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  1. Maybe over at BV people are pulling their gold out in physical? Wasn't there a lot of messy talk about 1kg bars minimum etc...or was that GM? Can't remember. If you haven't got your gold then, to me, you risk losing it, period. Wherever it is. Some dickwit like Brown and co could easily change the rules regarding legality of owning gold/silver. That is always in my mind despite all the blah blah about it not being possible. With those dudes running our world ANYTHING is possible and probable. Look how the fool sold our gold at the bottom. Golden brown lalala. Same goes for CGT exempt Britts and things. I just dont believe they'll let you off so easily. If the going gets bad (and it is) then what is the point believing the current story. Hell they seem to make the rules and break the rules as they go along. Clueless and dangerous. I bet David Einhorns 390 mill worth is not in BV or GM. Ditto Mr Paulson's pile. Probably in Switzerland or HK by now.


    As to ETF's then I have nothing to say other than the gold/silver is unlikely to be there or ever have been. When/should people want their physical it will make Northern Rock look like a teddy bears picnic. That or you'll get you gold coloured tungsten.


    No what you need when buying quantities gold or silver is a good spade, a couple of hours and a little treasure map.


    Regarding Jon Nadler. He writes very well and has always encouraged 10-15% in gold. As far as I can tell he just isnt paid to be gung ho on 'backing up the truck'. I have to confess to finding him quite funny-but I have to say I haven't bothered reading him for the past 6 months or so.


    I should also confess up to thinking gold could well go down here (love my Prechter) temporarily but temper that with buying ridiculously priced sovereigns last week for 172 quid just in case RP has it all wrong, lets face it he has been wrong for about 6 years now. But that doesnt mean he will be wrong this time. Nor Mr Nadler. So who knows?


    I agree with you about BV - the convenience of instant sell/buy must be weighed against the risks of state intervention. My feeling is that clued-up small investors may now be choosing more physical at the expense of BV/Goldmoney or even ETFs.


    It is all about trust (or lack of it) - in the state, banks and the law. Just has trust in the financial system as a whole has been reflected in the gold price, I think the change to holding physical is the next logical step and reflects even greater distrust.


    Interestingly, if someone sold gold in BV/Goldmoney and then bought physical, it would not affect the price at all but I believe that there is a hidden 'trust bonus' attached to physical which although not visible at the moment, will show itself in the future.

  2. "This has been a speculative fund-driven futures rally," says Jon Nadler, a veteran analyst at Kitco Metals Inc. in Montreal. In other words, traders who play in the futures markets are betting on higher gold prices. But they aren’t interested in owning the actual metal.


    Gotta love Jon Nadler - works for a PM dealer and makes a living trying to discourage people from buying. :o One of the best contrarian indicators on the planet. Do the opposite to Nadler's advice and you will not go too far wrong IMO.

  3. A new suggested solution to the problems of name calling on this forum: State your position in your signature as I have done.

    Permission to call Wisebear names is GRANTED.


    A good idea - you had initially struck me as a blinkered, slow-thinker - and arrogant with a name like wisebear but this shows promise. I have come across people in the past that I under-estimated at first - later to be proven wrong so perhaps I am a slow-learner!

  4. Sadly the love of money, combined with the 'I told you so' egotism of the school playground always manages to bring out the worst in folk.


    I'm glad I found this site as it's given me some ideas of how to protect myself and my family from casino capitalists, but I remain fundamentally of the view that wealth should be earned through service of society. I really honestly don't want to become wealthy through joining the smart casino party. For every rich man, there's need for a thousand poor and more.


    Would you believe I originally found this site by googling 'GREEN ENERGY'! ...don't lose sight of the genesis folks.





    So many people are now transfixed on the collapse (apart from those who think it will all be alright!) and how to preserve earned wealth that it is hard to focus on what lies ahead. Pseudo-environmental projects and businesses which are now encouraged by the old rotten banking system, have suckered-in many decent people into thinking that both 'growth' and sustainability are possible.

  5. I am willing to once again offer my excellent suggestion to you about this problem... If you ignore it this time, I will not re submit it.


    Make the topic owner the actual owner. They are responsible for banning a member from their topic. The benefits are twofold


    1. Posters must show repect or risk being banned from the topic.

    2. If you are over zealous, you risk having no readers, and also risk counter bans from the topics of your peers.


    Worth a shot, surely?



    Yes, a very good idea - it would work like natural selection - bring it on. Unfortunately, I do not think anyone is listening.

  6. I meant to apologise to my good friend Schaublin for making him look like a fool on this board. It was childish and insensitive of me and I was indeed the "moron" for allowing my judgement to be clouded by dangerous nonsense such as "facts" or "historical evidence to the contrary". I was fully deserving of the ad-hominem attack that followed; a short, sharp selection of the finest non-sequiturs known to mankind put me firmly in my place.


    Hope this clarifies things ;-)


    PS. Relax, dude! It's only the interweb!


    You have disappointed me again - why not have the decency to say clearly what is on your mind without this oblique approach? For the record, you compared my assertation that Churchill was a war-monger with pixies at the bottom of the garden.


    I understand that you have an incomplete knowledge about the events surrounding the start of the war and presumably this is because your sources of information come from allied 'historians'. I do not blame you for this but I would urge you to consider looking at archived newspapers from Hungary, Poland, Germany and the Soviet Union (which cooperated with Germany and grabbed half of Poland) for some alternative views. The language barrier of course is a problem for the historian but some books are translated into English.


    It may interest some readers of this forum that large areas of Germany were 'absorbed' into Poland at the end of the war and the German inhabitants were deported or murdered.

  7. Of course. You prefer to call me a shill TROLL or whatever suits your agenda


    Suspending me would just make your day.


    Meanwhile you ramble on about the need for alternate points of view to keep you grounded in reality


    How about we suspend you for being a hypocrit?


    I agree with you on this one - there is the smell of hypocrisy in the air. Let's start a poll for who should be suspended/banned :lol:

  8. I cant believe it i really cant believe it i have found them all 3 together all singing the same tune.!!!





    From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_CAs3q7G48



    fitkid, I really admire your talent for rounding-up this stuff at short notice! I take my hat off to you :lol:

  9. It cant be worse than now.


    Why not. RH was pretty ruthless and determined.


    A board needs leadership.


    You prefer we sort it out ourselves but this is the internet where teenagers and even ten year olds can say anything they want without consequence


    You must provide a leader


    Amazing - in microcosm, aliveandkicking is Western society! Bad stuff is happening - help we need a 'strong' leader. Please do not ban aliveandkicking - we need him.

  10. Moronic? What a rude, rude little boy! I'm tellin' ya, the pixies are real! If you had an open mind (like me) you'd learn to accept this. If you google "pixie illuminatus 911 noel-edmonds conspiracy" you'll see that they are the true masters - controlling western and eastern puppet governments. I strongly advise you to invest accordingly with their wishes. Why don't you acquire some REAL knowledge of pixes rather than spending your time denigrating others with your preconceived notions instilled by the demon prophets Grimm and Anderson?


    BIGMAN, I feel annoyed with myself that I allowed your display of ignorance to irritate me. I do genuinely feel sorry for you as you seem to be stalled in your spiritual development.

  11. I think the 'tapeworm' thread is most excellent but it has a lot of material which needs time to absorb. For those in a hurry it is difficult to shuck in a quick comment compared to PM's which have people drooling at the mouth, very emotional etc... Personally I find these survivalist threads fascinating but difficult to respond to quickly. They are character forming in nature and the PM threads are full of quick commentaries and wealth preserving/accumulating/trading views.

    Churchill had the same problem warning the population of GB for years about war, then about the 'iron curtain'. He was labelled a war monger and ignored until the King called on him as the only voice of reason after all else failed. We all know the rest. So don't be disheartened by clicks and hits. People will become interested in other issues after they have loaded up on metals. Maybe a resource page for reference needs to be made where all these other interesting ideas are stored before they disappear. BFC, Iceland, Tapeworm etc... To my mind it is well worth planning for after the consequences of the mess we are in, today. Be it BFC or hyperinflation, deflationary depression, global financial holocaust, gliding down to zero or whatever. PM's feature here but so too does land, food, oil use, friends, communities, tribes and all the rest, not forgetting Manic Swings... ;)

    Keep pumping good threads Dr.B.



    Some good points made but I disagree about Churchill - he was a war monger who sabotaged all attempts at peace. His Ego driven desire to be needed, caused the continuation of a war which eventually led to the deaths of perhaps sixty million people and laid the foundations for the corruption and eventual death of freedom in Europe.

  12. Everyone constructs an imperfect model of the world in their own mind through a narrow tunnel of the senses. If we recognise how limited our view is, we can begin to learn. A forum that is designed for economic discussion will attract mainly those people concerned with acquiring wealth but also some who may be interested in economics only as a part of the greater picture of human behaviour.


    Life changes, interests diverge, people move on. I find fewer interesting views here of late. With a system in place where posters are encouraged to 'run off and tell Mum' that another poster has upset them or used 'naughty' words, a bland arena is assured.

  13. Another great day for both gold and silver.


    In these 2 very volatile markets corrections come along fairly frequently especially after fast up moves like this.

    Anybody willing to stick their neck and call for a sizable correction soon?


    I certainly see 1000 again as possible but the 18 months consolidation has stored up a great deal of energy for this upthrust. It seems so far to be behaving as Pixel8r's lines imply like to the 2 previous massive upthrusts in '04-'05 and '07-'08.


    It wouldn't surprise me if it gets to 1250 or even 1350 with only some minor breathers.


    More lengthy and substantial corrections/sideways behaviour may only come after the energy of this upthrust is fizzled out at fairly higher levels like 1250.


    No, I would not like to stick my neck out but I feel that (using fashion-speak) 1250 is the new 1000

  14. My take on it


    1140 (yawn)

    1200 mild interest

    1500 buckle up!

    2000 obvious

    3000 mild to moderate interest

    4000 reasonable prices approaching


    Followed shortly thereafter by - "No, I will not exchange my ounce gold coin for your one million (a short time later) one billion (an even shorter time later) one trillion US dollar note - are you mad!"