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    Trading Volatility, Ballasted by Gold

    Out of interest RH, do you think it is a good idea to be in a leveraged ETF for a prolonged period? Tend to see these as only suitable for shorter term directional moves myself. Observes that none of us (presumably) know the size of Goldfingers pay packet he might just need a pick up truck for his monthly purchase.
  2. Some sensible comments by Robbie on his website http://www.nakedtrader.co.uk/?id=336 - he also lists his top shares and ones he is watching for 2012 LOOK AHEAD TO 2012 Well, let's face it for right now 2012 looks a bit scary. There seems to be lots of horrible news and little good. But you could have said the same when we entered 2009 - it was dark and gloomy then but from March the markets took off. We have to remember markets always look forwards and you could argue there is a lot of bad news already in prices. I guess much will depend on what happens in the Eurozone next year and whether or not it can be sorted out. If it can't we could end up in a mess but the ability to be able to short via spreadbets is fantastic. I can't tell you what will happen because I don't know and nor does anyone else really. If you read stories written by "experts" they are only b-s*itting you because they don't know either. But they have funds or newsletters or tipsheets or software to sell you so they need some good headlines, preferably fear driven ones to get you to subscribe. My plan for the moment is to keep some cash back and not have to heavy a stake in anything in case liquidity dries up making it hard to get out of something. Follow the market if I can and not second guess it. Staying away from companies with big debt and concentrating on ones with low debt or cash in markets which could go well. And in general I am going to continue to avoid anything too volatile. They are just too much like hard work! And important for this year again will be to plan every trade and axe any trade fast that is going wrong before it goes very wrong. Next year, at least the beginning of it I'm going to treat with extreme caution and if things go pear shaped then I shall use the power of spreadbetting to make money from the downside. I guess we have to hope somehow the economic mess is sorted out a bit. + I note his profit is up to......Grand Total: £987,884<BR class=clear><BR class=clear>
  3. PEOPLES SUPERMARKET. Am not a member (not in my locality) but happen to know some people involved. Interesting idea. Some of these in the US but first one over here I think ? A Supermarket by the people, for the people, not for profit/mutual type thing. Buying good quality food at a fair price from lcal farmers. Run by member volunteers - about 1100 !!! http://www.thepeoplessupermarket.org/home/?page_id=73 WHAT IS THE PEOPLE’S SUPERMARKET? We are a social enterprise, not- for-profit co-operative. In plain English it simply means we are a food store that is community focused, owned and managed by our members (hopefully you!), and committed to offering lower prices by reinvesting the profits back into the store. Why? Well, we believe there’s really enough big business supermarkets already and, quite frankly, it never seems to benefit anyone but for a small few who sit at the top of the food chain. How it works and what are the benefits? A large part of any business’s expense is the hiring of staff. The more we save on wage costs the less we need to charge for groceries. Being a co-operative means we use a different strategy whereby we share the responsibilities of running the shop across our members, and that means we can offer ongoing member discounts. Each member pays a non-refundable £25 annual membership fee (it works out to less than 50p per week!) and then volunteers 4 hours of their time each month to help run the store. As the number of members and sales increases the savings for members at the till will rise! DO I HAVE TO BECOME A MEMBER? Anyone can enjoy a great shopping experience at our store but it is only members who are rewarded with a lower cost on their purchases. There are many other benefits to becoming a member. You will, for example, have an active say in how the shop’s run and the types of products offered. Here are some more great reasons to become involved: -Volunteering feels good -Chance to learn new skills -Meet local people -Be part of something rewarding -It costs less than 50p per week WHO OWNS AND RUNS THE STORE? The members do! The People’s Supermarket belongs to its members, with each member getting a vote to decide how the enterprise should run. By working in the store for a pre-arranged 4 hour shift each member actively participates in the success of the store. Training is given to each member, including visits to local suppliers and producers. And because we are very interested in the health and vibrancy of the local community there will be subsidised work placements, including skills training for unemployed 18 – 25 year olds. WHO DO YOU SUPPORT? Our aim is to provide good quality food, especially fresh produce, at affordable prices for all. To that end, we are keen to source as many lines as possible from within the UK as well as from British growers. We also look for co-operatives that produce goods or provide services we can use. We do carry organic lines but are mindful they can carry a premium price that is beyond many of our customers’ reach. http://www.thepeoplessupermarket.org/home/?page_id=135 - To create a supermarket that meets the needs of its members and the local community by offering high quality, healthy food at reasonable prices. - To buy from trusted suppliers with whom we develop mutually sustaining relationships. - To buy British produce where possible, and produce local to London. - Provide choice and information to our members to help them make healthy decisions. - To create a community supermarket that highlights the possibilities of consumer power and challenges the status quo. - To minimise wastage, by creating prepared dishes from food coming up to its sell-by date, and by composting all other waste material. - To provide inspirational training and life skill opportunities to the local community - To create a working environment that values every one’s contribution, is welcoming, safe and non-judgmental - To be a training and development resource for our community. - To buy sustainable energy and other inputs, and to promote alternative, forward thinking ideas and solutions. Have recently launched a funding appeal. https://www.buzzbnk.org/ProjectDetails.aspx?projectId=58
  4. Nice one! "Would be even better if you knew how far the share price would spike following" Yeah... I was originally going to say that, but thought it sounded too obvious (even from me)! Sounds best coming from those who have earned the right to say it. Happy Crimbo all
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    The Best of Youtube - Music

    A younger Gerald Levert RIP. Feels like it was only yesterday I heard the news. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BNQ6Mgbe2I
  6. littledavesab

    The Best of Youtube - Music

    This tune is just............ nice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yeiEw5uQx0 and so many others to choose from, Ooops Up, You Dropped a Bomb (which the younger generation apparently know via GTA)..... but they are just OUTSTANDING http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjtOzLfebgY
  7. Not convinced that that tale is representative of the whole investment banking brigade. Some are quite civil, guess they can afford to be. Where as some self made owner managers of small empires can be quite the opposite. Agree on civility costing nowt. Someone I know in my industry (unlrelated to investment/ banking) deals with an investment banker type (quite a high powered individual) and happened to ask him a few weeks ago what the market was going to do today ...... the reply was something along the lines of havnt got a bl**dy clue !!
  8. It would be good to know in advance which companies the banks are going to bail out . Heard a senior TC person on the LBC travel show while driving around Sun night, talking about how the banks have agreed to cough up 200m. Hadnt realised that TC had taken over Co-Op travel so some branch reductions to be expected but probably not until after the Jan-Feb booking season! I remember a similar thing with Taylor Wimpey or one of the housebuilders where the market had priced in oblivion but they got the bankers on side. On the other hand.... poor old Woolies did not get much banker love !
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    Yamana Gold Inc

    Hiya Goldie. I stuck my toe in and bought a small batch a few years ago. Didnt go anywhere until recently. Think it is recovering from the sales mentioned earlier in this thread. Dont keep a close eye on this one however. From a London market point of view seems to be near its highs, although it was a bargain in Oct 2008 if anyone caught it.
  10. littledavesab

    PositiveDev's trading journey

    Had a look at Ray Dalio a while back courtesty of PosDev's blog. Some further browsing turned up this interesting find - his 100 guiding principles for his hedge fund employees and life 100+ page philosophy of success distributed to every employee. http://www.bwater.com/home/culture--principles.aspx
  11. Same here. at times No6 your blog is my secret weapon for handling the markets! Ps. On the subject of UK stocks, anyone else like the look of WPP as a longer term bet ? I know he is not Steve Jobs but he does have a long term record and is one of the very few around as far as the UK Market is concerned in that respect. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Sorrell http://www.wpp.com/annualreports/2010/what-we-think/by-sir-martin-sorrell.html Over a quarter of a century, WPP’s strength has been our ability to identify trends and capitalise on them for our clients and ourselves. It’s how we began with two people in a room all those years ago. It is how we have weathered the recent crisis. And it is how we will position WPP for sustained growth in the years ahead – albeit with nearly 100,000 people directly with us, access to over 146,000 and rather more rooms than we started with. It is essential that we identify geographic, functional and technological changes and adapt our business to make the most of them. For that reason, we expect the balance of our work to move from the ‘L’ shape of Western Europe and other established, slower-growing economies towards the ‘V’ of dynamic new markets. They include China with its possibly 1.5 billion and rising population, along with India and its even faster-growing population, and the other BRICs nations, Brazil and Russia – not to mention the Next 11. The process is unstoppable. Cynics can no longer argue that the inevitable power shift from West to East or South to Latin America or South-East to Africa and the Middle East is just about cheap labour and low-cost manufacturing. Indeed, assuming that China and India will remain mere makers of cheap generic goods could prove life-threatening. Both countries are cultivating their own global brands and service industries, and they will be as good as anything the West can muster. After all, we used to say the same thing about Japan or Hong Kong. Fortunately, WPP has leadership or near-leadership positions in all these countries (other than Iran, one of the Next 11), a position we will maintain. In India, for instance, we have a substantial market-leading share and in Greater China a market-leading share, making the latter WPP’s fourth-largest market already after the US, the UK and Germany. That can only grow as the global financial crisis fades.
  12. Hi Bubb. site search suggestion. The newer invision board has a rubbish built in search engine. Have you thought of / is it possible to include a google site search facility ? it says: http://www.google.co.uk/sitesearch/ With Google Site Search, you can put a Google search box on your website and enable prospective visitors and customers to find information instantly.Google Site Search is a hosted search solution that enables you to: Increase visitor satisfaction and loyalty Showcase the most relevant products Increase website conversions and sales Reduce support costs by enhancing self-service online Knowing Google I expect its free.
  13. Nice calls on William Hill earlier in this thread No6. Looks like it has recently taken off.
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    Dont watch this thread often so apologies if has already been posted - dont think the Chairman in question expected this to be circulated round the blogshpere !! http://www.thedisciplinedinvestor.com/blog/2011/09/20/gary-gensler-chairman-of-the-cftc-on-was-information-leaked-on-cme-silver-margin-hikes/ Gary Gensler, Chairman of the CFTC on “Was Information Leaked on CME Silver Margin Hikes?” We have long been befuddled by the trends in commodities where we will see a sudden drop in the prices of Gold and/or Silver right before an announcement is made regarding an increase or decrease in the margin requirement........ With that in mind, we have wondered if there is some level of leakage of when margin requirements will be changed that allows for people to front run this information. As I recently attending the Bloomberg Market’s 50 Summit in New York, I happened to run into the Chairman of the CFTC, Gary Gensler. I asked him about this and have uploaded the audio for you to hear his response. It is a very interesting point that he makes about Governmental vs. non-governmental data release. Almost as if it’s the wild west when it comes to non-governmental (Price Discovery) information i.e. crop reports, margin requirements, etc…. Is he actually saying: If someone wants to leak that data for price discovery then by all means? I suppose the question really should be: do people who have positions on in whatever particular market they are trading in get notices prior to releasing it to the public? Meaning, that those with positions in the index or commodity have the ability to trade first prior to the public knowing about it.
  15. Hi and welcome. As it happens I know Wimbledon quIte well but dont frequent Starbucks.
  16. Thanks Doog was an interesting discussion
  17. Pretty much what I thought when I listened. Then I heard that the BBC had brought on to commentate on the EU situation and he didnt give much factual commentry other than relishing the crash aspect. Also he has been waiting for this for years..... gotta wonder what he was doing in 2008
  18. Id agree that the markets teach you a bit about yourself. It certainly focuses on ones decision making abilities. Not sure whether to type this partial admission, oh well what the heck, if one is a bit of a ditherer then it will show up - speaking from experience here. I blame inherited genes.... Still once the "problem" is recognised it can be tackled.
  19. Hi SirL and welcome I lurk a bit on TMF and a couple of the others and recognise your name. Feel free to make yourself at home.
  20. Re GURU's I remember reading a piece of research which showed that newsletter writers /Guru's often hit a purple patch where they are quite successful then things change and they fail to change with it. BM if you are reading Soros then I seem to remember he has a similar example of a early 1980's computer based trader who made money but similary lost money when markets turned and his comment was something like thank goodness the guy gave me what he had left back rather than blowing the lot. I have found this useful to remember over the last few years in terms of not following anyone blindly and remembering that things change. Huffington Post has/had some reasearch on which newsletter writers/guru's produce good returns but the information is hard to find on their website. Sorrry forgot to reply. Yes know the value destruction reasons, which is the reason these are unloved. But still big pharma and baby bio can be compared to the gold majors and small explorer stocks of 10 years ago, the latter have very similar characteristics. Back then gold was very unloved. Given tech progress in all walks of life, it is quite easy to imagine the lean years of research will end. BUT would I invest in baby bio now..... of course not! Big Pharma maybe. Was really justproviding a real life example of a realistic subject to compare to the more fanciful stuff. Sorry better stop right here am clogging uo No6's excellent thread.
  21. Seems to be legit - see the thread on NT here http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=2687 There is also a podcast interview on the Motley Fool site. + found a good link to NT's trade diary from the Proactive website,cuts through all the bumph http://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/columns/the-naked-trader/ I vaguely remember reading in one of his posts that NT says he is going to close the website when he gets to £1M.! Only £50k to go.
  22. I managed to grow some stawberrys this year. Not a great success but my first season. Typical as soon as I grow some, our little terror decides she doesnt want to eat strawberries any more Fetch the belt........ Need a greenhouse me thinks. Also have to find a good use for the various herbs I managed to grow. Mrs is a great cook but shows little interest in our little patch. Any tips on uses of herbs greatly appreciated. Cooking not my strong point.
  23. Agreed great thread. If you are after education, you could do worse than browse through the equivilent threads for 2010 and 2009 2010: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=8957 uk http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=8968 world You will find the 2009 ones somewhere over... here http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=5555 + Soros and Naked Trader are good reading choices.
  24. For me the issue is largely a closed mindset on the main board, an unwillingness to see anything else outside of the PM space. OK thats a bit extreme (there is also oil!) but not far off. I dont see much joy in the world falling apart, unlike some. Also, some are enjoying a ride on a long term trend but I wonder if they will know when to get off at the right journey (not that I am in any position to boast in that respect). But really frustrating that this site is "green energy investors" or "global EDGE" and there is not much sign of either. Bubb could do with a reorganisation clearly separating the political/worldly insights from the investing side.
  25. Hmmm but what is the relevance re NWO Aliens etc, what stock / sector would benefit. Maybe best to answer me somewhere else rather than have me cluttering up No6's thread! But a real life example of a sector with potential that is getting very little interest is Biotech. Pretty much zero discussion on GEI re that !