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  1. Ha ha wouldn't that be nice! I suspect you'd like it too if you could figure out how to do it.


    Short answer, No.


    I spent much of today at the bottom of a muddy pit swinging a pickaxe to dig a new manhole. I also work bloody hard with my brain too, putting together deals, often late into the evening and at weekends, most of which fall thru when we get out-bid. I'm not a nine-to-fiver and I probably work at least twice as hard as the average wage-slave.


    What do you do?


    I used to be a rentier living off the labour of others but saw the error of my ways back in Spring 07 - sold up and put the proceeds into PMs. As for what I do, not much really - potter about in the workshop (miniature engineering) play chess, read, cycle, wonder about the purpose of existence - usual things.


    Edit: BTW, I looked at your blog - We probably have a lot in common regarding building things oneself.

  2. Oh dear doom and gloom we are all doomed!


    Dr Bubb I have explained quite simply on propertytribes that I agree with you UK property prices are likely to fall. I've also explained why I don't see this as a threat to astute property investors, but an OPPORTUNITY. Still you seem determined to ignore what I and a number of others have said. It's a very British trait (not a good one) to wallow in the failure of others, or the anticipated failure in this case. Yet you aren't British. You will be disappointed because whatever the market does, there will be astute investors who make a profit. Many of those people reside on Propertytribes.


    Are you one of those astute rentiers living off the labour of others?

  3. 24. Watch the gold price thermometer while buying solid amounts of gold stock into this weakness. Ignore the analysis of the 1424 top callers who don’t understand the real implications of the bond market implosion. Get on the buy as the losers liquidate their gold stock in failure this week. Buy it… before the banksters take it all!



    Yes, this engineered event may well be the last chance to acquire physical at these prices. Interesting to know who is buying from the weak hands. There may be too many of 'them' lining up to buy which will prevent the price falling as far as was planned.

  4. Just caught 5 minutes on the World Service about gold on their business programme . Usual talking heads saying it's a bubble yada yada but slightly better overall balance than usual. One thing that did occur to me was that some buyers at the moment believe they are riding a bubble - while others believe that the fundamentals of a fiat system in its end days make gold an excellent store of wealth. Being in wine, I cannot at the moment come to any conclusions about these strange bedfellows who are doing the same thing for different reasons.

  5. Was Romans Holiday slow to give recognition to an amazing call by Pixel8r ✔


    Were fellow posters correct to pick up on this ✔


    Was Romans Holiday correct to point out the chasm between linear and log ✔


    Is it not inordinately boring to see this tension play out on the forum ✔


    Can we switch from the Punch and Judy show back to the proper debate channel please?

    Has anyone else seen Max Keiser's clarion call for everyone to buy one ounce of silver? If sufficient numbers were to do this then JPM's infamous PM short would face a 9 on the richter scale...



    Yes, this is interesting. I have recently been thinking that the 'leakage' into the controlled media of people like Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, peter Schiff et al is starting to look like a real threat to the status quo. I believe we are now entering a dangerous time when the people that control the system will start to resort to direct intimidation and violence against any threat to their power. The 'money illusion' cannot be allowed to fail and I worry about the safety of people like Keiser.

  6. Look Pixel8r, if you read my post again, you will see that I'm agreeing with you... that it makes no difference to a short term chart whether it is in log or linear. "Why?" refers to your comment that we should be careful because it's linear.....


    What do you think goldfinger? Worthy of another suspension?



    RH, you have presented yourself in a poor light by writing this. The pointless arguments about linear/log display about information appear to be a smokescreen to prevent due credit to Pixel8er. I would guess that most here have seen this. It does you no credit.

  7. Perhaps, but that is because I haven't written of the dollar. If one writes of the dollar, it doesn't really matter whether one uses a log or linear chart because both will just "go to the moon". If instead you give the dollar its dues, then the differnece between the charts is crucial.


    Are there any posters here who want to see a discussion on gold going beyond the ravings of hyper-inflationists? :lol:



    I think you have written of the dollar quite a bit - especially how much you like em and how you swapped your silver for em!


    Ok, I know that was a typo but even so, Warpig does have a valid point about repetition brainwashing - thing is though, I still, after all this time on GEI, do not know your real position.



  8. Well, the point is we were discussing log chart versus linear charts. Simples really.


    As you know, I don't consider myself a "gold bug". All I'm trying to do is put forth a more mainstream view of why gold is and will do well. You'd have to agree that the "gold bug" hyper-inflation free-market anti-government view does tend to alienate the wider audience.


    Wouldn't you agree that if gold was discussed as an alternative currency, without the other baggage, it might help others understand it at a more mainstream level? Isn't that the point of a gold thread... rather than high-fives and self-congratulations?


    Actually, I have become to despair of late that this site is hoplessly "far right/ libertarian" in its economic and political views. After 2 years of posting here, i haven't seen much of a widening of the debate. I think this doctrinaire approach will only blinker people as to what will happen politcally and economically... not to mention what gold will do.


    Why despair about something that doesn't exist (the political left vs right illusion)?


    If you do not agree with free markets and are pro government - and do not believe that the currency will be debased to nothing, why own gold at all?


    Regarding Pixel8er, He put his judgment on gold on record several years ago and all the regulars here know he has been remarkably accurate.

  9. Today on PM BBC 4 about 5.35pm Eddie Mayer was talking about how well Germany is doing with its exports, but the people are not buying anything. The only thing that is being bought is significant amount of gold. I then thought, when will Britain and US learn. Perhaps after an serious episode of hyperinflation?


    I listened to it. Interesting that the Chinese and other Eastern countries are buying German technology - and some Germans are saving their wealth in gold. Their 'produce and save' (in a proper store of wealth) mentality is being criticised by the feckless spend and borrow and produce nothing nations!

  10. Hmmmmmm


    If you thought you had the best part of £4k in silver would you


    A: Take it to be assayed then sell it with certification?


    B: Flog it on feebay and hope it sells?.


    Anyone reckon the Chinese inscription reads 'Silver solder'?



    I saw that listing and thought it a bit odd - as you say, why not get get it assayed. ebay eh!

  11. I think something more reliable is needed for this run. <_<


    The most used and reliable launch vehicle in the history of spaceflight. By the dawn of the 21st century, more than 1,600 Soyuz rockets of various kinds had been launched with an unparalled success rate of 97.5% for production models. The two-stage Soyuz that presently transports cosmonauts and astronauts to the International Space Station





  12. Marr (Lacky estblishment man) tried as best as he could to convince the R4 listening sheeple that gold is in a bubble. Those that follow conventional wisdom and plummy Marr consensus will be obliterated by future events.


    "Lets talk about another commodity that attracts mania - drugs", says Marr


    Gold in a bubble - yeh, that's why every man and his dog is buying gold at the moment. Hey, and check out all the gold ramping on TV - Gold under the Hammer. The only mania associated with gold at the moment is a few insiders desperately trying to get uninformed plebs to sell their gold. Hey, gold's in a bubble - therefore don't buy, sell instead, you know it makes sense.


    I bet Marr has got some - gold I mean, not integrity.


    Doubt he has gold - such people are so convinced of their own superiority and the rightness of the system that they would not dream of joining the 'cranks' with gold :lol:

  13. OK, I'm FED up watching this. I think I will check back tonight, and it better be at $950 to make me really happy.


    Top caller, where are thou?



    Unfortunately, we seem to have lost RB as a reliable contra indicator.


    Realistbear: I find it increasingly difficult to try to predict anything.





    Glad that RB finally realises that he does not understand anything but peeved that we have lost a top rated 'top caller' :lol:

  14. HI Schaublin,


    I have stopped educating people about choices in life. I think some people get it, some do not. As much as your intent is noble, if you read back the GEI gold threads, you will notice that people on here have not changed their stance. Those who are stuck in their beliefs are still the same. Nothing has changed, the only thing has is the price of gold.


    I was mulling over why it is that so many people, some obviously intelligent, try to create complicated models to explain why QE , massive debt and de-industrialisation of the West is not a problem and how this complicated economy can be tweaked and tinkered with and it will all come right.



    Perhaps the reason people try to create these models is simply an unwillingness/inability to admit that 500 years of Western hegemony is ending.

  15. Worth a look back to 2007 on HPC gold thread.




    Someone called Domo wrote:


    agree completly, all assets ahve been boosted by a tide of liquidity, and yes gold is bought with leveredge too as are other assets. the inflation of the last 25 years has been a credit inflation, the creation of promises to pay money, not the money itself. When confidence in the economy collapses so do the promises ie>debt ie>money supply. When deflation of the huge credit/debt superstructure will cause huge deflation. Only safe cash will go up in value.


    Why cannot people grasp the simple fact that when a debt cannot be re payed, the holders of the debt (savers) are left holding rapidly depreciating promissory notes - eventually worth nothing.


    Water will not run uphill and fiat currencies do not appreciate in purchasing power when the issuer can and will print.

  16. Does this missive from a former GEI regular help?







    Ker up to his old tricks. I wonder how many people are sucked-in to the mumbo-jumbo of extrapolating the future from looking at charts. It reminds me of the old con of subscribing to a service which sends you the name of a winning horse with the proviso that you will pay them a fee only if their prediction is correct. The names of different horses are sent to different people on the list ensuring that there are always some happy punters convinced that the service has 'inside information'!