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  1. You'd really keep kilos at home? Seems more of a risk to me than "trusting" goldmoney, although I am not entirely comfortable with the remote aspect...


    I never mentioned kilos or home - just advised against entrusting it to others. Possession in a place that only you know about and can access easily - that can be accomplished in many ways.


    If you would rather trust someone that you have never met over and above yourself to look after your gold, good luck to you.

  2. Obviously nobody in their right mind would pay that sort of money for those Dwelle homes. But the design is nice. Compact, little kithcen/ bathroom in the back, sitting area in the front and loft bed on top.


    So you are in fact building a spare room, not a tiny home ? That wasn't clear in your original post.



    Ok - I am trying out some design and build methods for the structure. I do not need to equip it as a fully functioning house but my plans for the future include building a slightly larger version which will be a self contained home - this will be in some woodland.

  3. Hi Schaublin


    Often thought of doing this myself. I was thinking of getting the panels cut by a Kingspan SIPS factory I know, which would make it a lot easier to knock together, and solve the problem of insulation as well.


    I like the designs here:



    especially the bigger one, 3.5m by 7m i think it is.


    How would you deal with waste water ? How would you power your little cabin ? There are some stand-alone solar systems available but not sure they would be cost efective for something so small.


    Would be really interested to hear more about your project, and to see some photos once it is underway.



    Hello Straydog, I am not too sure about the www.dwelle.co.uk design - seems to be a luxury chalet - more an expensive toy for rich people than a low-cost simple home.


    The cabin I am building will be used as a spare room for guests so I am not planning any running water but I do plan to try out a solar panel /inverter with low power lighting - if necessary, I can run an extension lead down the garden and charge the battery!


    I am going to use wool insulation for walls and roof (4 inch thick) and polystyrene for the floor - your idea of pre-cut panels is interesting - I am not concerned with saving time so much but can see it would be great for those with limited time.



    Will try to remember to take some pictures as the project goes on.

  4. It's all well and good saying that but if you buy gold at £700 it will buy you £700 worth of goods.

    If it falls to £350 then it'll buy me only half as many goods.


    Gold is a commodity like any other, except it's pretty to look at and does have a magical kind of allure. However it is subject to supply and demand. Putting most of your money into it is speculation and not wisdom.


    Gold is money. Three types of people understand this;


    Central banks


    Uber rich oligarchs


    Ordinary people - mainly in Asia and The Middle East - but a growing (albeit small) number of people in the West.


    You do not appear to understand that gold is money - I hope you can be open to persuasion, as it would be a shame if you lost wealth due to being duped by MSM and banking propaganda.



  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/ho...es-1696153.html


    Google 'tiny homes' and you will come up with a lot of stuff about people interested in living simply and cheaply - mainly US biased but plenty of useful ideas for anyone interested. I am currently (just started) building an 8 x 12 cabin in my garden - I have some time on my hands and have always wanted to build a tiny home. I estimate total material costs will be no more than 2 ounces (including small wood-burning stove). Probably take about 2 months to build - I have some experience with building motor-caravans so, I have a reasonable idea about time involved in these projects. With a small mezzanine sleeping area and an 8 by 12 living area such a 'dacha' is perfectly livable in for two people who don't have much clutter.


    Imagine a world where people could buy small plots of land and build a small cabin for a few thousand pounds - no 25 year mortgage for an over-priced slave box. The reality is that if a significant number of people started to live in this way in 'eco' villages, the squid would die - but that is probably why such draconian planning laws exist - to stop people getting such ideas!

  6. Paper gold may well bring the 'price' down but not the availability. Then physical gold will become scarce to non existant. Premiums will rocket. There won't be gold for sale. We have already had a taste of this. I think people buying gold as inflation only hedge are tits personally. Gold is a bases loaded sayonara home run. Inflation, deflation, and the last swing of the bat, the safe haven home run. The only trouble is deciding which inning we are now in. (sorry about the basesball analogy-cricket just doesnt do it).


    I am not sure that the motives of people to store wealth in gold and silver are necessarily linked to classic inflation or hyper inflation (although these are highly likely) - just an understanding that whatever happens in the future, (as you point out) - societal breakdown, martial law, war, pandemic, capital controls, two-for-one swap with a new currency - in fact all possible permutations will make people increasingly understand that physical gold is ultimate store of wealth.

  7. Remember the CONMEX is all smoke and mirrors ITS A PAPER MARKET.Not a PHYSICAL price for the metal.We are really fortunate at the momment that most DEALERS are using the fix prices as the guide to sell at.


    I couldnt agree more with FOFOA on that point.


    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Relativity: What is Physical Gold REALLY Worth?


    What is a piece of physical gold in the hand (of a banker) really worth today?





    Yes, although I backed up the truck several years ago, the idea that it is still possible to get physical gold for fiat - at a rate linked to a fantasy market of paper futures is astonishing.

  8. It's a little disappointing seeing people on here still thinking/talking in terms of "the gold price".

    If you stick in the modern misleading paradigm where all is based around fiat currencies, you'll also be stuck in a misleading thought process, IMO.


    Announcing the Steve Netwriter Gold Currency Index Version 1 (SNGCI v1) 19th Aug 2010



    (ID5, I've finally done it :D )


    Those who say "that gold price prediction is ridiculous" are really saying "that prediction of how far the US$ etc can fall is ridiculous".

    I don't think so.


    Let's stop this "how far or fast gold is going up" discussion, and instead talk about "how far/fast the US$ etc are going to fall".


    By the way, did anyone spot this news:


    Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX) will start trading gold futures with physical gold delivery on 31th Aug 2010



    Sounds significant to me.



    I agree with this but the problem is; the purchasing power of an ounce of gold fluctuates - say within a month, it may purchase 5 percent more or less than the nominal dollar price of an item. Within this short time frame, a loaf of bread or gallon of fuel will be the same or possibly a bit higher priced in dollars - so some get locked into thinking the Sun orbits the Earth! IMO, only when prices are rising visibly, monthly, will people (some) begin to use an ounce of gold as the reference point.


    Even more confusingly, when very high inflation starts, the purchasing power of gold will increase faster than the decline of the fiat currency due to gold's universal store of wealth attributes being more valued.


    Some refreshing insights on your blog BTW.

  9. In a period of growth, the financial market dominates the real economy. In a period of contraction [wealth destruction] the real economy dominates the financial market. Human behavior trumps the so-called fundamentals of investors who too often have yet to catch up with what's going on. This is due to an ideological lag where the old ideas of investment haven't been fully discredited yet.


    In a real economy, subjected to a debt deflation, the behavior of the population leads to a higher valuation on money as relative to assets/ consumables. They prefer to pay down debt and/ or save. The prices of assets will come down. The prices of consumables will come down depending on the strength of the local currency in the fx market. No hyper-inflation there... just less money, lowered velocity, and a reduced standard of living.


    We should respect/ observe the behavior of the "sheeple" because they will determine the value of money relative to local assets... all to the chagrin of the monetary authorities... whom we should disrespect. :)


    Not quite sure how that works in the UK where we are massively net importers of energy, food and just about everything else for that matter (although I did recently buy a Henry vacuum cleaner made in England) :lol:


    I still think you are concentrating too much on what joe public thinks/does - it is not that important. Oligarchs, uber rich and other unmentionables own most of everything.

  10. Is there any metal detectorists here? Ive just ordered one and we are looking forward to going out and finding stuff. I will be detectoring and the wife and kids will be digging!



    How is the gold panning going chris ct? I think theres more chance of finding gold with a detector than a pan. Fancy a competion?



    I think it will turn out the other way around :lol:

  11. Good article on 321 gold by Darryl Robert Schoon outlining the massive spending on war by the US and the debt that they have accrued. A concise well-written account about why the US will fall hard - and soon.




    The US borrows 45 % of all moneys borrowed by all governments and spends virtually that same percentage of global military spending. Beginning in 1980, President Reagan started the US on the road to financial collapse, borrowing heavily in order to fund the US military buildup, an act of fiscal irresponsibility that would later prove fatal. In his two terms, Reagan increased the US national debt by 258 %, the cost of which would be the loss of America’s economic power-base.


    Edit: It is amusing that it is called 'defense' when, in reality, it is all spent on waging offensive wars on weak countries and bullying other nations with its threats.

  12. Must read for anyone trying to understand what is happening with gold and backwardation.






    And just as with all bogus signals that the government, the Fed and Goldman Sachs create, the response is the same. The marketplace withdraws from games with bogus signals. Volume dries up, and Goldman Sachs ends up playing against itself to create the show. Just like price controls create shortages... SAME EXACT CONCEPT.


    So Goldman Sachs (the $IMFS) has rigged the GOFO as a big F-YOU to Antal Fekete.. but it shot itself in the foot in the process.


    Just like unemployment isn't really 9%, I think it is possible that gold is actually in permanent backwardation at this very moment and may have been for a while now. You can't change the temperature by simply rigging the thermometer. But you can't know the exact temperature either.


    The dollar NEEDS voluntary bids from private physical gold to survive. My guess is that pool of REAL bids of size is bone dry and cracking. And "dollar liquidity" is just a cheap façade at this point. This is why the dollar NEEDS a rising gold price. As the price (for selling, not borrowing gold) rises, weak little bits of gold here and there will bid for dollars.

  13. Agreed but this is easier said than done.

    Exactly what jobs are people going to do to create wealth?

    Can the UK compete with Asia on labour costs?

    Have the UK got resources they can exploit?

    What do 20m working people actually do?

    As it stands a sizable number of workforce just provide meaningless services for each other.



    That is the nub of it - there is little actual wealth creation going on any more and no quick way of getting any started. For a small island with a huge population, manufacturing is vital - but that has mainly gone and will not come back unless the workers are prepared to accept £100/month pay. The inertia of a huge population living on international credit is slowing - there is great poverty and upheaval ahead.

  14. TAKE ME BACK to the Summer of 1920 ... before the Hyperinflation hit









    This doesn't look like a "depressed" time, does it? More decadent than 2010.


    Strengthening currency in the first half of 1920 .. whole chart


    "Gold marks" fell into mid-year, before the hyperinflation took off


    Weimar : "a period of tremendous social and cultural creativity"


    Here's an interview with a historian/ writer:



    historian Eric Weitz about WEIMAR GERMANY: Promise and Tragedy.

    On the one side, there was Bauhaus, Expressionism, Magnus Hirschfeld and new freedom for gays and women, a vital and experimental theater–in short, an explosion of intellectual and artistic creativity. On the other: hyperinflation, economic depression, and bullies of the left and right rampaging in the streets, setting the stage for the Nazi seizure of power in 1933.

    We explore both sides of Weimar Germany and what lessons it may hold for us today.


    One of the pictures shows a soldier with no legs - presumably begging. I wonder what the untold thousands of maimed ex servicemen thought about the 'explosion of intellectual and artistic creativity' while trying to live by begging.


    Edit: The National Socialists did not seize power - they were elected - but that is just a detail that gets lost by 'historians'.

  15. Anyone thinking about the long-term future of gold can look at:


    Historical currency collapse.


    The build-up of huge private and public debt in the West.


    The activities of central banks (printing money and buying gold)


    The lack of wealth generating capacity (not cutting hair or selling each other houses)


    China - the amount of Western debt they hold and their massive wealth-generating economy.


    Or they may choose to look at Ker's graph...

  16. ... a broken handle? ...





    Don't trade Gold ! (Unless you are good at it.)


    What are the Piper's men saying today, I wonder?


    I am about to sell some fiat for Sovereigns (funds from a closed BV account). As you seem to be an expert at trading gold, what price should I buy at?

  17. 1.Mexican Libertads have bare breasts...IN 3D!!!



    2. I sold one a while back for £150, now they go for about £50. That was almost exactly 1 year ago. Gold is up 45% in GBP Y-o-Y.



    1. You need to have 1kg Libertad for a proper eye full <_<


    2.How much did you pay for it - or did you find it in your change?

  18. You too if you have fond (& foggy) memories of Bessarabia. The great Bentine never did reveal the vintage the MC was drinking that night, did he?


    That's too mysterious for me - (Googled it) maybe something to do with an actor that visited Moldova and tasted some wine?



    Try writing to someone in Rutland and you have to address it to Leicestershire <_<