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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of a 10 year chart or data for the price of copper and one for iron? Have scoured the net with no success so was hoping someone with more metals knowledge than me may be able to help out.
  2. Interesting moneyweek article interesting on platinum: Click But as well as being a store of wealth, its growing use in industry, such as its presence diesel catalytic converters means it has the same double play as silver. Couple this with its limited supply and it may turn our to be a good bet for the future.
  3. Have been keeping an eye on Penn West for a while, looking for a good point to buy for the long term. It’s sub-$27 at the moment which looks good, but with a p/e of over 38 I’m still hesitant.
  4. A good potential alternative to hydrogen fuel cells: coal fuel cells (direct carbon fuel cells) could produce cheap, clean electricity and would be a good future solution to the task of distributed electricity generation, given the abundance of coal available. http://www.redherring.com/Article.aspx?a=1...ll+Has+Promise+ http://www-cms.llnl.gov/s-t/carbon_con.html IGBT
  5. Hello all, I’ve wandered over from HPC which recently saved me from making the mistake of buying a house by giving my some insight into how the economy works, and what the media neglects to tell you. I’ve just started in my career as an electronics engineer with a small company that designs inverters for hybrid vehicles and for connecting renewable energy sources to the utility grid. I think the main reason I’ve started reading the posts on this site is to try and learn how to invest (which is totally new to me) in an attempt to protect my savings against inflation while learning some of the skills required, and perhaps make some extra money for a deposit to buy a house when they (eventually) fall to a reasonable price. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a glossary of financial terms used, similar to those on HPC, so us newbies can get to grips with things? Anyway, the site has made for interesting reading so far so thanks to everyone for your ideas.