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    But I can reveal now that...

    I was seeing evidence that a concerted effort was being made to undermine GEI, and sling mud here - mostly at me - to get people to follow GF to another board where he was already posting. If I could prove that, would you feel differently about my action?


    If I am wrong about that, then I would be grateful if GF himself would tell me so. In which case, I will be prepared to make a public apology for changing his membership status without a more full explanation, and a timely thank you.


    Keeping good long term relationships is difficult even when people meet face to face. Its even more challenging when interactions are only via the written word (I know this, as its a large part of my day job!). I think that is what's behind most tensions here at GEI. The onus must be on the 'leaders' to have thicker skin than a rhino, the forgiveness of Ghandi, and the generosity, patience and diplomacy of an angel. Dr B, you might like to try a bit harder to be this superhuman :)


    ...or to put that another way, the users are being honestly and understandably frustrated about a number of your decisions and the way you execute them. But who knows whether I or they would do any better than you at genuinely listenning and being smpathetic to the 'complainers' point of view. I know that you have previously deflected many of my own efforts to be constructively critical, which is why I also spent some time 'elsewhere'. But there's usually just too much good stuff at GEI to disregard it completely :)

  2. Go ahead.

    This site will only benefit if those who would otherwise go Off topic, as you have done in your 5:52 AM posting simply go quiet instead.

    Excuse me unbanning myself: but I apologise for my error in posting on (and disrupting) the wrong thread. I intended to post on the "Gold's corrections - How big? How long?" thread, and would be pleased for the 5.52am posting to be moved there and this current post deleted.


    Now I guess I'll shut up for another 24hrs, as punishment for my own stupidity :-)


  3. I'm with Pixel, it doesn't matter how acurate some posters are on this site there are others who are infuriating with their continued lack of grace in the face of being wrong for months and months on end.


    I think you should reinstate Pixel and give him/her a bit more leeway as IMO the response given to Pixel was very ungracious in view of the accuracy of Pixels chart.


    IMO Pixel has given a great deal more to this site than the poster to whom the quote was directed.


    IMO there are some on this site who need to stop lecturing and start listening to those with a proven track record of being acurate.


    I might also like to point out that it seems to me that a lot of the posters on this site are British but many of the mods are not - I think its an over reaction in many cases as the language is lost in translation.


    We do actually swear quite a lot in the UK its is part of our cultural makeup. Now for example if you go across to the North American sites there is virtually no swearing its all hugs and kisses and annoying little smiley blinking icon type things that most Brits would never use. In fact I know it really annoys many UK posters but that is life.


    I think a lot of the banning these days is merely a cultural misunderstanding.

    +1 (yes, I know I'm late. But I've been otherwise occupied, and wanted to support the many good and IMPORTANT points made here by CJ)

  4. No need to over-react, bigtbigt.

    Give it a rest here for a while, if you like. No need to leave.


    I dont see you as a problem poster, and I would be surprised if others do.

    I think you know I welcome diverse points of view here. The point is for people to stay respectful of those

    that they disagree with.


    I think we will get there


    BTW, I am going to delete the blatant ads for "that other site"

    Dear Dr Bubb


    I think I owe YOU one final post:


    I thank you for creating GEI, and I thank the many posters for their posts, all of which helped me enormously in understanding global economic issues in the 2 year run up to, and then the unfolding of, the credit crunch. It guided me in important decisions which have enabled me to enrich and protect my family financially.


    I have stayed with GEI for many years now, and the 'colorful' posts of cds and others of his 'ilk' have been valuable as well as irritating. There is s need for such color, and that is why I never left GEI at those times.


    But now, any and all colorful posting is deemed unacceptable by a few over-zealous and power-crazed mods. For example, because I dared to question GF's judgement he considered giving me a a 24hr suspension.


    I really hope you understand: my decision to leave is NOT a knee-jerk reaction to any one or more direct exchanges between me and GF. Rather the way he has been 'moderating' (over-controlling!) all issues on all threads has stifled GEI completely. While this site has mods as self-oppinionated, self-important, and power-crazed as GF, this site is not for me.


    And if you need more proof of how out of touch he is, note his reaction to my trying to explain the above directly to him when I decided to leave. He simply 'told' me I was over-reacting, rather than question himself and consider whether I might have a point. He is a very dogmatic and inflexible individual, ...not good material for a mod.


    To be clear (and defend myself against what I know GF and others may now say)... I am not in favor of anarchy, and some moderation is needed. But it should be for extreme offences only, and run from the background not the foreground!


    In short, the mods are now doing more harm to the VITALITY (carefully chosen word!!!!!) of this site than any other poster ever has. It is for this reason that I am stepping away.

  5. Nice baiting. Maybe I'll put you up for public voting...

    I was not baiting! That is not my style. I have never had one argument with any other poster over several years of posting here!


    Rather, I was just being very honest about how I see the forum now operating. And to be precise, I consider one main problem to be that you are now behaving like a school headmaster, not a balanced moderator.


    When I questioned your judgement, you accuse me of baiting, and tell DR B that by daring to question your approach I almost got banned for a day.


    Well I've had enough. There is now too little respect for any alternative views on GEI - and that's reflected both in rude posters and in autocratic mods.


    I resign from GEI, and wish you all the very best of luck with your investments and personal futures.



  6. Oh dear oh dear..... What has become of this forum? I cant see catflap coming back after his suspension. Another quality poster gone so as to not upset the trolls. For what its worth I would have participated in his poll and voted off fitkid and GOM but the poll was closed before I could.

    Yep. We're not even allowed to set up our own polls unless pre-sanctioned by the powers that be.


    [and now I'll probably get banned for pointing this out]

  7. Are you planning to leave?

    I might though!


    Petty arguments everywhere.


    No clear engagement rules.


    No system for throttling posters (technical throttling of post rates, not strangling them ...but then again???)


    Moderators acting inconsistently and subjectively, and increasingly autocratically! (power corrupts, absolute power....)


    No democratic oversight or convenient way to assess how pi55ed people are getting with troublesome posters.


  8. Copied from another thread for maximum effect:


    Hi Everyone,


    Sorry, been at work all day and no access to internet (and might have been out on the beers last night). It's become very difficult to mod recently and I'd have swung the banning sword quite widely (and wildly) recently if this has been my site. But it's not and I don't want to cause any harm to the good work DrBubb et al. have done.


    As mods we do 'work' here for free and do our best to help the forum. We don't have any easy way of chatting to each other about a questionable post in real time as we all live in different time zones. So we basically have to wing it and act alone, hoping we don't go too far or are too lenient in each circumstance.


    However, the level of frustration is now so high amoungst sop many posters I will be acting differently.


    From now on if I see any posts that are over the line (and you all know where the line is) I will suspend that members posting privileges until DrBubb returns and 'decriminalises them' if he chooses to. Other mods, please do also feel free to un-ban people and I'll bow to your judgement without any bad feelings.


    I will ban and not answer questions about why someone was banned nor hear any arguments in their favour.


    Those many of you with the brilliant, insightful, witty posts, please continue to post without fear and make sure you do not rise to the bait if provoked.


    The minute you see a disrespectful post, hit the report button and I'll get onto it.




    Your mod efforts are appreciated

    But your latest approach is not moderation, it is police state authoritarianism.

    Moderation is very hard because it requires time, attention, and balanced judgement. So the job excludes imposing authoritarian decisions. If you're instead resorting to the latter, then I respectfully suggest you consider whether you should step down from being a mod until you have more time, patience, and respect for other's rights.

  9. My post above has been reported and I have been warned again!!


    Can nobody say anything they believe to be true on this website?


    What thoughtcrime does this come under this time?



    You were probably reported by a paper troll because your were getting too close to revealing him/her


    But these bans are becoming like ASBOs, some of us are feeling left out because we haven't yet had one :rolleyes:


  10. Gold - just shot up $15


    I just woke up here in HK to see Gold has shot up to $1153, maybe higher



    I will investigate...


    US Slaps Tariff on China; Gold Price Jumps

    Seeking Alpha (blog) - ‎14 hours ago‎

    Back in September, I wrote a commentary in which I linked US tariffs against Chinese pipe imports to the surge in the price of gold (“Has Trade-War Started ...


    IAF strike kills three Gaza militants posed to fire rockets

    Ha'aretz - ‎2 hours ago‎

    By News Agencies and Haaretz Service An Israel Air Force strike in the central Gaza Strip on Sunday killed three Palestinian militants, including a senior field commander, hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed a "powerful response" to any ...


    California Earthquake Good Practice for Tsunami

    Discovery News - Michael Reilly - ‎40 minutes ago‎

    Saturday afternoon, residents of northern California were violently shaken by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake not far offshore in the Pacific Ocean.

    Gold up in all currencies. But also oil jumped similarly.


    It is strange because the rise started and ended so suddenly.

  11. money printing leading to higher inflation, who'da thunk it ?

    Me - once upon a time. But now I'm not so sure!!!


    Everyones paying off debt, to a massive extent, and that is extremely deflationary


    If QE were to push up the overall money supply dramatically, then I 'd expect near term inflation. But it isn't (QE is just compensating for the drop in money supply caused by debt repayments), so I don't.


    If countries other than US and UK get back into growth, then they'll push up commodity prices, and when you couple this with weaker USD and GBP then we'll get uncomfortable inflation. And that's what I do expect, but not for a few years yet.


    If government debt, and enduring QE policies, were to cause a complete loss of confidence in the USD (or GBP), then I'd expect a run on the currency and hyper-inflation. That could well happen, but of so (and if no plan B is pulled out of the hat) then it's still probably 10-20 years away. ...and gold could fall quite a lot before then!


    That's what I'da thunk anyway