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  1. While I am washing the linen – I picked the girl I wanted from ‘The worlds greatest dating site’ advert, went to the site, paid my money and she’s not there! I complained to the site and they told me she’s not a member. She’s a model they paid for the advertisement. Frankly I think it’s poor. I had my photo-shopped images of myself ready and I’d typed up all the best lines from my ‘how to score with really thick looking fit birds’ book. I feel really ripped off. Now I have to trawl all the model agency websites on the net, set up a fake photo shoot and hire the girl. This is going to cost me a fortune and all because I saw an ad on GEI and was unable to control my urge for v107£n(£. I think the ad should be removed before other decent human beings such as myself fall in to the same trap. And others may be plain embarrassed to be seen on a site with sexually provocative images.
  2. I think I’ve got it!!!! +Steve said he would leave the forum if Swampy was ever allowed to return. +DrBubb invited Gom to bring the voice of swampy to the forum + Steve got pee’d off about it, stuck a lifetime ban on GoM and then walked. Is that right? Did I get it? So it’s nothing to do with me… right? And now the ban on GOM cannot be lifted if there is any chance of Steve coming back. In G0ldfingers words Steve is a “HUGE loss for this forum”. And in DrBubbs words (paraphrased) “Steve is essential to the forum”. So I am totally wasting my time in this thread. And Drbubb allowed me to return early from my 108 day ban because Steve wasn’t here anymore. G0ldfinger – did I get it? I sent a loooooooooooong PM to Steve today (he’s not had a chance to read it yet). Steve, if you’re reading – everything I wrote in the PM stands, even now I think it’s nothing to do with me. I wish I didn’t send you my life story though. I can still recall the message cos he’s not read it but I’m not going to.
  3. I’ll continue with the GOM thing while I am patiently waiting for G0ldfinger to respond to my question above I notice ‘The Swamp Question’ thread has been deleted so I cannot find the post where you invited GOM to bring the voice of Swampy to the forum. I have found the quote below from another thread showing you thanking Gom for acting as intermediary. So it’s kinda looking like you invited Gom to act, thanked him for acting and then another mod stuck a lifetime ban on GoM for doing so. We don’t know who the other mod was yet as they have not identified themselves. Maybe it was Steve who is not here at the moment due to a currently unknown reason. Does anyone else know why Steve isn’t here? I’m don’t believe I am likely to get an answer from G0ldfinger.
  4. I don’t often moan about a lack of moderation but this is an example where the moderators at the time (I can’t remember if you were one) have failed. To ban him was fair enough IMO. To delete every single post was saying “We’ve incorrectly been turning a blind eye and now there is too much mess to fix”. I offered to go through every single post of his and report all the ones that breeched copyright so too much mess was not an excuse. I ignored 99% of his posts btw, I’m not a sycophant. I had no idea that Steve wasn’t here. I sent him a PM last week and I know he opened it. (It wasn’t anything aggressive or negative IMO) He didn’t respond. He mostly posted in the threads I don’t read (the pinned ones) so I never really noticed when he was here and when he wasn’t. Asking myself why Steve isn’t here… … I can only guess and I hope you come back to tell me the answer. I’ve actually written 5 possible reasons why Steve might have left but it’s probably better if I don’t post them. Please tell me why Steve has left. PM me and I won’t tell anyone you told me. You should know I am good for my word, I didn’t release the PM’s I exchanged with DrBubb although I was dying to do so.
  5. Thank you very much CC. It’s nice to be given another chance and I will do my best to respond positively. On the subject of nutters… I think I am one Idiots are too stupid to know they are an idiot. Nutters do know they are nutters. I must be somewhere inbetween
  6. Do you realise you've deleted the post where I asked not to be deleted? Sometimes you've just got to laugh (I know you've done it for the right reasons) I'm not bothered about being banned. I've recently served a 1 week suspension for being 'abusive'. I sent a couple of PM's to RH but I honestly cannot remember being abusive in them. I asked him about it but he's ignored me. Being banned has become the new norm. I posted the PM in thread and it's been deleted. It was just some stuff about back stabbers and being expected to behave like an adult when you are being treated like a child. I may have mentioned Hilter too No big loss. I don't have a big issue with RH believe it or not. In fact, I sent him a PM to explain why I pick him out in threads like so I hope he understands where I am coming from. I've no idea what his POV is, he doesn't reply when I PM him. WRT Steve NW: I signed up here years ago as 'Nikki Z'. One day I came to the forum to find I had been banned/deleted. I've no idea why I was banned and deleted. Later (when cgnao joined) I came back and signed up again as 'Ziknik'. I never mentioned the Nikki Z account. And then I saw Steve ban/delete CDSWamp and got pissed about it. If anything, the moderation is improved here from what was happening a few years ago.
  7. i'm done now btw. you're safe to leave me for rh
  8. It's not like real life CC. We can't see the mods faces, we don't know they've got the hump. We don't know they are having a bad day. The mods must communicate more. I've asked RH twice to provide me with a copy of the rules and he ignored me. He ignores me and then he bans me. What kind of behaviour is that? I asked him why he banned me and guess what - he ignored me! Are you calling someone an 'idiot' because they don't speak the English language as well as you? No one is arguing for laissez faire in this thread. I am trying to force communication from the mods. Am I asking too much? Fair enough if you don't have time... but RH chooses to be unemployed and spends hours per day here. How can he not have time?
  9. Bingo! [i wrote a post to go here, but I will PM it to you instead. I'll get banned]
  10. Wash? You’ve moved the thread before I got the baby wipes out.
  11. You are a very kind man DrBubb. If only everyone here welcomed new members as warmly as you do. I’m sure LA will especially appreciate the welcome from you as are the site Owner. Speaking from personal experience, it is always nice to know the site Owner welcomes your participation. I hope we can all put this ‘circumventing ban and nose rubbing’ nonsense behind us now and focus on the GoM issue.
  12. That’s not a very nice way to welcome a new member
  13. Hello Liberum Abritrium, welcome to GEI
  14. I can tell you’ve never been banned here. It’s not that easy
  15. Please leave the thread on the main forum. It will drop off the first page if no one is interested.
  16. You've caught me at a good time. I'm not often sat at my own computer while posting. I have a chart of interest rates. I produced this a while ago to show the relationship between Gilt Yields and the BofE base rate. The Base Rate was cut from 4.75 to 4.5 in 2005. I should update this and get it on my site Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  17. You know what, it's actually pretty good. It's a bit spiky. I will see if I can smooth it out later this week by using SA figures or QoQ I've put a GEI tag on it as it was your idea. Funnily enough my user name was auto generated for my site as "BustBubb" It kinda made me laugh (no offence, I didn't chose it and I later changed it).
  18. Oh, I understand - The annualised and YoY is on the same x-axis. Yes, I can knock that up in a couple of minutes (when I get home from work) BTW, ‘Annualising 6 month on 6 months’ is not the same as ‘doubling 6 months on 6 months’. My chart will look a little different to yours. See link for explanation http://www.dallasfed.org/data/basics/annualizing.html
  19. I think that would exaggerate the previous 6 months and miss any turns in the market. When the data is going UP the early warning will show it going UP for the next 6 months regardless.
  20. You’ve spelt* my website incorrectly. I chose the name ‘BustBubbles’ (not burst’) because it was easy to get it on the first page of a google search… I’m not sure it makes sense though. You can post you links all over my forum if you want. Did you sign up btw? I hope it is you who has bagged the DrBubb username. I will pop your link in my charts thread on the forum for you. It’s a little more difficult for me to return the favour on my charts page as the index is auto generated by the folder structure and the contents of the folder. Example: I’ve got a folder called ‘Housing Charts’ a sub folder called ‘United Kingdom’ where all my UK house price charts are stored. The Index page auto updates itself every hour with any new/replacement charts. I’m not very clever with computers so this auto update stuff has been a real pain. That’s why my web site looks like a bag of xxxx. I haven’t worked out how to ‘decorate’ my auto updating webpages yet. Every time I decorate, they revert back to default settings after an hour I wonder if I could create a folder called ‘External Links’ and store a redirection page in the folder. That should provide a link to your data bank…. Actually, that should definitely work. Do you want to provide me with a synopsis to go with your link page? Html preferred so I can upload it and wait for the auto update to pick it up. You’ve given me an idea. I would quite like a link on Approximity. *spelled?
  21. I've got all my Halifax Charts up now some examples I'm going to be producing a few gold trading charts, I might post them here in the next few days ot on 24k. And I will also be checking the charts update automatically. The Home, LR, RightMove etc charts are some time away yet... depends on how much I want to get away from my family at Christmas.
  22. some? They're all good charts DrBubb I've fixed the dodgy one from earlier
  23. I’ve been busy working away on a new charts section for my website. I’ve got a load of Nationwide charts up already and I plan to upload some Halifax charts later this week. Some of the charts update automatically so they will always contain the most recent data. The longer term plan is to have a fully automated chart library including Home, LR, Rightmove etc. I’ve put a couple of examples below as I think they are relevant to this thread. I hope people find the charts useful. Any comments gratefully received by PM or on my own website. I am also happy to produce any variations of these charts (containing more or less data series, combining charts, fixed dates, log axis, etc) as I can produce them in a few seconds with the templates I have created. Unfortunately, the links are not very easy to remember as I couldn’t choose the PNG file names myself. However, they are really really easy to find off my pathetic attempt at a home page. http://www.bustbubbles.com/ sorry, I can't directly post this chart, I will have to fix it http://www.bustbubbles.com/charts/Mortgage...chases_(SA).htm I am particularly enjoying JD’s input on this thread btw.
  24. ziknik

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Yes, I agree. I say the Right Move survey is not meaningful every time I comment on it. I do accept it as a useful indicator of sentiment (more so on the way down), but nothing more than that. I’m aware that September/October is a usually an UP month, but we are also seeing YoY gains from 2009 to 2010. This YoY has grown in October when compare to September. As you know, YoY takes out all the normal seasonality so it’s not enough to use seasonals as an excuse to knock down the indicated sentiment. From your table: Sep 2009 £223,996 Sep 2010 £ 229,767 =2.6% YoY Oct 2009 £ 230,184 Oct 2010 £236,849 =2.9% YoY
  25. ziknik

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Rightmove UP 3% today, London UP 5%.