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  1. ConvertedGoldBug


    Blimey... has everyone really deserted GEI ? That's not very helpful to the rest of us who valued their input. PS: I vote for keeping silver in its own thread.
  2. ConvertedGoldBug


    Combine them. I can't see the point of two separate threads about the same topic. Have one single thread, and just let whatever discussion occurs at the time dictate the direction of the topic. Otherwise, whenever there's any particular news item to report, it'll end up being posted in both threads (like sometimes happens here anyway), which seems a bit pointless.
  3. ConvertedGoldBug


    That's about the same price I started at as well, and to think it was only about 2-3 years ago!
  4. ConvertedGoldBug


    The bit in bold made me think... If governments chose this route to wipe out debts and devalue the currency, does anyone know, based on actual countries' debts, what ratios would actually achieve this? e.g. US 50:1 UK 75:1 What initial values would be used in a calculation to work this out?
  5. ConvertedGoldBug

    HPC - Giving it a rest

    I use the HPC forum mainly as a "news" resource these days, rather than for discussion. This is mainly due to the immature postings that people there contribute to the discussion, purely because they've got nothing constructive to say. I would imagine, therefore, that when they see one of Dr. B's posts of technical analysis and graphs, and well-thought-out reasoning of the direction of markets.... most of it is above them. And people have a tendancy to shoot down things they don't understand.
  6. ConvertedGoldBug


    Went and collected them from the Post Office this morning... didn't like not knowing when they'd be delivered, or taking the risk they'd be sent back to the originator. Didn't like driving in these conditions though!
  7. ConvertedGoldBug


    I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. Ordered them over Christmas, but the guy at Weighton sent an email on the Wednesday before New Year saying he'd decided to wait until Monday the 4th to post them, with the excuse of the "pending bank holiday and weekend coming up". He could have dispatched them on the Wed/Thurs before New Years Day, then maybe I'd have had them delivered on the Saturday. So I get a delivery note on Tuesday because I was at work, and then it snowed and I couldn't go and collect them from the Post Office. Arranged a redelivery for today (Saturday), checked the status on Royal Mail tracking system, which says they are "out for delivery", but nothing turned up today! Have arranged for another redelivery for Tuesday, but I bet they won't arrive if there's more snow by then.... It's really annoying not knowing what's happened to my order! Especially when it could have been dispatched a day or two earlier with a simple trip to the post office.
  8. ConvertedGoldBug


    ETF Securities have two types of precious metals ETFs... one that just works on the price (and is backed by AIG ), and also physical ETFs, which are backed up by physical metals, and they use HSBC as the custodian. I know what everyone thinks about ETFs, and are sceptical about how much is actually held in relation to the amount invested in these products, but this may account for increased holdings of the metals in HSBC's vaults.
  9. ConvertedGoldBug


    I found this, and thought it was quite amusing regarding the idea that the best time to sell gold is when it hits the mainstream... http://www.powerswitch.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10516 From the 4th post: Methinks there's still plenty of people waiting for the masses to tell them what to do...
  10. ConvertedGoldBug


    I thought recent 2008 Britannias were only minted to 2500 units (according to the supplier I bought a couple from at the time.) That doesn't seem like many. Does anyone know if this is true? Why limit it to so few? Is this a maximum number stipulated by a higher governing authority? Will there by any left to last throughout the whole year? Maybe they could be bring forward a new set for January, and have decided to make them official 2009 coins. Anyone? I'd like to get some more in January.
  11. ConvertedGoldBug


    Maybe Ker is an I.T. contractor, and was involved in writing their computer systems.... complete with some of his own "additions"
  12. Regarding the restructuring of America and attempting to reduce its oil dependency, some noteworthy points which need to be considered include: - Are the people in charge being lobbied with these ideas, or is it just contained within "unheard" groups of individuals? - Wars are fought over oil, and the Bush Administration also has a vested interest in oil, as well as the big oil companies. Even with a presidential change, how easily do you think this line of thought would be accepted by the politicians? - At the moment, the politicians are openly admitting to the population the drastic measures they are resorting to in order to rescue the economy, and how the tax-payers will be footing this bill with the persuasion that things could seriously deteriorate if they didn't try this. However, these are all re-active measures. Trying to persuade the people to consider lifestyle changes and restructuring on this scale would be a pro-active measure, and the masses tend to be less interested in change until it becomes a necessity. - If public announcements of these intended changes were to be made while oil is cheap, wouldn't this quickly cause the oil-producing countries to cut output (to facilitate price rises) to try and protect their economies from the threat of alternatives to demand for their oil? Which could be quite easy considering that they supply a product that everyone needs! While this might help the masses accept the reasons for restructuring, it would certainly result in sprialling costs in actually implementing the changes, and the associated problems during the transition period.
  13. ConvertedGoldBug

    Jim Sinclair thread (News & Views)

    Can someone please explain what happens during a "bank holiday"? Does it mean the banks go bust? Or are they shut down to stop people withdrawing funds, so the banks are still capitalised? Or is it to give time for the Central Banks to put the printing presses into overdrive to re-capitalise the banks? Or something else... Such as a currency re-valuation? Or global write-off of all debts and starting from a newly-printed balance sheet? And how long could it last? Basically, I'd like some input on the Why's and What For's...
  14. ConvertedGoldBug

    Canadian Tar Sands

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008...carbonemissions Article here which suggests that the oil majors such as BP and Shell are counting on the Canadian Tar Sands to boost their falling reserves. As well as being an environmental issue, I thought that the Tar Sands weren't a very viable source, since it has been suggested that it would take a barrel of oil in energy expenditure per barrel obtained from the Sands?
  15. ConvertedGoldBug

    Climate Change, Carbon Credits & Peak Oil

    Another solution is reducing the planet's population! I wholly recommend the book "Eating Fossil Fuels: Oil, Food and the Coming Crisis in Agriculture" Without wanting to divert away from Steve's original points, it provides strong evidence that we won't be able to sustain the amount of people on the planet at the rate we are dependent on oil and gas for food production and transportation. This links in with other themes about the end of the suburban lifestyle, and for communities to become more localised, and less dependent on imports and transportation of food half-way around the world before it gets onto your plate. North Korea is given an entire chapter as an example of what could happen. Having isolated themselves from aid and assistance from other countries, they don't have enough resources to sustain their lives. For example: -- Hospitals are cold in the winter due to lack of energy for heating. -- There's not enough oil to power the machinery required for their agricultural sector, meaning more labour-intensive work having to be done by hand, which in turn requires more calories of food to sustain the energy levels of the workers. Basically, since the 90's, several million people have died there due to malnutrition and starvation as a result of insufficient resources, which is pretty much down to there being a lack of oil and gas in the country. How long before this becomes more widespread, unless we reduce the amount of oil used? But we can't very easily go back to using natural resources (i.e. solar) to grow our food, since using oil has allowed us to produce much more food over the years thereby allowing for the world's population explosion. If we went backwards and used more traditional means to grow food, we'd need to see a reduction in population from 6 billion to around 2 billion that could be sustained by the amount of food produced by more traditional, and less fuel intensive, methods.