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  1. “Been loading up to my core position throughout day, too good to resist near $4 again” Feeling smug again here....always seems to take a few sessions before good news reaps a reward.
  2. Been loading up to my core position throughout day, too good to resist near $4 again.
  3. Happy to wait a bit but still an interesting reversal play in the making.
  4. I’ve had a nice return on Roxg already when it popped, was holding off hoping it would go under $1 again but seemingly unlikely. (Edit, should say I got impatient and bought back, still might add more). Intrigued by your SWN comments and watching that closely. Right now Aurelia (ASX:AMI) which is pretty battered and Steppe Cement (STCM.LSE) well off peak, yielding a high dividend (something got to give), have my attention the most.
  5. Managed buy a few of these back from previous posts but the last few days spike have been too good to resist. Sold half yesterday at 40.5 and 40, any spike today on strong gold and I’m out completely. This has been such a good flip trade, almost by chance against T.GCM
  6. For me it’s just going to present another buying opportunity, I’d sold equivalent of half my position again at above $4.50; strong gold has probably kept it up there. I’d loved to see it below $4 again but if not I’d be happy enough to watch it bounce back.
  7. Bought some Great Panther today, only value I could see myself to exploit the G/S ration being so high.
  8. Blinked and bought back, no patience me.
  9. Consolidating nicely with reasonable volume for Roxg. Any dip into the 90’s might tempt me back.
  10. Those high costs still put me off but if gold keeps rising I guess MUX will look more attractive. Rob McEwan seems a great guy but I just don’t like the thought of getting my fingers trapped again.
  11. Decided to be nimble myself, 4 lots (40% of my holding) around the $4.50’s. Just too good a run up to resist. Happy to leave the rest.
  12. Strong end of week finish at £1.08 AGM coming up Thursday may get an update surprise; value starting to become more transparent, one day there will be a scramble for the relatively low free float.
  13. Time for an overdue AAZ mention. I've been good enough to let this settle back now and it's duly found support back over £1. Full year results posted an impressive $25.2m pre tax profit, the dividend confirmed at 4c, highly encouraging helicopter surveys with much to drill and all self funded....what's not to like?
  14. Brooke that down trend, now into the $3.90’s. This has served me well, I’m getting ready to flip some out into Wallbridge again.
  15. Took profits @ $1.04 couple of sessions back myself, didn’t want to give it back and happy with around 23% return.
  16. I’m figuring it’s about broken your downward chart pattern you posted April 28th? Yes? Added a little more and resisting taking gains, for now!
  17. Liked the interview, right at the end talk with talk of growth, acquisitions was a little mention of eventually paying dividends. Not many miners do that.
  18. Good point to go again then from today, $3.35 can.close
  19. Point well made Dr B. Maybe the dreamers are really cheerleaders for Sprott buying, I think that, as much as anything is what has propelled this share lately.
  20. No idea in truth, other than I don’t believe the central banks will want crypto’s to flourish, as they represent an alternative vehicle to the fiat currencies they currently love. For the reason alone, in my humble opinion, I don’t think there will ever be a free market. At some point I fear, they will be curtailed by ruling classes and the puppet government’s. Seem to recall China has already made noises. It’s not something I follow, if you do, good luck, as I said not for me.
  21. MUX.... who kicked the dog? Didn’t see that coming.
  22. No. Decided a long time ago I’d not envy anyone who made it with Crypto’s but I don’t trust them because I don’t trust the “system” not to find a way to bring them down.
  23. Feel more comfortable now with both these latest moves, particularly GCM but ROX is looking a bit better, just when I was starting to doubt.
  24. Hmm, slightly wrong footed me. I’ll live it for now, as if it follows such as your channels it would be no big deal to me. I’ve done very well so far, might have to wait out this move, short term has not often been my forte.