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  1. GTG

    PM/Miners Diversification for a SIPP

    You may like to consider the diversification offered by the ETFs NYSE:GDX for the big gold miners and NYSE:GDXJ for the juniors, GDXJ also includes silver miners I believe. If you're restricted to the LSE then the equivalent of GDX is AUCO provided by ETF securities. Check out ETF securities, they also provide physically backed PM ETFs. I'm not aware of a a junior miners equivalent quoted on the LSE.
  2. There are some elements of living here (Helensburgh, Scotland) that can't be defined using currency. One of my all time favourite films Local Hero springs to mind. From: You appear to have found your sangri la, good luck.
  3. EPML If you can't find answers there try these: http://www.pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk/ http://www.moneymadeclear.org.uk/products/...nt_options.html or just ring HL they'll put you straight.
  4. Zik, you need to get a SIPP administrator like mine. They lobbed my PR money in with the non PR money and I can trade all manner of things including currencies and derivatives. It's treat the same as the other monies and if it's not they are going to have a real job in trying to figure out what's what I may be wrong but I don't think there is any restrictions or ring fencing of PR monies now and I think you can pass on your pension pot in your will with out purchasing an annuity.
  5. At cycle degree we are in a C wave of an expanded flat. The typical ratio of a C wave is 1.618 of wave A which would take the S&P500 down to about 345.
  6. DrBubb, you were spot on last month pointing out where you thought the dollar would bounce. You did give two suggestions but one of them was right well in advance! If I had known EW better the clue would have been in the five wave extension in primary wave five in the run up from last November. The guideline being that extended fifth waves typically retrace fully. Having said that it did n't stop me increasing my trading account by 5% yesterday being long the dollar and counting waves. Profiting in the counter trend now.
  7. GTG


    Well spotted.... could be a squid trap. Reminds me of their call for $200 oil when it was at $147!
  8. That's the abbreviated version, my 60,0000 terabyte HDD is n't big enough for the full one, the key is to start when you're young and hope you live long enough. Oh, and don't start trading with real money until you know the rules. You should be Ok you have the patience, especially waiting 18 years for one of your fractal set ups
  9. Here's EWP rules and guidelines to get you up to speed
  10. and to illustrate that point with the S&P500 futures: A close up of the possible leading diagonal that may have taken shape: The most probable size of wave c is equality with wave a which would mean the terminus would be at 1147. The next most likely is 61.8% of wave a at 1110 which is in confluence with the 50% retracement of the leading diagonal. The next likely is wave c being 1.618 a which would take it to 1206, any higher than that would be an impulsive move and in any case a close above 1216 would invalidate the bear case. C waves are persistant, broad and take on a five wave structure which can easily be mistaken as a new upswing so it should not come as surprise that this could go a lot higher than most are expecting!
  11. A couple of ideas in this respect. This sort of structure might be suitable, and with IB's low cost dealing commissions GEIs turtles could probably get away without having to use options. The universal account would accommodate for all the markets the original turtles traded across. One problem might be the SECs' pattern day trader rules on the Reg T Margin account depending upon the frequency of trades and whether the rule would apply to the individual sub account or the account as a whole. An alternative in view of the low seed capital would be to have the GEI turtles open a spread betting account with say Finspeads where bets can be as low as 50p with margins as low as 5% of notional value and again all markets that the OT's traded is likely to be covered. IG index have a more comprehensive range of markets and they offer free access to ProRealTimes' real time charting software which is normally chargeable as a standalone package. EOD is free so you could register and check it out to see if it would be useful for set up alerts regardless of the choice of broker. I think spreadbetting accounts are only open to UK residents though.
  12. Some "insiders" i.e. members of the Fed regional boards are also in opposition to more stimulus.
  13. I have never seen this rule or guideline either but in the interests of self improvement I'd be more than happy to be proved wrong. Trading is a serious business and I'd hope he has actually taken the time to learn EWP before offering a critique. Anyone assessing and offering a critique on a trading method by looking at others charts/counts in the blogsosphere and not learning what the underling considerations are.... well, does n't deserve the time of day IMO. I think what he meant to say is that a single five way corrective impulse can never be regarded as a complete hence there is always a more complex corrective structure to unfold. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will consist of a three corrective waves and a further five wave impulse! Catflap have you seen this rule or guideline or can you point to the page in Frost and Prechters book please.