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    I'm on holiday at the moment so not posting here very much....


    I really enjoy GEI. For me it has been an online oasis where I can chat to others who think like I do about saving and investing. It also gives answers to the problems thrown at my generation/situation in the UK (early 30s, no bank of M+D, priced out of living due to student debt and house price inflation).


    I also like the lifestyle and life direction threads. After all, who wants to die rich but unfulfilled?


    The bickering results from people not respecting the views of others . I guess people need to be more humble and accept that the future is unknown even in these extreme times. That may require quite passive members such as myself asking for tolerance and respect more often on threads.



  2. I've been unable to post all day but have followed proceedings with increasing levels of disbelief.


    I must say, there has been a quite inordinate amount of bickering and a level of hysteria that is truly comical.


    This correction was entirely expected (despite some posters being under the impression that nobody ever expected it!) - I myself have been waiting for more than a month (and posting about it).


    As I said yesterday, I hate to think what the hysteria will be like when gold is $2000+ and we are getting swings of $100s a day.


    I'm buying now with my recently acquired funds.

    I'm going to celebrate my new buy with a festive avatar

  3. Nice to see another Gold price drop getting repelled at the Chinese Wall. :)


    Just bought some and going to average in more weekend/early next week.

    This is 'the dip' as far as I can tell, and I don't want to stay on the sidelines through Dec-Jan - a traditionally strong period.


    You bulls have been rather convincing of late :)


  4. I'm appreciating all your thoughts here w.r.t. my predicament - I'm contemplating whether to buy more at the moment with newly-acquired funds (or stay on the subs bench a bit longer).


    I'm worried how hot RSI is, and also wish the £/$ exchange rate was more favourable for buying.


    I know you guys are talking fundamentals and I am talking technicals today. I'm not a big technical man - I'm just reminded of the last time I was in a 'lots of new funds' scenario - I bought big at $960 in early 2008 and sat underwater for quite a while.







  5. A pullback in Gold from a high this week could lead to a buying opportunity in Dec. or January


    I'm going to sit and wait for my next (big-ish) purchase. I've got the dry powder for more but can't bring myself to buy at the moment into this strength.


    I've a large core position, so I am 'on the boat' before it sailed. I just would like to get a few recently-acquired items of luggage on board before the coast is out of sight. :)

  6. This is what I think will happen today, take down then off the chart buying maybe to around $1200.




    Yep, I'm expecting that pattern at least one day this week as well. A climb to $1300+ is looking "all systems go" at the moment.


    Very frustratingly, I've just got major (well, major for me) new £ funds into GM today - wish they had been cleared a week or two ago.


    Past experience tells me not to buy into strength, but I'm not sure of a pullback at the moment, and light volume at thanksgiving holiday may push things up rather than down.


    I will be watching my Kitco KCast toolbar like a hawk!

  7. I think I'm right in saying that when gold was at its high earlier this year in GBPs, the pound was trading at about 1.40 against the USD. Interesting that we appear to be about to revisit those highs but this time with a stronger pound. Not sure about anyone else, but I take that as a sign that there is plenty more in this gold bull particularly when we're pricing it in GBPs.


    Correct - GBP holders are buying at a favourable exchange rate against the dollar at the moment. I'm still buying gold despite the record high in $ price for this reason. CGNAO's most recent 'houston we have liftoff' chart is in GBPs.

  8. Good luck big t but i think you are exiting very prematurely from what is clearly the safest assest class to be hold up in, i think there will be some further contractions in the property market in the future and some serious upward movements in the price of gold.Everyones circumstances and aspirations direct a different path.


    I agree. All set at the moment for a GEIers perfect christmas in the UK:


    - PMs all well up in $

    - $:£ still quite favourable for buying more right now (it can't last much more at 1.68, can it?)

    - houses about to crash big-time


    This Christmas all wise men carry gold, none of that frankincense and myrrh 'tat'.



  9. Silver appears to be breaking the pattern of the last couple of weeks today, hopefully this is the end of it.


    Gold + 0.83%


    Silver +2.30%


    G:S Ratio = 63.17


    You may be right Pixel8r, the big test comes at $18 though - we will see then if silver follows gold in an upwards direction


  10. "The cheque is in the post......." says Fergus Wilson.


    Mortgage arrears of couple who rode the buy-to-let boom estimated at £350,000



    OK, the source isn't the most reliable but here's the first bit of smoke prior to the '2010 Wilson housefire'.

    A prime slot awaits them in the BTLers graveyard next to the gravestones of Phil Spencer, Inside Track and Grant Bovey.

  11. Gold showing good bounce-back-ability at the week close - nearing $1120 again. Silver again struggling a bit at $17.4.

    G-to-S ratio now 64.


    That monthly dip in gold price around the 28th shows up well here. Look how a 22 dma (thats a month in workdays, right?) acts as this support. A buying op on this 28th (Fri 27th/Mon 30th) at around $1080 maybe ?






  12. Always hedging against downside rather than looking at the big picture and realising that the price is going to explode at some point. Each to there own I guess, but we know that is they way you look at things. I guess it comes down to how soon you are going to need to access the capital invested.


    I am currently 35% Gold 65% Silver. I expect silver to be at around $28 dollars by April and Gold at $1350. I am holding no fiat in the hope that I can buy for silver cheaper than when I bought last year during the massive correction.


    I've lightened up a bit on silver by swapping it for gold at GM. The G-to-S ratio is getting sticky at 62-59 and I am not sure it will fall further in the short or medium term.


    Basically, I think a correction in stocks is due, perhaps now overdue. I prefer gold at the moment as it has at least two sizeable floors ($1000, $925 / oz) for this eventuality. I just don't see where the resistance is in silver and I am worried a stock market correction will pull silver way way down.


    I'm happy with Pix's $1300 target for Gold target , but silver is getting the heebie-jeebies around $18 and I just don't see $28.

  13. I'm noticing more and more of these "post us your old mobile phone and we will send you a cheque" based companies on TV and in the newspapers.




    Is this one of the reasons?



    A tonne of ore from a gold mine produces just 5 grams (0.18 ounce) of gold on average, whereas a tonne of discarded mobile phones can yield 150 grams (5.3 ounce) or more, according to a study by Yokohama Metal Co Ltd, another recycling firm.