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    Commander T's Diary

    I find this both interesting and a big red warning sign - a contra sentiment indicator. Apparently people dived into a stock called Tweeter - which happens to be bankrupt LOL because they thought its stock symbol was Twitter - which has not even finished its IPO !!!! Has now been renamed -“THEGQ.” Its old symbol was “TWTRQ.” A big red warning for Tech booming stocks possibly ? http://www.theprovince.com/business/Bankrupt+retailer+Tweeter+stock+soars+confusion+with/9011912/story.html NEW YORK — Tweeter is not Twitter. And it’s changing its stock symbol to avoid any confusion. The bankrupt electronics retailer’s new ticker symbol is “THEGQ.” Its old symbol was “TWTRQ.” That was apparently too similar to “TWTR,” the symbol proposed by Twitter on Thursday when it filed plans for an initial public offering. Some confused investors sent Tweeter’s stock up as much as 1,400 per cent on Friday. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Wall Street’s industry regulator, halted trading of Tweeter’s stock Friday afternoon. The over-the-counter stock resumed trading with the new stock symbol Tuesday. Tweeter’s stock is down 71 per cent to 2 cents in afternoon trading. Twitter’s stock, meanwhile, won’t be available for trading until the company actually goes public. That could be before U.S. Thanksgiving.
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    Turtles - Trend Following

    How + why you started. What you have tried and failed. A short summary of your journey to reach trend following and why it works for you..
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    Turtles - Trend Following

    Covell does his own podcast. I listen to selected guests. http://www.trendfollowing.com/podcasts/ You cannot trust anyone in this business so on that basis not sure if he is just a salesman as am very unsure as to his links to the original Turtles and to his own actual trading activities. So there is your risk warning. But he does have the occasional excellent guest look way back he had Jack Schwager twice, plus some of the original turtles. More recently Jim Rogers. And lots of just himself bigging himself up...... Inverviewee list is shown at that website for ease.
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    The Best of Youtube - Music

    Lets see if I can do the embed thing under the latest format Sizzla - Crucial Times - kinda like old school reggae revisited Edit no 2 !
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    Commander T's Diary

    Good Trading !
  6. Most likely is TCF = Treating Customers Fairly in regulatory terms. Maybe TD have had problems in the past and are worried about annoying the regulators? Wonder if you will be able to trade leveraged ETF's again with TD ?
  7. The MSE crowd strike me as too tight to fall for a ramp such as bitcoin! However the trouble is we live in a world where making a profit is often equated to being clever and being correct. If you warn against a rising market you are fighting the tide and will therefore have the impression of being wrong. Too many people forget to distinguish between being right (ie sometimes by luck or taking undue risk), being clever and making a profit (which may have been made by luck or taking undue risk).
  8. looking for one of Bubbs architecture threads, gave up but still Student architect in China constructs his own 75 ft² wooden house complete with kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and even a patio. - Nice pics !!! http://i.imgur.com/OOGPv3w.jpg found via http://www.reddit.co...cts_his_own_75/
  9. They can easily harvest whats in the public domain - if GEI is gets on their radar screen. Given the err strong views expressed on this site then this may appeal to future historians so quite likely. Luckily most posters do not use their real names. Unlike Facebook etc
  10. Doesnt even need to be (illlegal) hackers. Presumably the British Library is now a branch of MI5/6. Those fuddy duddly librarians are now cleverly disguised spies and ones politically incorrect tweets will be sniggered over by school kids doing history lessons in the future. Supposedly is restricted to public messages / tweets. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/apr/05/british-library-archive-webpages-tweets Material on 1bn webpages from nearly 5m .uk websites, plus public tweets and Facebook entries, are to preserved for the historical record at six librariesin the UK and Ireland. The archive project, aimed at preserving a digital record of events and cultural and intellectual works to match traditional print archives, begins on Saturday. Its organisers say copies of every public tweet and Facebook entry in the UK could eventually be included. The moves will also cover ebooks and iPad editions of newspapers and other digital forms. Until now the British Library could only preserve a relatively small number of websites. The 2003 Legal Deposit Libraries Act paved the way for such information to be stored but copyright laws had forced it to seek permission each time it wanted to collect web content. The Bodleian Library, in Oxford, Cambridge University library, the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Wales and Trinity College library in Dublin, like the British Library, which is acting on behalf of all, have the right to receive a copy of every UK electronic publication. The trawl will include embedded audio and video material but the regulations do not cover other mediums such as YouTube or Spotify. The project will later seek to identify UK sites in the .org and .com domains. Burgess said that it had taken over 300 years to collect 750m pages from printed newspapers, yet the aim now was to collect 1bn webpages in a year and then conduct regular sweeps in future. "It is about taking a snapshot. It is not for us to say what is of interest. Researchers will be the judges of that." Roly Keating, chief executive of the British Library, said that there had been " a very real danger" of millions of web pages, e-publications and other non-print items "falling through the cracks of a system that was devised primarily to capture ink and paper". While the 2003 act established the principle that legal deposit "needed to evolve to reflect the massive shift to digital forms of publishing", the regulations would make "digital legal deposit a reality, and ensure that the legal deposit libraries themselves are able to evolve – collecting, preserving and providing long-term access to the profusion of cultural and intellectual content appearing online or in other digital formats." Access to the material will be offered in reading rooms at each of the six libraries.
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    I bet you enjoyed writing that!
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    Hi yes move the thread it will be easier to find in the other section PS is it me or is are we in the earlyish stages of another mega tech boom rally - a point which has maybe gone unnoticed during the search for Spock ?
  13. BUBB Can I ask with experiences of recent years would you / how would you update this presentation ? Thanks Dave
  14. Looking for a thread on LRL - Leyshon. Thought there was one here somewhere but couldnt find it. Strike a comparison between Leyshon and what used to be Central China Goldfields - both interviewed on Frisbys Bulls & Bears - Both had gold projects in China which on the face of it looked very good - both bought into by yours truly and proceeded to drift downwards then - both given their marching orders from China. Kinda. Their projects were brought out by Chinese organisations but both were compensated which gave a boost to the share prices. Around 2009 Note while Central China Goldfields (CGG then GGG) promptly went and bought into a sleeping Australian gold deposit (Bullabulling gold), LRL has been taking an age to do anything. GGG shares have been up and down the hill since - a lot of excitement along the way re size of find turned into dull progress. However LRL have been drilling recently - "unconventional gas production on the Eastern Flank of the Ordos Basin in China." says their website. Last years drilling results were from memory not that well received by the market. What is interesting is that Paul Atherley recently spent £268k (ish) buying shares - thats a fair bit !!! Will be interesting to see what happens next. Ps. Is not a recommendation. I aint a mining expert. + not necessarily expecting China to do a repeat buy out - gas is not a political metal (although fracking may be a political issue in due course). More interested in what the drilling results may be given Pauls buy.
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    Uranium: Price is booming

    Hiya - time will tell but recent experience on other stocks suggests AIM price moves might reflect news leaking out. Although my AIM stocks are mostly moving downwards for now.
  16. Avocet just bombed yesterday. Has been in a downtrend for some time. I bought into this in 2008, sold a fair bit since, well in profit but still have a small stake left. Was about to flog what was left when this happens, hey ho... http://www.avocet.co.uk/announcements.html - previous thread- http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=1015&hl=avocet
  17. Bubb would be interested in your opinion of possible impact of CROSSRAIL on UK/London property prices, if we can ignore the bear case for UK property - which we are both aware of!. Crossrail is half built so the Gov cannot back out of it now. Not sure myself what to think of the likely impact on the outer east ie ESSEX area. Could well go up but property there is hardly bargain territory in global terms. Areas on the Crossrail stops are half decent (ie not obvious urban regeneration areas) therefore might appeal to those with more cash?? (which in UK property terms rules me out LOL). Maryland is one stop, just next to Stratford which might appeal to bargain hunters. As might Manor Park - which is fairly cheap simply because it is a nightmare to drive in / out of!! http://www.crossrail...property-values report talks of a £5.5bn boost to uk property values !!
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    Wormholes & Warp Drives... etc.

    Hey MM out of interest do you ever worry about the Americians / Israeli's - cannot think they would like you making progress... Or extremists in your own country ? - Please correct me if I am wrong on this.
  19. BUMP - in his various later threads No6 has mentioned William Hill - which has proved a very profitable LOW RISK bet for some. http://data.sharecrazy.com/sharecrazy/share2607share/share.php?&disp=share&sc=1&epic=WMH Unfortunately I didnt copy No6's homework re WMH but my own bet GVC is making up for certain other mishaps in my portfolio.
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    INTERVIEWS by Dominic Frisby

    Quite liked that interview
  21. Yes well thanks, not been abducted yet , still hoping :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must admit there is less of interest these days on GEI. Belated new years wishes to you. I know the Uk markets thread was No6's thing but it might be good to do a new general markets thread just for us old timers to comment on.