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    I think this is wise and accommodating. Thank you
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    Keeping good long term relationships is difficult even when people meet face to face. Its even more challenging when interactions are only via the written word (I know this, as its a large part of my day job!). I think that is what's behind most tensions here at GEI. The onus must be on the 'leaders' to have thicker skin than a rhino, the forgiveness of Ghandi, and the generosity, patience and diplomacy of an angel. Dr B, you might like to try a bit harder to be this superhuman ...or to put that another way, the users are being honestly and understandably frustrated about a number of your decisions and the way you execute them. But who knows whether I or they would do any better than you at genuinely listenning and being smpathetic to the 'complainers' point of view. I know that you have previously deflected many of my own efforts to be constructively critical, which is why I also spent some time 'elsewhere'. But there's usually just too much good stuff at GEI to disregard it completely
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    ...hard to argue against that!
  6. Excuse me unbanning myself: but I apologise for my error in posting on (and disrupting) the wrong thread. I intended to post on the "Gold's corrections - How big? How long?" thread, and would be pleased for the 5.52am posting to be moved there and this current post deleted. Now I guess I'll shut up for another 24hrs, as punishment for my own stupidity :-)
  7. I've decide to ban myself for 24hrs, or to put it another way, to go on sympathy strike for Pixel8r. Anyone want to join me?
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    Perhaps Pixel8R should get a 1 banning credit Personally, I think bans are handed out far too readily. [wonder if I'll be banned for saying that?? ]
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    +1 (yes, I know I'm late. But I've been otherwise occupied, and wanted to support the many good and IMPORTANT points made here by CJ)
  10. Dear Dr Bubb I think I owe YOU one final post: I thank you for creating GEI, and I thank the many posters for their posts, all of which helped me enormously in understanding global economic issues in the 2 year run up to, and then the unfolding of, the credit crunch. It guided me in important decisions which have enabled me to enrich and protect my family financially. I have stayed with GEI for many years now, and the 'colorful' posts of cds and others of his 'ilk' have been valuable as well as irritating. There is s need for such color, and that is why I never left GEI at those times. But now, any and all colorful posting is deemed unacceptable by a few over-zealous and power-crazed mods. For example, because I dared to question GF's judgement he considered giving me a a 24hr suspension. I really hope you understand: my decision to leave is NOT a knee-jerk reaction to any one or more direct exchanges between me and GF. Rather the way he has been 'moderating' (over-controlling!) all issues on all threads has stifled GEI completely. While this site has mods as self-oppinionated, self-important, and power-crazed as GF, this site is not for me. And if you need more proof of how out of touch he is, note his reaction to my trying to explain the above directly to him when I decided to leave. He simply 'told' me I was over-reacting, rather than question himself and consider whether I might have a point. He is a very dogmatic and inflexible individual, ...not good material for a mod. To be clear (and defend myself against what I know GF and others may now say)... I am not in favor of anarchy, and some moderation is needed. But it should be for extreme offences only, and run from the background not the foreground! In short, the mods are now doing more harm to the VITALITY (carefully chosen word!!!!!) of this site than any other poster ever has. It is for this reason that I am stepping away.
  11. I was not baiting! That is not my style. I have never had one argument with any other poster over several years of posting here! Rather, I was just being very honest about how I see the forum now operating. And to be precise, I consider one main problem to be that you are now behaving like a school headmaster, not a balanced moderator. When I questioned your judgement, you accuse me of baiting, and tell DR B that by daring to question your approach I almost got banned for a day. Well I've had enough. There is now too little respect for any alternative views on GEI - and that's reflected both in rude posters and in autocratic mods. I resign from GEI, and wish you all the very best of luck with your investments and personal futures.
  12. You've just confirmed my worst fears about how things are going!!
  13. So ban everyone. Think how idyllically peaceful that would be for you.
  14. Yep. We're not even allowed to set up our own polls unless pre-sanctioned by the powers that be. [and now I'll probably get banned for pointing this out]