be difficult.
  10. Fair enough. Me neither (why I let MUX run away), unless I think the ship is still only just leaving.
  11. Still looks a decent buy in even now.
  12. Interesting. I’m still very wary of it all to be honest, maybe a little sceptical due to a lack of understanding and not wanting to understand due to a lack of trust. Thanks for the response
  13. I’d not really commented here but that private placement looks like GCM.t just keep getting a cheaper and cheaper stake. Made me think why bother here, as GCM.t will likely get a boost from anything they do anyway. Edit: should say I bought a tin6 holding and made a little profit, just didn’t see why hold at 26c when GCM.t can get in at 20c; nice work if you can get it 😉
  14. Took profits today, it was a decent return for a few months hold. Hoping to get in again with a small pullback, if not I might blink again and jump back in lol
  15. Keep waiting for the Oil low myself, yo7 would think with all the ratcheting up with Iran it won’t be far away? Sold a couple of goldies last 48 hours to take profits in ROXG and Small batch of SSP I bought. Curious Dr B, don’t think you have commented on BTC lately or alternative currencies, what your current view? I’ve always kept well away but just interested on your view point if you have time.
  16. Hmm, you’re making me think hard here, I had $6+ as a target.
  17. Yes Dr B, I saw the logic, I think if energy prices turn, it’s a great turnaround opportunity, I got very lucky by poor portfolio management, for once an unexpected bonus.
  18. I’ve been a bit quiet on these but I went to the AGM and have to say, it was quite unlike any other I’d been to. The directors and staff went through the usual prelims but the Q and A session with directors and staff revealed so much more. Most of the news flow is RNS’kd as promised and predicted with some real encouraging data coming out the heli-borne survey, identifying 31 prospective target zones; so much could say but I’m already a cheerleader enough. Subsequently the price has responded and been teetering back above yearly highs. Today it closed at £1.32p!!
  19. Managed to get in at 40 and bought a few more yesterday and today, hoping I’m riding it up.
  20. Cursing I missed the chance to switch some out of GCM last week, which I mentaller called but holidays distracted me. Good few days here, the latest wave seems to have gone though, so waiting to see if there’s any pullback now.
  21. This i thought just needed an energy stock bounce to start shining, so I bought some awhile back at 2.40, I clumsily forgot I’d originally set a $2 price target, some time before. Fortunately my dumb move, got triggered on the lurch past at $1.92.(no idea why it was never triggered at $2? Couldn’t believe my luck last week and cashed in on the mini bounce back up, managing to sell the lot at $2.20. So lucky here, totally believe the logic and expected we we were overdue an energy stock bounce any time, so not knocking the pick; just thought it a slightly amusing and fortunate get out of jail trade.
  22. Don’t think it was GMP raising its target that caused the price boost. Took a little bit off here at 5.50 yesterday to fund vit.t purchase.
  23. I’ve been buying vit.v (not posted before as had sketchy wi-fi in Greek islands).
  24. This rocks up above that first line tomorrow, I’m wondering what timescale before it touches the second. Stunning share this has been.