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    Electric cars. The future is already here.

    http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/shai_ag...ctric_cars.html Shai Agassi talks about electric cars and infrastructure .............
  2. Bearing in mind these landlords/agents are supposed to carry out regular checks on the property (to update such things as gas safety reports etc) so long as they're adhereing to their obligations such problems should be discovered fairly quickly. Locally to me I would hazard a guess that at least one 'factory' is discovered per week (judging by the local rag) and more often than not is also housing a non-English speaking person who's being paid a small amount of cash to keep an eye over the crop and getting free accomodation (this may be just negative press coverage and cannot vouch for it's validity). Personally I don't have a problem with people producing canabis and, from what I've read, really cannot understand the lack of investigation into the economic viability of producing commercial hemp on a scale similar to cotton, but that's a different argument altogether.
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    Electric Bicycles thread

    My post regarding my views on two wheeled vehicles was a slightly tongue in cheek appraisal from a personal point of view of what I personally gain from the experiences of riding. The element of risk I refer to is down more to the way I like to ride. My viewpoint that 'electric cycles' lack styling is that if they are ever to catch on as a means of transport en-mass they need to connect in the same way 'Lambrettas', 'Choppers' or even 'MX' do in their styling and become an accessory. I don't honestly believe that 'efficiency' alone is something that will make them commercially hugely successful; from my own perspective I'd rather use my own legs than any electric cycle I've seen on the market for all the above reasons (including efficiency)
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    Electric Bicycles thread

    Not overly sure whether culturally 'electric' bicylcles can be accepted. You either ride a bike or you ride a motorbike .............. both of which can be abused (I've broken both arms, lost my front teeth and numerous concusions to pedal cycles). Until someone invents an electric bike with some kind of style (please, no offence meant in that statement to any owners but I do honestly see the designs kicked out by the manufacturers as 'purposeful' rather than 'dangerously fun' as all bikes should look) they'll never take off. It's pretty shameful when the nearest to 'cool' that manufacturers of electric cycles have come is the 'segway' which has a very limited ability to be abused !!!!!!
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    Wood fired power station - UK 14-15mw

    I suspect your your later statement ........................ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7060607.stm If you read between the lines more waste is being produced than can be got rid of. A proportion of the waste we produce can be converted into energy ...... of which the UK has reportedly a very possible shortfall to demand. I doubt the UK government are intelligent enough to come to any other solution.
  6. About a year or so ago I spent 3 weeks in Ontario Canada visiting old friends who in truth are as close as family to me. It was more an instant immersion into the summertime culture of Canada rather than a sight seeing tour. My observations were thus ............ 1) Very little crime and what crime there was tended to be centred in pockets which meant you knew where to avoid. One of my hosts had a cement mixer and building tools out the front of his house for the whole time I was there and when I asked if he was concerned about it being stolen he simply said 'relax, you're in Canada'. 2) No-one seemed to be Canadian. Though proud of being Canadian most often after a drink talked of 'home' and where their family came from. I visited a 'English Pub' where they showed football and all the 'usuals' were English and Scottish and desperate for information on what was happening at 'home'. 3) Everyone was worried about their job. 4) There was a great sense of community within the immediate local environment and I was made to feel not only welcome but almost Godlike and it seemed everyone was desperate for me to join them offering assurances that they'd look after me and my family should we choose to move, which they seemed almost desperate for us to do. 5) Space. I appreciate 'peak oil' argument rearding such issues etc. which you'll have to offset with your own calculations but compared to the UK it felt so much less claustraphobic. It did seem however that no-one ever caught a bus or jumped on a pushbike to travel that distance to their local shop. They are very dependant on their own oil fueled transport. 6) Shockingly poor night life. Very poor. It felt like a whole swathe of music was passing them by. 7) Lack of 'alternative' culture. I/We may complain about 'feral' culture etc in the UK but I can say I missed the individuality, originality and rebeliousness of our youth that, although I/we pour scorn upon them, give such colour to our lives. Longterm, because I'm used to the night noise of a fight kicking off a couple of streets away, or the drama of the police moving in on a local 'dealer' I worry that the silence may be deafening. If you consider moving abroad for whatever reasons good luck to you. This is by no means a criticism of Canada or Canadians ................... I envy many them for many things and my comments are made purely from a personal perspective on the things I'd personally miss.