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  1. Gold/silver ration getting interesting again
  2. Reflects my experience as well. Massively time consuming and then becomes less enjoyable
  3. Must be one side of a trade, cant see Soros just shipping in naked puts. Not very efficient
  4. I toyed with playing online for a while, but the time required and the rates of return combined with a famialy and a job dont make it easy. Generally found myself running out of patience and taking the wrong bets. Then getting annoyed with myself.
  5. chazza


    I see it as being slammed down yesterday on touching the 150sma the previous day.
  6. Agreed. Spreadbets i agree but for ETF's where your based in GBP, thats the price you want to see moving.
  7. Denominated in GBP, it doesnt look to have broken out yet. How are you exposed?
  8. chazza

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Its crazy, there has to be a better trade....but then a lot of people said that 5/10/15 years ago. And if the trend is your friend.... BTL, i dont think they do
  9. chazza

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Lots of chat between my colleagues and friends about buying houses/starting BTL/property portfolios for the long game.
  10. chazza

    Commander T's Diary

    looks like a resonable short trade to me also. I like the volume spike
  11. chazza

    Commander T's Diary

    Check out SX7P - EuroStoxx 600 Banks, less healthy. Which makes the strength in Lloyds all the more impressive
  12. chazza

    Valuing Gold

    http://ftalphaville.ft.com/2013/05/16/1503992/man-walks-into-a-gold-bar-au/ Nothing about the bullcase on there however
  13. chazza

    Valuing Gold

    CC, I see you won the argument on gold vs the bears in FT alphaville.. Im not feeling so confident at the moment it has to be said
  14. chazza

    PositiveDev's trading journey

    Wheres he putting his money?