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  1. They have been already sold down - only the stronger holders are left.
  2. Haven't been there since I was a nipper in the 70's, but it was beautiful. I remember Pulau Penang was very busy. Great zoo!
  3. Fantastic, Dr B - you are in for a treat. I love KL. Because: - cheap computer equipment in Bukit Bintang (but no 'cheap' software any more ) - great food. Try the Jalan Alor market just alongside Jalan Bukit Bintang. Amazing selection, all quality. - Jalan Sultan in Chinatown, more great food if you like dai pai dong style (applies to the above) - Petronas towers for cheap clothes, books etc. I reckon it should a bit cheaper than Honkers. Have fun!
  4. An emerging pattern in uk local transport?
  5. An interesting story from Papua New Guinea (PNG). Locals have closed the Kokoda Trail (famous walk with a military history relevant to Australians) so that they can ENCOURAGE gold/copper mining nearby. http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/aus...2233951266.html
  6. International rollout - not even a trial using one country as a test market? Sorry, I cannot take this seriously, because that is not how you run a business.
  7. On first glance it looks dodgy, but a US patent search on Melchior has 11 patents issued since 1984 with him as inventor. About 90% less than the 110 claimed. These can't be maintained without significant funding, suggesting that funding is already present. But I think the group's short term is not clear. What do they want to raise money for, specifically?
  8. The thing that I don't get with EW is that it claims to be a formal system but never seems to say 'X is going to happen'. It seems to be rather 'X is going to happen or Y is going to happen' when X and Y are opposites. But it's worse than than because the above ambiguity may be the subject of only one interpretation of the data, where there may be several. Is this not the case?
  9. Managed to get hold of one December last year. Friedland doesn't come out of it smelling completely of roses. lol
  10. sigmadelta

    Super high grade gold results

    Indeed. Not quite as good as Aurelian but pretty damn good. It seems to have not been publicised much outside Oz. One interesting bit is when Joe says in the interview (I think he's serious) that the people from JORC are looking at creating a new grade on their scale, so that this fits into it. I don't think it's just a nugget effect either. There is a consistency to the drill holes. I traded in and out of these this year to some effect, and got back in today for the longer term. They closed not at 60% up - that was achieved only in early trading when they came out of suspension. Or on the other hand, maybe the acquittal of John Felderhof (Bre-X) has emboldened a few hucksters of the mining industry. The unknown here is the size of the deposit. The grades are clearly excellent, and they claim it is open at depth. They need to get on and define a minimum resource, then the market can put a sensible value on it. The market seems to think these guys are for real - anyone else got any thoughts?
  11. Investec (ie Blackfish, I think) now have a 43M shares (15.95%) in Latitude Resources. Latitude plans to sell all its exploration targets (subject to shareholder approval) and become a pure investment vehicle. At which point it will be trading at a significant discount to NAV. This is an unusual situation - a hedge fund getting involved in a microcap. But there is a twist: the hedge management and the microcap management are the same person. I'm a bit confused about the possibilities of this, but the discount, added profile and liquidity is good enough for me. Possibly a prelude to making latitude into a cash shell which to perform reverse takeovers with, or something like that? Or a cynical move as a prelude to stripping latitude of its assets?
  12. Guardian article here. Link to audio here.
  13. Heads up - something seems to be happening.
  14. I was surprised to see on Kitco a banner ad for Osisko Exploration. It said: "Experience the Action. The New Inferred Resource is Out!" (verbatim) Complete with photo of an attractive female. Which links you to their website. Someone has clearly spent a lot of time on the Flash and Java programming of this site. Unless they are related to the management it will not have come cheaply. And this is an exploration company! It seems very strange to see this kind of marketing for an explorer, which is more appropriate on a high volume media company website. In fact I used to work for a video media company that had a much less sophisticated website! Does this tell me that we are entering the 3rd wave, when the public becomes aware? I don't think so, not yet. But it is surprising. I wonder whether we'll see more of this in months to come.
  15. The co's shares are trading again from this morning, took a bit of a drop - not surprising. A few highlights: - the deputy minister for mineral resources has suggested the company apply for a new 5-yr exploration licence on the basis that they won't process any Uranium. - Ghurayyah's value is now mostly in niobium, which has tripled in price BUT - accounts have made provision for a write-down on Ghurrayyah - the company is looking at acquiring a stake in another niobium project Comments: - on first reading this seems to be a 'just-in-time' announcement, made because of the AIM listing rules would require a delisting if the recent suspension had not been lifted in the next couple of days. There may not even be a change in the status of the licence, so it may still not get granted. One could say this is corroborated by the write-down provision and the note about a new project. - however the feasibility study has been accelerated with the jv partners It seems to me that the risk has shifted somewhat. As the deputy minister has invited the company to apply for a licence, it seems that he and his department are onside for the time being. During this further uncertainty, and now the shares are tradable, it might be worth taking advantage of s/p weakness for a punt. I don't have access to level 2 data, maybe someone can confirm, but there looks like there's a buyer who is grabbing some of the excess.
  16. sigmadelta

    Gold Comments : for 1st Half-2007

    This is the first time I have seen this in a news item, albeit a S.African one. Firmer gold price expected to support rand Strange in the light of central banks disdain for the metal.
  17. sigmadelta

    Gold Comments : for 1st Half-2007

    Perhaps people are remembering the sudden snap on "5/11" last year and taking money off the table, in addition to the seasonal effect.
  18. sigmadelta

    Uranium: Price is booming

    Big news from Australia: The Australian Labor Party has just overturned their '3 mines' policy on uranium mining on a federal level. This is important because Labor are in control of state governments, which have upheld this on a state level for the last 25 years. The states which will benefit from this the most are South Australia (whose premier is very pro uranium mining) and Northern Territory (which is not strictly a state, as it is controlled by the pro-uranium the federal government). Western Australia and Queensland both have premiers who remain negative towards it.
  19. Hi Arn, I used to be a shareholder in Latitude (AIM:LTR) from the time it was Latin American Copper (OFEX:LAT). When Konig got involved I became sceptical about whether they would be serious about taking the existing projects forwards, so I sold. I'd read something about Blackfish before, but hadn't connected the dots with regards to its stated intent and the interests of the people running it. The article you posted put it all in perspective. Please note however that it is purely speculative that Blackfish would take up any holding of Latitude, I just wanted to highlight the connections as I think it is interesting. I wouldn't dream of recommending Latitude to anyone. I've bought about GBP5k's worth of shares as a punt. Cheers, Pete
  20. This is an interesting situation. On the basis that : - Konig is the CEO of Latitude Resources (AIM:LAT) and - its s/p has taken a beating recently and - Konig's statement about investing in undervalued juniors I've taken a small speculative position in Latitude.
  21. sigmadelta

    Gold Comments : for 1st Half-2007

    Something I'm interested in is whether it's inevitable that the US will have no choice but to continue to create paper. It makes my head hurt thinking about it!
  22. Funny looking alien! Couldn't be an insect - the maximum size of an insect is limited because they don't have a method of pumping air in and out of their bodies - it's just gas interchange. Bigger than the critical size and their internal organs would fail due to lack of oxygen (which this one clearly uses, see air bubble in picture).
  23. sigmadelta

    Gold Comments : for 1st Half-2007

    Cum Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc - "With this, therefore because of this" A common logical fallacy committed daily by the financial press