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  1. QUOTE (chazza @ Mar 15 2008, 03:17 PM) Royal Gold. A farourite on the board here. Is it not presently at a GIP? Hi guys forgive my ignorance - what does GIP stand for in this context
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    -------------------------------- Hey Dr Blubb I was so intrigued to learn that you posted on HPC I had to register and log on there myself to take a look. I first came accross the HPC brigade from their posts on http://www.economicsuk.com/discussion/ - which is the website run by David Smith the UK economics writer for the Sunday times. Being a 37 year old guy living in London UK I have every sympathy with those complaining about house prices - if I hadnt had a small inheritance and the wit to buy in Stratford in 2001 (I originate from SW London) I would probably have missed the boat but that is another story Is it me or are these HPC guys posting more in hope rather than fact! Getting so vigerous over the housing market cannot be good for their blood pressure. Nutters in other words. Ps. They seem to have annoyed/taken up so much of David Smiths time that he has restricted his website to approved users only - its probably a good thing that they have not found their way here. PPs Keep up the good work on commodity watch radio - is a very enjoyable listen. If you were not right so damn often I would probably have written you off as one of the left of centre doomsters. BUT as you are right so often ............................ Question - how do you find time for so much blogging and to get your investments right? Dave