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    Hi guys, I am calling for 500 buck gold this time. These are the technicals: http://seekingalpha....erm-update-2011 I am short, and this is going to be my killing trade. Bears, wish me luck. Regards
  2. kernull


    Hi again folks, good setup to short gold right now: http://seekingalpha....h-setup-is-here p.s. I see you have got new design of the website, cool!
  3. I have the feeling that a big storm is coming. Markets are so slow today, on thursday. In a rising wedge with euro topping, ahead of unemployment report release. Hmmm....
  4. stopped out last week for a 10 point profit. now put it again @ 10631. stop @ 10676, looking for tuesday to be trend reversal day. maybe i am a bit earlier here, you might want to try tomorrow at NY opening
  5. I went short the DOW today. Stop at 10572
  6. I think the DOW topped out, and now is going to slide smoothly into 8200 area http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/481054-k...date-for-26-jul
  7. this is what i was talking about. lots of bears stopped out and market isn't falling. this downtrend is likely to go until september (but now with more inclination to trend with not so wide trading ranges) and then guess what? we will go up, and there will be no crash at all this year.
  8. kernull


    sorry for crossposting, but i think gold is set for a crash by the end year: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/481054-k...c-crash-in-gold
  9. good time for short today. the dow can go to 9000 from here until august. it is hard to trade trading ranges like right now. either you use long stop to adjust for high volatility and lower your expectations, or use a tight stop and risk losing to Goldman Saches' computers. Market is not likely to be in a strong trend for many months yet. There are too many bears, we need to shake them out.
  10. kernull


    gold is going to be in a secular "day traders market" now. It is like : 1. rallied from 15 to 20 bucks? 2. short it. 3. dropped 20 to 30 bucks? 4. cover 5. go to step 1 until 3 to 4 years pass no money for investors but a lot of points for scalpers
  11. my count for the DOW until year end: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/481054-k...pdate-for-4-jul
  12. kernull


    sorry for crossposting but i think this information is important: Gold Bugs , the "New Iclanders" http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/481054-k...-new-icelanders
  13. Larry Williams released his take on the markets few days ago: http://www.ireallytrade.com/TVStation/LarryTV.html what i find intersting, is that his WillGo indicator doesn't shows a top and Larry kind of surprised about it. This is why i think we are not yet ready for a crash. also, check this chart of the real value of the DOW: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$IND...id=p27660049524 this is the correct chart we have to use. Because if the value of USD goes a lot higher, the DOW could make another high on nominal price, but still be below the 200 MA line we see on the chart. Actually it is a prefect way to fool a lot of people. A lot of chartists may call a new bull market if we do a new nominal high, but a lower low on the real value chart
  14. uff, so many cases, and all so well counted, can really put in doubt your own ideas. i don't know. there are 2 things that warn me about Pretcher. 1. His top was 10000 (or was it 10500? don't remember exactly) on the DOW. The DOW went to 11200 , thats at least 700 points of difference from what Pretcher said and that is not to ignore. Recall, NOT to ignore. 2. I heard him recently on TV and he sayd he has lots of years on the market place and "he knew" that the markets are going to crash. I know he is a veeeery good in what he does, but i see him too confident. So i think right now everybody knows we are in a bear market, and that makes us (bears) the biggest crowd. If this is true, markets will be hard to break quickly, so a yearly trading range will kill enough weak bears before real profits come in. Now, since i am very devoted follower of my channels, my channel said that in december we got over the posibility of next crash, and at this time crashing is less probable. (1 point in favor of a trading range, i.e long term correction) Another technical detail is that you don't just break above 9500 or 10000 on the DOW and crash again, that was a strong support level on the yearly basis. I don't know what is Pretcher publishing right now on EWI, i am not a subscriber, but he must check this detail, it is not something to ignore. This is why I am more inclined to think that we are going to hold above 8450 on the DOW this year. You know how it happens, for example, the DOW goes to 8450, bears will say "this is it! short more!" and after that you have about 2 weeks of flat trading, then markets rebound and bears have the uptrend go to where they shorted for the first time and they end up closing the first position and have a losing one they sold at the bottom. This is how (i think) the market will shake out many weak bears, or even some professionals. So my strategy right now is to trade the dailies within the weeklies (trade short term within medium term). And be quick in exiting shorts when markets are not moving. Corrections are very difficult to trade, so, to make money it is better to lower the position size, but extend the stoploss. This way you aren't going to be stopped out much and make some money. Or, if you don't want to miss the crash (the real impuslive wave Pretcher predicts, when you have week after week, month after month of strong downside), you have to put the short as it is right now (considering that the absolute possible top on the DOW is at around 11800), and wait 4 years. In 4 years we certainly will have these markets crashed. This is what i think.
  15. hey guys i have made some analysis on the dow: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/481054-k...13-dow-shredded