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  1. The 50 Best Inventions of 2009

    From a rocket of the future to a $10 million lightbulb, here are TIME's picks for the best new gadgets and breakthrough ideas of the year




    Real estate — the one thing we're not making any more of. That might be good news for landlords but not for the world's farmers, who have finite cropland to feed a growing global population. The answer: build up by farming vertically. Valcent, a company based in El Paso, Texas, is pioneering a hydroponic-farming system that grows plants in rotating rows, one on top of another. The rotation gives the plants the precise amount of light and nutrients they need, while the vertical stacking enables the use of far less water than conventional farming. But best of all, by growing upward instead of outward, vertical farming can expand food supplies without using more land.


    Read more: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages...l#ixzz17N3fXCWl



    It is amazing what snake-oil salesmen can sucker the gullible with. Each square yard of the earth receives a certain amount of sunlight per year and no amount of chutzpah will change that basic fact. The multi-storey farming idea is so risible that I am amazed that it is still being peddled. It is not so much that land is in short supply, as human beings that are over-supplied.

  2. New records are so humdrum these days, not only are there no rockets, there's not even a murmur. $1118.50/toz Yay!


    Strange, for the last few weeks I have started to become less interested in spot prices - I cannot put my finger on it precisely - Perhaps the inevitability of what will occur has taken away the thrill of watching the 'price' go up.


    Anyone else got that feeling?

  3. You could only assume it was real even if you were an expert. And an expert dealer can always pass it onto another person.


    A determined person with knowledge could produce a less valueable coin that would be next to impossible to seperate from the real thing without analysis or damage to the coin, which is why you need the paperwork when you sell the coins



    Why are you propagating such nonsense? If you have no experience of gold, you just need to weigh the coin and measure it. Anyone used to handling coins can immediately feel the difference in weight or size of something that is not gold. The idea that 'paperwork' is needed when trading gold coins is laughable. Do you have 'paperwork' for your fiat money? It is rather easy to forge bank notes.

  4. You can call me golden balls ,golden pig,golden elephant ,golden bug,long term permo gold bug,or any other derivation or combination of the word golden all i care about is that i have got lots of gold in my physical possession. Period!!!!






    fitkid, I can't help noticing that your head seems to be made of coiled wire. Do you find this to be a problem in everyday life?

  5. I do tend to read more than I post but just wanted to say - Pixel8r and RH, you are two of my favourite posters on here - always enjoy reading your points of view and the positions you're employing, but there does seem to have been a bit of beef between you (particularly from your side Pixel8r) recently and I'm not sure it's the most helpful approach. All of us are here with the same broad aims, can we not at least try to get along?




    When someone has written something dismissive about another's position, Is not a riposte called for?

  6. As I said, it is all about hedging against uncertainty [in short term silver prices]. :)


    My favorite Mongold is Kublai Khan... who kept all the kingdom's gold in his own palace and gave his population paper to use as money. Worked very well indeed and well impressed Marco Polo.... though he didn't stop to consider that paper would be worthless in Europe.



    Indeed. Read it and weep:


    Being the first government to have any sort of paper currency, foreigners understood nothing about it, and some even considered it a form of magic. Regardless of persistent inflation after 1272 paper currency backed by limited releases of coins remained as the standard means of currency until 1345. Around 1345 rebellions, economic crisis and financial mismanagement of the paper currency destroyed the public’s confidence in the bills.[6]


    Paper money wasn’t extremely easy to adopt because it was a foreign concept in the beginning and it wasn’t a precious metal, it was just a piece of paper. To initiate the transition from other forms of compensation to paper currency the government made refusing to accept the bill punishable by death.


    Sounds familiar. <_<

  7. I wait for lower silver prices which I think are very resaonable to expect.



    Cheap dollars? I am looking to buy some cheap dollars [with another peripheral currency that is strengthening at the moment]. I have already bought Yen when it was cheaper than now [shows something of a good track record I think]. This is to hedge against a reversal in the market which I think is quite likely at some point. No hidden agenda here but a clear cut purpose based on macro-economics and market phenomonology.


    For myself, I am very overweight in silver and want to SWAP TO GOLD before the deflationary episode hits the market. Once again, I have clearly explained the strategy.... nothing untoward, no hidden agenda. no conspiracy, no fear... just a common sense hedging with the goal to accumulate gold. Period.


    Avoid stereotypes.



    The puritanical approach does get a bit tedious.


    With very little evidence and no proof whatsoever, I have feeling in 'me water' that £10 oz silver will be talked about in a few years much as the Mongols were after their European tour of the 13th C. Ok, perhaps not quite as much but I like to mention the Mongols wherever possible.


    Don't knock the Puritans - after all without em, who would have founded the USA? Hmm... OK, let's knock em :lol:

  8. Its a mark of genius, didnt you know :P


    I try hard but always seem to end up with too much stupidity or not enough words....



    :lol: I remember years ago I was driving in Spain when a car overtook an oncoming vehicle and almost forced me off the road. I was flashing my lights -horn etc - and the driver just smiled and gave me a wave! That nonchalant wave made me so angry it was a wonder I did not burst a blood-vessel - but in a zen-like moment, I realised that the driver understood how to react - and I, like a fool, did not. So, I resolved that next time in such a situation, I would wave too <_<

  9. I wish I had the time to participate in this discussion.

    There is an obvious divide between "goldbug" and non "goldbug".


    IMO there are two aspects to this:


    1. Do the facts support one view or the other, or is there some subjectivity involved?


    2. I am interested in the reason why people tend to one view or the other.


    1) All the facts are screaming 'geo-political shift to the East' Can this be measured and quantified? No, and if you try, you will end up mired in data and unable to think clearly - but you do not have to be a Rocket-Scientist to that it is occurring.


    2) I am not a gold 'bug' - I am not even that enamoured with it and never owned any until a few years ago but I want to preserve my wealth and gold is the only game in town. My observation of anti-gold types is that they tend to be academics - from different disciplines who cannot separate real life from theory. I have some experience of this as my late Father was an academic and I remember having fascinating conversations with him in what could be loosely called 'meta-physics'. He had a first class brain but made series of poor financial decisions which impacted on the entire family.


    I also believe that arrogance is a factor - that somehow this generation and its theories are better than the past and that 'we won't make the same mistakes as last time'. Greed, corruption and folly are still here in abundance. Place your bets.

  10. I think you are starting to lose the plot now. Ordinary people blessed with more than average common sense and an open mind will come through what will soon occur, with their wealth intact - and even increase their purchasing power. Foolish academics who apply 'critical thinking' to economics will lose their shirts. It was ever thus.



    I just had a glimpse of the future - born again Western 'fiatists' trudging around China and India trying to convert the Heathens away from their gold. Usually given a courteous hearing and, occasionally, a few grams of silver so that they can buy some food :lol:

  11. That's my position, more or less.


    From now on I try not to care what others think on this anymore.


    I just understand that the more people believe in the gold mythology pushed by gold-pushing snakeoil salesmen, the better a trading opportunity I have. In fact, potentially one of a lifetime.


    So if you are a gold-is-money-believer, then please ignore this post and all the scholarly analytical literature on gold standard. I'm sure it's all crap spouted by shoople historians who are in the pocket of the central banks.


    From now on, I'll stick to discussing gold price moves and everybody who so desires can keep on believing in the gold-tooth fairy :)


    If this was off-topic, please feel free to move/delete the whole post.


    I think you are starting to lose the plot now. Ordinary people blessed with more than average common sense and an open mind will come through what will soon occur, with their wealth intact - and even increase their purchasing power. Foolish academics who apply 'critical thinking' to economics will lose their shirts. It was ever thus.

  12. Can you please reveal us your technique for this prediction?


    How do you arrive at $5000 and higher levels still?


    Also, would you say the same amount of rise in EUR or CHF or JPY or CNY?


    Or just USD?


    Inquiring minds want to know.



    I stand in awe of you. Here we are at a time when anyone of average intelligence can see that the un-payable burden of Western debt is teetering like a plate on a stick and you willfully choose to ignore it - or more accurately, demand proof! I can imagine Halconovitch' in Russia in the late eighties - telling anyone that would listen, that the Rouble was sound because it had already lasted 50 years. I have met many elderly Russians living in poverty because they did not understand that their Rouble savings would be rendered almost worthless in a matter of months. I would not wish it on anyone and that is why I feel I have to warn people here what could happen to them if they don't wake up.

  13. Maybe. Let's plot an average of all fiat paper currencies PP with SS CPI adjustment and compare that to gold. That's the proof. I don't really want to believe anything this important without proof. Especially not gold-bug propaganda.


    As for GF, only he can say what he believes, but I've gotten the impression that he believes: not trading in gold, gold will go to $2000-$5000 (inf adjusted), COMEX will default, gold somehow has intrinsic value, gold is money, and many other things. That to me is tantamount to "buy & hold & be happy". If I have misrepresented his views, I apologize and I hope he he will correct me.




    Sorry, should have been more precise. Fiat as in 'through faith'. Gold is not de jure money anywhere and it's use as a money-like store of value is based on culture, history and mainly other non-intrinsic features.


    That's why it is faith based. Either you believe gold has the value that people say it has - or not (or believe these to a degree, based on price).


    I don't believe it is "once and future money, a perfect store of value."


    Valuable? Sure! For industrial uses, for historical reasons, due to cultural expression and due to the emergy embedded.


    Money? Historically yes. Now? No.




    That's not quite as I view it. Only produced (mined) gold can really be valuable in use (excl. futures/options on assumed reserves in the ground are speculation, even though on can exchange it to something of true value).


    Now, the price of something is determined (I believe in microeconomic theory in this regard) by supply and demand. Currently we have due to many cultural/historical reasons increasing demand. And the production isn't rising as fast. Hence price rises. Nothing to do with intrinsic value or perfect store of value.


    I believe food has more intrinsic value and its price can still fluctuate wildly according to supply and demand. If you don't eat, you die. Food is essential. Food in itself is useful, without any intermediaries.


    If gold is chosen as 'perfect' money, because it has not intrinsic value, then it is by definition granted value based on faith. Whether that is cultural silent agreements or a de jure position, matters none. If it has no intrinsic value, then whatever given to it is based on faith. This is basic logic.


    BTW, all paper money fiats have had a practical limit to it's quantity - namely loss of credibility. Gold can experience a correction in this regards in its price, just as it has, several times before in history. If too many start piling up on it, and the prices rise too high, it's credibility as a cultural store of value at that time can rapidly diminish. As has happened before in history.


    Again, this is not an either/or issue. I'm not "against gold". I respect gold, but I don't go into the "hey, it's once and future money! BUY IT! It can only go up" camp either.


    What is the point of all this, I hear some of you saying? Some academic posturing?


    The point is this: gold both historically and the way it is given value can have wild upswings (overvaluation) and downswings (relative historical mean undervalution). It is a potential good trade or mid-term investment, if you believe in it due to the volatility and sentiment hypothesis. It's not a GOOD long term investment, if you believe it on the the long term historical averages.


    Very crude graph with a hand drawn approximation linear regression (don't have the original dataset to plot algorithmically)



    My point to myself and perhaps to some others who haven't thought about this:


    Understand what you invest in, why and when. Don't fall for dogma.


    Heavy artillery of sophistry in action here trying to prove that night is day. Gold is money. Why? Thousands of years and countless millions of people have used it as money. Some of your reasoning reminds me of those who disagree with evolution through natural selection or Marxist ideas that the nature of man can be changed with enough indoctrination/training. Any idea that goes against the nature of man will only ever be a short-lived experiment. Indeed, gold itself has survived the natural selection process in the choice of money. Fifty years of fiat paper (which is now unraveling) is a mere blip but you seem to think that by saying 'it aint so' will stop it happening.



  14. Hmmm. "Leslie Phillips"



    You, fitkid (and maybe Shaublin) is hardly a majority. How much longer do you fanboys need to be told, everything that happens is part of a plan by some secret society to enslave and/or kill us, before you feel enlightened? If you're interested in that kind of thing there are a million websites that pander to that brand of paranoia, why do you feel compelled to read it on the front page of a dedicated investment forum?


    The last time I looked, I was not a 'fanboy'


    HPC was formulated on the idea that house-prices were a bubble in an otherwise sustainable economy. When some posters tried to explain that although the house prices were indeed in a bubble, the economy in general was a bubble and unsustainable, smug STRs who had banked their GBP did not want to know about 'cranks' telling them the big picture of a dying economy.


    Many posters here 'get it' some 'get it' more than others. You have to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. If you are too lazy to go through the chaff, you will not get any wheat. By dismissing out of hand, ideas that are unusual, you achieve the following things:


    You are able to claim a sense of superiority over 'tin-foil-hatters'.


    You are able to free yourself up from the arduous duty of thinking.


    You go through life learning nothing.

  15. ;)





    Very unlikely indeed....in fact lets make fitkid a mod eh? :lol::lol::lol:



    I have been reading up on identifying writing style using software that can measure a whole range of parameters in the style, punctuation, word-use etc of a writer. Crude at the moment and can be fooled with some conscious effort on the part of the writer but sure to get better with time. The arms-race will start with software that can render anonymous the writers style.


    If cdswamp did sneak back in using an alias, I wonder if we would be able to spot him? Perhaps he has access to style altering software!

  16. A serious question. What evidence do you think that you could get from CDSwamp here that you couldn't find on the Above Top Secret or David Icke forums? There are 100's of CDSwamp types there. They also claim to have lots of real evidence about the world.


    One example; I was born into the "bloodlines" and went rogue




    First, fitkid added the font size change and addendum. here it is as I posted it. I am sure he meant no harm, I just want to be accurate.


    Regarding actual *proof* of military action against Iran, I doubt those who make the decisions will be posting here on GEI. cdswamp seemed to be able to ferret out more information than most on these kind of issues but unfortunately, he has been banned (although I agree he had been abusing the forum).


    I have spent idle hours looking at all kinds of bizarre nonsense on the Internet - mainly for amusement but it is surprising how tidbits of information crop up up in the most unlikely places. cdswamp's posts mixed in enough good stuff with the nonsense for me to take notice of him. I also got the feeling that he deliberately posted outrageous things in order to annoy people - which he himself, I suspect, did not believe. cdswamp is clearly a witty and intelligent man but I did not care for his contempt for those not as sharp witted as himself. I think it is an age thing - I was an arrogant bastard years ago. He also made me laugh!