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  1. GCM was a surprise move for most based on Venezuelan assets I had no idea they owned! Certainly welcome, definitely unexpected.
  2. Maybe as Dr Bubb says, it just needed that little bit of help with the gold price. I’m back in today, nothing major but dipped a toe.
  3. phew, glad I wasn’t greedy with MDR. Was the drop an over reaction, it’s going to have a very low p.e number again. Not tempted back in but see it bouncing today.
  4. Wow, it’s on a rip again from the off. Currently .28c
  5. Your picks are on fire Dr B, shame I didn’t believe in GZZ, little bit like MUX. For me McEwan, the man himself seems a good guy watching videos, I’ve sent them an email to ask questions, just don’t believe in the stock right now and staying out but watching. Glad I followed your GCM and WM.t prompts though, particularly GCM. You’re much more disciplined about selling than I ever am, I suppose that comes with a cynical trading view.
  6. Very modest Dr B, sometimes you make your own luck? It was a good spot and the Trump twist possiblymight have been read by some others in the market. Having made a profit on MDR myself, a little too soon maybe, I just had belief you had found something too, I only picked one out though. Now interested to see if it dips, not to trade, just interested where it settles down.
  7. Don’t see cryptocurrencies as anywhere near popular enough to cause that yet; not for the average Joe. Just from what I see and hear in ordinary society.
  8. I’m waiting a bit longer but getting twitchy to jump back in.
  9. Really surprised at MDR (and all your OIH portfolio), having bought at an average 7.28, set myself a mental target price of $8.50 and for me I was quite disciplined selling at that level. Truth is, my decision was more I didn’t expect it to keep galloping on so quickly. Not being greedy it was a good start for my trading year, so happy with the profit; still surprised though.
  10. Took the hit on this one last week before news release, which despite looking better, doesn’t seemed to have inspired the market. Is it the high short position that is controlling this?
  11. Not the only one pleased and wishing he’d bought more. Great call though, can please not cause a slump at $4 😊
  12. You are on a roll Dr B. I’d had a nibble of MDR and it’s paid off nicely. It was a bit random, gut instinct to go with them out of all your drillers but I got in near the end on Thursday’s leg up. To be honest I was a little concerned I’d got in on a wave that would ebb away, but no it’s kept rising. My only slight conundrum is MUX being so unloved. Are the shorts in control there?
  13. Can’t believe my luck here, seems I got in just about right. Added yesterday too.
  14. Ha, ha. Sometimes people take some time convincing but you were undoubtedly right! You were probably of the same opinion and conviction in terms of weighting, I was on AAZ, there’s a lot more to run on both I feel.
  15. You definitely got my attention Dr B. Excuse the aside, if you do look at the wider article, no surprise to see Largo up top given the performance of Bushveld LSE.BMN on AIM (or vice versa), clearly whilst Lithium went out of fashion, Vanadium was very much in.
  16. Thanks for the feedback Dr B High on my watch list having sold off but will sit on hands awhile longer.
  17. Watching this with interest now it’s back at the lows. Whats knocking this Dr B, why the smack down?
  18. Interesting little thread I’ve only just glanced at. These two stand out for me. The first was my school of learning, what was it the Jesse Livermore once said, something along the lines of its not my thinking that earned me my rewards, it’s my sitting; can’t remember the exact quote but sums up the top post. The second I suppose is plausible for an active trader (way too low for an investor) but the sentiment is right, you only have to look at the message boards to see why so many fail with trades against the sharks that frequent them. One their thing I’d add specific to companies, research, research and more research to anything that constitutes a sizeable position. Anyone taking a large stake really has to get to know the company, to sense an end goal and what’s on the horizon.
  19. I’ve had a few small batches on pullbacks,, I’ll not go overboard here, but you have another small convert.
  20. Check out LSIL too, spotted contango there years ago, you can only ever trade it in mini swings unless a full on bull period. SSiL will,be similar but it’s had a better return in recent times.
  21. Take your pick? Same result, this story is only just unfolding. Dr Bubb's chart My charts
  22. Really! Sounds like a 16 year old or wind up attention seeker, not convinced either way. Young enough to learn and build again, dumb enough to make the same mistakes. Margin trading at that age....hmm, much to learn.
  23. Lol Dr B. I’ve been visiting here long enough to remember when there was quite a discussion on here before, it gave the game away easily enough. Nigel seems a smart trader and yes I get the swing trade ideas, but I’m only ever moderately successful in that respect. Favourite chapter? Hmm, well several. Taylor fits my style if not personality and circumstance but I also saw something in Luke too. The rest were an interesting read but I could only find any style fit with Vernon but I think I’ve moved away from glitch trading. Whilst I’ve read quite a lot of comment about and from John Lee, finding him interesting from an investing viewpoint; his methods though would never appeal racy enough to me. Which is an odd comment but I think true in the sense I like more high octane, excitement stocks than he rarely, if ever would.
  24. This is a welcome idea Dr B, I’ve got Guy Thomas’s Free Cqpital and guess what, I skipped the options comments. I’ve done real well on stocks, I can’t decide whether i just see it as a lack time barrier to throw myself at learning, as I don’t think I’m that much of dim wit or I’m simply being lazy (third possibility both).
  25. One for the watchlist until the Gold price looks sustainably higher.