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  1. Yep its a weird situation, the way credit scoring works filters out people who are low debt/low risk, whereas morons who borrow to buy things are considered a good credit risk. The market signals are broken, hence the financial crisis.


    Its like if a religion were determining who is a sinner, if you have committed no sins then you do not need to confess, but because you have not confessed you are a sinner. If you go to confess on a regular basis you are considered absolved of your sins because you have asked for forgiveness.


    When I was a child I attended a catholic school, it was OK but there came a point where we had to go to confession, being only young and reasonably well behaved I had nothing to confess to, but I felt obliged to confess to something after being put in one of those confession boxes. I made some minor offenses up (stole a biscuit, swore, etc..) and then also confessed to lying, which I wouldn't have had to do if I had not been made to go to confession.

    Thanks for the insight everyone!


    This idea that 'debt is normal' is going to bring down the country. I'm off to become a better UK citizen by signing up to a 125% self-cert mortgage on a newbuild, and splashing out on a 4x4 chavmobile (on visa of course!):blink: .

  2. Does keeping your assets in PMs damage your credit rating?


    I'm currently taking advantage of a local rental market slump to move to a cheaper flat but the letting agents have said my credit rating has come back as poor :angry:. I've never missed a bill of any sort for years, always paid off credit cards pronto, earn (net) earning over 8x the annual rent, have a years rent in cash-ISAs (my only exposure to poisonous sterling) :blink: .


    Is it the untraceable sums disappearing from my current account to fund PMs that are denting my credit rating?

    (For the record I keep physical gold bullion and allocated silver through GM)


  3. Me too, are you sure we'll get a dip below the current spot price? I'm expecting the pound to fall further this week with the expected rate cut, so I'm tempted to average in a little more now. I wish I'd gone all in around £6.82 now... :)


    Good thinking warpig, I may do the same. Lets see what happens tomorrow, any idea how early the rate cut is 'priced in' before Thurs 12 noon?


  4. At the moment. It has been outperforming gold lately though. Watch the GS ratio.




    Nice link Pixel8r, but I don't like the website's conclusion of the current ratio as low, mid or high.

    Look at my post - #209 in this thread. I think the ratio is currently high not mid for this bull run in PMs.


    On a separate note, I was about to convert a reasonable amount of £ to silver, but I guess I better wait now for a dip.





  5. Sorry to stop the music while the party is in full swing guys and gals, but take a look at this 2009 Gold Forcast article by Nadeem Walayat of Market Oracle which was posted yesterday.




    OK, he got the short term bit very wrong

    The MACD indicator has proved accurate so far in gauging gold price trend, current MACD suggests that there is more downside in the immediate future which targets a revisit to $800


    But he warns of a high in March followed by a major dip by mid-summer.

    The picture being painted by the above analysis is that of gold strength going into March that looks set to see gold break above resistance of $936, to target $960, however this strength will soon evaporate with gold again targeting a decline back below the breakout point to trade back below $850 by mid 2009.


    Gold Forecast - March 2009 Targeting 960 high - 80% Confidence; Mid 2009 targeting a $820 Low - 75% Confidence




  6. From my experience, the vast majority of people on emigration forums are women. I think a lot of that is connected with the emotional side of emigrating, and I think it is accepted that women generally like to talk about feelings etc more than men.


    True, this predominantly is an investment forum. We don't really do emotion here.


    "Don't get emotional about stocks, kid" Gordon Gekko, Wall Street, 1985.

  7. There must be some women out there. :unsure:

    Apparently, only one in six internet users is female.

    (And half of those are probably men in disguise!).


    Seriously, how about this to explain the demographic:


    Heavily UK-based : a lot of people have followed Bubb here from HPC.co.uk


    30-39 age : the age where people start to think about investment (onto a decent salary, often settled down, starting to think about middle age etc.). Also the age group in the UK most affected and exposed by high property prices, and therefore most likely to be looking to understand, and survive, the great UK property bubble of the 00's.


    Professions: IT literate people with regular daytime/evening access to a computer.


    Lack of women: Here's a controversial theory - Women are, in general, less likely to be contrarian and go against the thinking of the crowd. GEI is, on the whole, bearish and against the things everyday news outlets tell you is good (property, debt, paper currency, trust in financial institutions etc. ). Women, perhaps, share a different view to financial risk than men, who are able to start families later in life and more able to recover from being wiped-out. As an example, I could not imagine many women being happy converting their life savings to gold bullion and burying it in the back garden, but quite a few guys will do stuff like that. (just a theory, please don't call me a misoygenist :) )