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  1. Test icle Posted this today on the EW anaysis of the dollar thread. Looks like it's a firefox problem I'm using internet explorer now. There was a recent FF update, anyone else having problems posting with the new version?
  2. LSE:SGBP Collateral is held by Bank of New York Mellon as is the collateral for some of their ETC's as a result of the AIG meltdown scare. Don't know what would happen if BNY bit the dust, perhaps collateral is segregated? As with all ETFs best to check out how well they track what they are supposed too.
  3. Your welcome, good luck with your studies.
  4. Bulkowski might save you a bit of time
  5. It was either that or he got them down Wembley market, I saw the spitting image of him down there the other weekend. I was tempted to say hello but you get a lot of pot smoking pony tailed old hippys down there so thought it was best not to for fear of embarrassment. (If your reading Mark I'm great fan of yours, please don't take it personally). Take a butchers at this list on google finance it encompasses all that he was taking about with reference to exposure to the grains: Individual Stocks on NYSE: CF, MOS, IPI, AGU, MON, TRA, SYT, DE, AGCO, CNH, ADM ETFs: MOO, PAGG
  6. They could be all different, being an ecomomist he's probably bought them as a job lot in an asian sweat shop, can't be one too far away from where he lives?
  7. A look at cable, possible EW count in confluence with a high probability crab pattern. If this is a third wave then counter trend bounces should be very shallow.
  8. GTG

    The BP thread

    Another view: http://www.moneyweek.com/news-and-charts/c...Money%2BMorning
  9. Looks like a bounce in the S&P500 is on the cards tomorrow or early next week..... wave 2 of a larger degree perhaps? (SDS used for anyone following Larry P's trade of the year)
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    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Thanks, I read through it but ended looking likethis guy on the Investorshub page:
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    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Great position to be in on any stock especially a speculative high reward story. As mentioned previously I'll hopefully be able to do the same but will also be looking to reinvest if appropriate. The link in your post to methinks produces an error report ATB
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    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Well done on the risk free trade front. Yes it's behaving well, pulling back on lighter volume too. I think it's ready for a pullback though according to the EW count, the RSI is also well overbought. I believe we are still in wave (3) which tends to be the stongest of the impulse waves (along with a fifth wave extension) so I'm expecting a retracement to the 38.2% level of around $1.10, also previous resistance. If that fails there is plenty of support around the $1 level which happens to be in the 61.8% area. If that goes just get down on your knees and pray. The way this stock is going I would n't be surprised to see a 23.6% retracement then a move to a new high... famous last words. Also supporting this is wave 1 closed spot on the 1:1 AB=CD pattern, that is a classic high probabilty reversal pattern. I'm hoping to join the risk free speculators club shortly. As for the fuzzymentals, well .... I'll just let the price action do the talking.
  13. USD/CHF 5 min erection correction 1) Zigzag and Symetrical Triangle 2) Double Zigzag 3) Other Answers on a postcard please too...
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    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    It sounds very impressive but then it would to me not having any knowledge in the field or industry. It does look like a patent for a wonder drug is in the making, I particularly like the fact that it prevents the virus from infecting the cell compared with the competitors products which are a cure rather than a prevention. An ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure. The fact that their "product" (is that the right word?) may be able to be customised to whatever virus the receipient is likely to be exposed to is..... well, like you said a possible trip to pluto for this stock. Feet firmly on the ground though, without being able to calculate an R2R ratio it's purely a speculative punt to me with a small amount of money (a lot less than allallans recommendation)I can afford to lose. If it doubles my moneyt I'll probably take half out for a risk free investment. Wave 4's or iv in this case tend to retrace 38.2% so we "may" have (hopefully)seen the last low for this stock for some time. Drilling down on the lower time frames would confirm this (if we are in an impulsive wave) IMO.
  15. Got the elliottwave bible for christmas - Prechter and Frost's, although some will call Neely's the bible, one step at a time for me - thought I'd try out what I've learned. US corporate bonds look toppy, charts below of the junk bond etf, the investment grade bond etf HYG sports a similar count.
  16. GTG

    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Had a buy order in at the support area of 81 cents but did n't get hit so jumped in with a small market order fearful of missing the train (hopefully of the bullet type), I intend to buy a little more if we get a pullback. That'll be a challenge considering I'll be asking Selftrade to deal in them rather than through my SIPP account. For anyone wishing to join the club here's a chart annotated with an elliottwave count assuming an impulse wave is in the making. If so a correction of wave iii i.e wave iv could be anywhere from the 38.2% retracement - which is where it's at now 0.99 - to a maximum retracement to 0.91. Below this i.e. end of wave i would render the count invalid. It could of course just takee off from here or collapse form whence it came. I'm far from an expert in EWT so take it with a pinch of salt.
  17. Increasing desperation of the government through the FSA is encouraging more moral hazard in an attempt to prop up the housing market. One of the big BTL investors sees this as being positive: http://www.ahuja.co.uk/property-news/prope.../#ixzz0UgAcwkxO
  18. Reminds me of the Glass-Steagal act in the US inacted after the 1929 bubble but repealed by "I did not have sex with that woman", under pressure by the financial services industry and the rest of the "hangers on" who stood to benefit from it. I find it odd that the UK government have not changed the name of the regulatory authority as has been the practice in the past when the authority has been seriously lacking -(read pension/endowment miss-selling). A cosmetic change to convince investors that all is well again, the predessors of the FSA that I know of:- SIB (securities and investment board) and the PFA (Personal Finance Authority).
  19. The pound has appreciated nearly 20% against the USD since March, check out gold in pounds here http://www.bullionvault.com/gold-price-chart.do use the drop down menu from the currency header.
  20. Excellent thanks, mini futures contracts (500 brls) are also available making trading more accessible to retail investors http://www.nymex.com/QM_spec.aspx
  21. I've read that lumber is a good lead indicator of the US building industry, if that's the case things look a bit bearish to me. The last time there was a MACD crossover was last September and it's plain to see what happened then. Add in the crossing of the 50dma at about the same time and what looks imminent now, I'd say there is a good chance we're near to another leg down. Perhaps another (albeit thin) argument is that the rally is a head and shoulders pattern.
  22. Not necessary, the chargeable gain of 18% should be covered by my CGT annual allowance of £10,500, god knows what the rate will be after the UK general election next year. My other capital gains have been inside my S&S ISA, spread betting accounts and SIPP. Thanks anyway. LOL.... I think ziknik is referring to the 3 year rule whereby if you move in and make the second home your PPR (principal place of residence) you can disallow the capital gain in the preceeding three years. It is commonly perceived that by moving in you can avoid paying any capital gains tax at all as the second home becomes your PPR and therefore exempt. One has also got to be mindful of once the move is made or the election of a PPR is made the capital gains tax clock starts to tick on the once PPR. An election of a second property can be made at any time but is only valid from the date of the election for the calculation of CGT except in the first three years following the acquisition of the second property when you have this period in which to decide and your decision is applied retrospectively. That's my understanding of the rules anyway. Think I may run for a seat in the next general election
  23. Thanks, the average time to sell property in the area according to Hometrack is 13 weeks and I'm hoping as it's an attractive FTB property I should be in with a chance of getting it sold before the turn. May have to throw in a sweetener for a quick completion if necessary/possible.