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  1. I know this question was aimed at GOldfinger but I'd like to comment too. Like you, I have spent some time researching the situation in the late 1970s and do not believe that the current state of affairs is comparable.


    You wrote: I am not sure that the numbers of people who make that leap of faith will ever grow beyond a small minority


    I agree, and that is the pity of it. In the not too distant future, when the burden of debt creates currency crises, and savers see their hard-earned wealth evaporate, the bulk of the gold will be owned by the criminal banks that currently run the fractional reserve ponzi scheme. They are gradually buying gold from weak hands - who are happy to have made a paper profit.


    Questions I ask myself include:


    Who is accumulating gold now?


    What kind of payment will be accepted world-wide for valuable energy, food and resources?


    Why does Russia take gold in payment for minerals sent south to China?


    Look around the world from China to India - from the middle East to America and you will see the global perspective. The average Joe does not know anything about what is occurring globally - and that is why he is happy to sell-off his gold jewelery for a pittance.



  2. He can either google it, or won't believe you anyway.


    If I was Laura, I'd also get a nice stash of silver coins. In a SHTF scenario, a gold coin will buy the entire local SPAR Supermercado. You don't want that. What you want is to buy one aisle. A silver coin will do so.


    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Guys, I know you have covered coins extensively but if you were travelling worldwide in difficult times which coins would you carry for emergencies?

    I'm thinking in times of fiat failure. I thought OH & I should have some as there may be periods when fiat is failing so fast that by the time we have converted from gold in an account to paper in our hands, the darned paper will have plummeted in value.

    Besides, it's been years since I had any real coins in my hand :)



    For universal use, I would go with a mixture of Krugerrands (most common 1oz bullion coin) Sovereigns and mini 24k ingots such as Pamp Suisse 1g 5g 10g.


    Edit: Laura, I am shocked that you are in paper-gold!

  4. Electric cars have come on in the last hundred years...


    Then and now: 100 miles


    If today's supporters of EV's would dig into the specifications and the sales brochures of early 20th century electric "horseless carriages", their enthusiasm would quickly disappear. Fast-charged batteries (to 80% capacity in 10 minutes), automated battery swapping stations, public charging poles, load balancing, the entire business plan of Better Place, in-wheel motors, regenerative braking: it was all there in the late 1800s or the early 1900s. It did not help. Most surprisingly, however, is the seemingly non-existent progress of battery technology.




    Simple really. If you wish to travel at high speed in a vehicle weighing a ton, you will need a lot of energy.

  5. i always suspected that, but now i see i am not the only one:


    "In Bernstein's view, people who advocated the gold standard were "deluded," "intoxicated," "obsessed," and "haunted." He contends that the gold standard was "primitive" and the result of "cupidity and stupidity." Not only does he believe that gold is not useful for anything save adornment, but that dire political and social consequences result from its use as money."



    sure will be interesting to read. i also believe that who think we are going to be on gold standard some day are going to be very disappointed. what gold bugs miss to see is that the FOREX system is already a back bone for unified currency system, it just needs to evolve enough to be connected to all the banks and all credit/debit cards of all the citizens in the world. In 20 or 30 year from now, we could have it done and all the hopes for gold standard will be dead completely.

    Also gold bugs miss that human specie is evolving into a new specie and in 100 years from now we probably will be able to create,destroy or convert the matter as we want to. Somebody said gold was a 5000 years bubble, i bet it is. A barbaric relic that you will see in a museum 200 from now. And if you think you aren't going to live by that time you could be very wrong. A trend in inmortality has already started and it is now your decision how long you will live, but some folks still want to deny the advances of thechnology, digging the ground is the only future they see.


    Are we not all supposed to be using flying cars and working a few hours a month by now? That was what I was authoritatively told as a child in the 70's. Where is the trend in immortality starting? Can anyone do it? Is there a refund if it does not work?

  6. Silver Sammy alive and well.......reincarnated as a prominent poster on HPC




    Gotta love Realistbear. 22 000 posts since 05 and he still does not understand. Perhaps he would be better advised doing more reading and less posting. In 05 I was just beginning to become interested in economics. Since then, I have sold property (Summer 07) and bought PMs with the goal of being able to buy a small holding. I am much closer to my goal thanks to seeing through people like RB and looking at real facts - thanks to many knowledgeable posters here like Pixel8er, GOldfinger and many others.

  7. i am only sharing my work to open the eyes of people who has them closed, i do not pretend to cure blind people who are inverting fundamentals to support they buys. you are gold bug, fine, i know you will die holding your longs.


    and if i was wrong for years, i am not going to give up because of that, the thing had deteriorating technicals for years too, it is a matter of time before the greed and stupidity of gold bugs will punish them, just like Walstreet, i see no difference absolutely.


    I am not a gold bug - more of a coal bug really - I just don't have the room to store the stuff.

  8. hey folks, i wrote this article on SA

    it is not in the GOLD category because guidelines of SA do not allow publish strictly TA articles on the main page. So, if you want to help me to redistribute it , please be my guest, i am also promoting it.

    Basicaly, the idea is that i found a potential long term Head & Shoulder pattern, still to be completed of course, but it looks very convincing. Check it out.




    So much time and effort spent on alchemy. If the sum of all human wisdom, fear, greed and stupidity was factored in with black-swan events and ponzi-scheme economics then integrated with market manipulation (allegedly) and that equation is represented by a squiggly line, I would love to meet the person that can figure out where the line will be on three consecutive Wednesdays.

  9. It's an amazing idea or invention rather to use water as fuel for cars and if all cars are capable of accepting water as the main fuel then that's a lot of savings in our pocket. I don't know exactly if there's special mixture to it in order for this to run a car but it is extremely cool and fun. Any idea?



    I heard that sea water is useable but worries were expressed about depleting the oceans so the idea was shelved.

  10. Some folks want to try and play the waves with one of the few things that can provide protection. Trying to get rich while the world blows up. Risking holding paper and being way out of position. Personally I think that is totally nuts. But hey ho that's for them to decide. The argument against doing so is well voiced here so even the newbie lurkers will have seen both sides.


    I think the allure of a quick paper profit can be strong - but if thought through, how can that profit be stored? Professional and semi-professional traders here believe they can anticipate movements and make a profit - some (lucky) will and some (unlucky) will not but those who just hold will preserve their purchasing power - and will probably increase it into the future - they will also not have the extreme stress associated with high stakes gambling - although some people are born gamblers and love it.

  11. Just amusing myself at CoinInvestDirect and notice the 1/20th of oz coins currently selling for just over £50. Anyone have one of these? They must be incy-wincy! I'd be scared of losing down the back of the sofa. Are they too small ever to be realistically used as coinage?


    I bought a few 1 gram ingots on a whim - they are small but perfectly formed <_<

  12. Yep which is why folks like yourself and many others on here are doing such a great job opening folks eyes. Keep up the good work folks.



    I think there is a good balance here - some very knowledgeable posters, some 'ordinary' people that have taken an interest in economics due to their own personal circumstances (HPC etc). I think a newbie spending time on GEI would not go too far wrong.


    It is not too cosy here however - for example many take umbrage with some of my views about modern history and private banking/ Rothschilds - but when everyone starts agreeing, it is time to look elsewhere.

  13. For amusement only.


    Anyone remember the insufferable Hamish McTavish on HPC? - He now lords it on MSE.


    Here is his view on PM's in response to question about his portfolio,

    (from a thread he started saying that garlic was a better investment than gold).

    Just scroll to the last sentence for a classic Hamish dismissal of the subject.






    A fool is a fool but I do worry about people who are naive about economics but are concerned about the future being influenced by articles like this.

  14. I'm 50% in Gold and Silver, 50% in Sterling - started buying metals 2yrs ago andvery glad I did. May bite the bullet an go all in... I'm talking GoldMoney here, I've no physical.


    Good luck - I have a small position at BV - I wound it down over the last few years to a level where if I logged on one day and found 'error 404 site not found', I would be peeved but not devastated. I may be a little premature but I now only feel comfortable with physical possession.

  15. Why are you all so keen on big 1oz coins instead of sovereigns which have more gold per unit of fiat?



    Good point - my take on it is that people are buying significant amounts (say 100 plus ounces) and 1oz coins seem more sense than four times as many Sovs - or it may just be that The 1oz coins are in shorter supply and ran out earlier.


    Anyone else got any theories?

  16. It's not just you. See my post above on Google Search and News volume. We've been in a steady decline on both fronts since the late 2009 high. The 2010 upleg in gold has not captured the MSM's attention in the same way.



    Replace MainStream Media with Controlled media and it makes sense that the sheeple would not be informed.

  17. With gold going bananas & silver just sitting there, what is a girl to do but buy another pile of silver with her latest newly arrived largesse?

    I'll call it diversification & wont look at the price for a year ....... or maybe six months.


    I backed up my (modestly sized) truck last year to load up with silver. It feels like... wealth <_<