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  1. azazel


    I asked the manager at Morrisons if he would accept them and after checking with head office they said it would be OK. I only use them for payment of fuel (popped out their packaging so they arn't so collectable) in case theres a dispute. I might start using them in the store also soon. Anyone wanting to do the same could mention this when asking.
  2. azazel


    When I get time, I will try out a few other Tesco branches to see if they respond in the same way. Its interesting that they want my name and address when I refuse to offer any other payment and its my refusal to give my private details that provokes them to call the police. They have called the police three times now. First time (tarnished metal detecting modern coins) the police bullied me into giving Tesco my details and the second time (big bag of new coins from the post office maximum within the legal tender limits) the police said it wasnt a police matter. Still it was an interesting experiment on many levels. I should have videoed it as the managers faces were quite a picture, but it was hard enough concentrating on the confrontation what with the adrenalin rush.
  3. azazel


    You can buy in mutiples of 5. I bought 10 the other night in two transactions. Free post if you buy at least three. I will wait for those 10 to show up and then buy 10 more. I always pop them out of the packaging for spending. Morrisons and a local pub accept them now too, without a fight.
  4. azazel


    Its a matter of principle as well as a bit of fun. Given the choice I would like to see a return of gold and silver as circulating money. The £20 coin gives me that choice. Its legal tender, lawful money and I dont see how the countries biggest retailer can refuse to accept them. Who the hell do they think they are! I dont have any grudge against the staff but some of them were very hostile and it was quite entertaining when the police were called and they were expecting me to be arrested only to be told its not a police matter and that they had to accept them. They now accept them in the hope that I will go away but I have a stockpile and some of the new ones are on the way too. Dispute with the manager Dispute with the police
  5. azazel


    Because this thread was goldfingers thread and you moved it to the loony forum and removed goldfingers moderation. I think thats disrespectful of a truly great contributor. Clearly he also did which is why he has quit. I do not want to "sling mud and abuse the host", I have always been respectful to you as you generally are well mannered, but I do not see the sense in vandalizing what is probably the most popular thread on the site, upsetting some of the most regular contributors here. It seems like a moment of madness.
  6. azazel


    Thanks Goldfinger, I for one appreciate all your posts and its outrageous that you have been treated in this way. It seems the same moronic behavior that occurred at HPC 3 or 4 years ago has also occurred here. I do hope you visit Pix site.
  7. Thanks for all the knowledge I have learned from you.

  8. Halight, my spelling is not very good either. Not as bad as yours as I read my comments and correct them before |I post and I use Firefox with a spell checker. This underlines words that it thinks are incorrect in their spelling. When you right click over the word it suggests the word you are thinking of with the correct spelling. I find that this reminds me of the correct spelling and so I make fewer mistakes. I try to make a note of how a word is spelled. Im not sure if Internet explorer has it but I would think it has.
  9. I like that you have a sense of humour I must admit, I know what you mean about him with all this "dear extended family and CIGA stuff" but I put that down to his American culture which I find quite awful, in the same way as many of thier films, comedy and chat shows. The same as the way they need music on information videos to add "emotional feeling". I agree he has an agenda, a gold mine and lots of gold. But fundamentally I think he is correct.
  10. Seeing that you had posted on this thread, for a moment I thought you had become a CIGA, and joined the brotherhood as a fellow cult member. Your going to be spectacularly sick when he is correct, 100% gauranteed! I'll get the popcorn...
  11. azazel


    I think I nailed the bottom to the day. Makes a change! Perhaps I should try trading....
  12. azazel


    I like them as they are about 1/4 of an ounce and so a more reasonable size and value thus more affordable in that sized unit. They are also CGT exempt. There is no VAT to pay on gold at all. You can "make" over £10,000 without paying tax due to your allowance, and double that if you are married so depending on the gain, you might not have to pay any tax on a £20 grand investment anyway.
  13. azazel


    I would buy only sovereigns. If you phoned all the various coin dealers and negotiated a discount, im sure coininvest would match or beat that price. Buy in lots of 100.
  14. azazel


    I dont think you should ban anyone, why would you want to do that? Its exactly this attitude thats thats gone wrong here. I just cant understand you. The world is facing financial meltdown and escalating wars and there is a very compelling argument for gold as a defence to this, which is why the price of gold is rising, and yet you think that holding physical gold coins is in someway a cult type behaviour and not to be encouraged on this site? I dont know of anyone who has been disruptive here, unless you think disagreeing with you is disruptive.