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  1. Many thanks for this very interesting thread. I have been studying options for a while, I think that they are a good alternative to B+H stratergy because they can provide better returns, but unlike spreadbetting they offer much more protection against volatility unless you have big margins to play with - I dont. I like the way you can take a leveraged position, but not need to worry about sudden market swings. Anway today I joined the party and bought my first options contract - A call option on SLV. I was looking at GLD, but options on SLV are much cheaper (presumably because Price of silver is much lower in comparison to Gold) and it is much cheaper to control 100 shares of SLV through an option than 100 shares of GLD. It doesn't really matter, at this stage I am more interested in learning and making any old percentage gains rather than spinning big bucks. Here is my order: Symbol:SLV Jan13 45 Call Description:iShares Silver Trust Stock:SLV at 40.39 Action:Bought To Open Quantity:1 contract(s) Price:$6.41 Commission:$14.95 Reg Fees:$0.02 Net Amt:$655.97 Taking the above contract the price of SLV would have to reach $51.55 ((45 strike + 6.41 premium)x 100 shares)/100) + 14.95 commision before Jan 2013 expiry for me to break even. A 20% increase in 500 or so days, I think this looks like a very aggressive position, it is an out-of-the money call so there is very little Delta, but I have lots of time left so lots of Theta to play with. Who knows, I'm just testing the waters. I am going to look at a more conservative trade soon and I will share my experiences here also. I have been learning from the trades of others here and I will share mine if that is OK.
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    BV is a UK registered company. Of course that means nothing bad about the compant itself, but best to know this.
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    Gold now being used as currency in Zimbabwe. Did not see this posted before, it is interesting because it proves that gold is the ultimate currency in a hyperinflationary meltdown. Gold for bread.
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    Silver now trading at £650 per ounce. Ebay link HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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    Look at this idiot: £20k for a 1kg silver bar on ebay Ebay Link If you read the descriptions below the item he actually quotes Cgnao.
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    Going to hell in a hand-basket today. Almost broke down through the 200 DMA. This shakeout has gone on long enough now.
  7. Just out of interest what do others here think of Beowulf Mining a small Swedish company on the AIM? Surely at 2p a share you cant go wrong? I was seriously thinking about buying this as a (very) speculative play last year, but in the end I just couldn't bring myself to jumping in.
  8. Well would you believe it, after a long winter of discontent it looks like our beloved juniors may now have finally put in a bottom. Article
  9. It has been written a few times recently that several hedge funds have shorted the juniors into the dirt so that they can be picked up on the cheap. This would then make it appear that these funds are acting on behalf of the majors who are going to be doing the shopping (for the resources). Why would they do that I wounder? Unless of course they themselves are going to be doing the buying. ......See you up there.
  10. Who was it who said recently that junior mining stocks are now like "The bald-headed step children" I will try to find the article. Anyway could it be that the reason why the juniors are doind so badly now is because there are so so so many of them and the investment money has to be diluted accordingly? We hear these amaizing stories about Lion Gold for instance turning $5000 into several millions over the course of the 1970s, but was it just because there was less choice back in those days? I certainly wish there was less of them, it would make buying much easier.