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  1. The attitude shown towards Sinclair here and elsewhere is inappropriate IMO.


    Sinclair is one of the few people who really stick their neck out - and he has done so for a long time. All this time, gold has gone up and hit one after the other of his targets. The judgement on Sinclair's calls still stands out ($1,650), and also on his further predictions which he announces more quietly. His formula is unbeaten in explaining very concisely what's unfolding. Thta he gets things wrong every now and then is human.



    Agreed - we are all pygmies given the 50 years of hands on experience Sinclair has in precious metals trading. Dr Bubb would be advised to bear that in mind.

  2. Saw the "it is now" thing but was confused by J.S' references to being on the cusp of Alf Fields 5th wave and then showing this (which if I recall correctly has since been updated to much higher levels and different wave counts?)




    Does this not make sense to anyone else?


    Last time I looked gold was <$940, how can we be beginning the 5th wave ??


    The last time he posted Alf's predictions wave 3 was $700 to $3500 then wave 4 was down to $2,500 then wave 5 was up to $6,000. So not quite sure what's going on there :blink:





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  3. Perusing the Sunday Times money section today (as one does) there is the following titbit:-


    Don't Bank on Gold


    The yellow metal , currently $747, could lose it's shine. Higgins said: "Deflation does not augur well for an asset that is supposed to be an inflation-hedge. We expect prices to fall to $550 next year"


    John Higgins being of Capital Economics..